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Andreil where Andrew meets Neil's mother. (maybe she'd faked her death or vanished and now she heard of Nathan's death she came to see neil or something?)

-So instead of Neil seeing his mother die and burning her in the car(Because I cant think of a way to fake being burnt and thrown into the ocean, you know what I mean) Neil probably gets separated from his mother and looks for her everywhere because she’s all he has left
-He finds an abandoned car by the beach with a dead woman inside, she is wearing the clothes of his mother and has all her stuff but her face is all bruised and swollen so he cant tell if it is his mother, but why would someone be wearing his mothers thing?
-So he thinks its her, burns the car, and runs
-The whole shit show that is The foxhole court series happens, so this is all after the Foxes win the championship
-Andrew and Neil are walking back to The Fox Tower after having dinner or something and they head to the roof as they do
-they open the door and both stop for second because they see someone standing close to the edge
-They both watch as she turns around and Neil just goes limp
-His mother
-Neil had  felt for a few days now that someone was watching him, but he thought that was just n aftermath of Riko
-Appaently his mother had been watching his for quite some time , that’s why she knew that Neil would be on the roof,and after hearing about Nathan’s death, she came out if hiding to get her son back because he (to her) was making a lot of dangerous choices
-Neil tries to defend himself, saying that what they did wasn’t living, and that he was safe here, this is who he was no
-Mary slaps him hard, right over the scar of where his tattoo used to be
-Andrew loses his shit
-He grabs the collar of her shirt and drags her to the edge of the building
-Neil stumbles up and talks Andrew down from pushing his mother over the edge
-Not for his mother’s sake, he was nothing to him now, but for Andrew’s. If Andrew killed Mary, he would be charged with murder and thrown in jail
-Andrew finally lets Mary go after Neil says “Andrew please, I can’t lose you again”
-Andrew clings to Neil to protect his, Neil hold Andrew to keep him there. Andrew doesn’t see as Mary presses something into Neils hand
-Neil doesn’t tell Andrew that it told when and where to meet May so she and Neil could talk
-That night Neil tells Andrew that he’s going for a walk so he can think things through because he thought his mother was dead and now she wats to take him back
-Andrew doesn’t know where Neil is actually going, not that he suspects something is wrong
-Its close to 3 in the morning before neil comes back
-Andrew started to worry hours ago but didn’t know where to go, since Neil wasn’t picking up his phone
-Neil walks in and Neil is covered in bruises and shallow cuts on his cheeks
-Neil explains that h only wanted to talk to his mother again, but when she met him with bags packed for the both of them, he refused to go
-Neil didn’t know that Mary had brought a man with her –someone who she was having an affair with while she was still with Nathan- she had picked him up when she heard Nathan was dead, and brought him along to make sure Neil didn’t have a choice but to come.
-Neil fought hard and ended up getting beat up pretty bad but was able to run away
-Andrew is furious and asks Neil if he wants her gone, if he still considers he family (Because if he wasn’t worried that Neil would hate him, he would have killed her without asking)
-Andrew leaves and makes a call to Ichirou Moriyama telling him that someone from Neil’s past has come bac and could possibly be a huge problem for Neil’s survival, and nobody wants to lose property so Andrew leaves it up to Ichirou to deal with
-Later in the afternoon Neil gets a call from Dan telling him that two bodies were found and identified as Mary Wesninski and her alleged boyfriend
-Neil and Andrew never speak of it again