Evee rolled over onto her side trying to grab her phone but her limbs were numbed by the alcohol. when she finally got a hold of it, she scrolled down to er boyfriends contact

[Text]: heeeeeyyy babyzz i’s have somethin important to tellz u

[Text]:no really it is. take this serially 

[Text]:  im Batman


Ur Bias is feeding you with those (his/her favorite food) but you avoid it because you don’t like it! So he was annoyed by your reaction so he pushed you off and he’s on top of you “Now let me eat you instead!”


you’re missing Ur Bias voice because he didn’t get spend time with you because he’s busy so you kept replaying his voice message until you get tired of it but you couldn’t but then someone snatched away your phone and you looked up Ur Bias was smiling shyly at you so he went near to you and whispers “Aww my baby just missed me so much?”


you’re trying to capture a picture of yourself doing selca but Ur Bias saw what you’re doing so he snatched away the camera from you and sat beside you “Here this is how you do a selca” The moment he kissed your lips, he clicked the camera’s button.


you’re trying to match up the puzzles that you’ve been sitting for hours to figure it out. But Ur Bias tries to become childish when he steals one of the puzzles, you pissed off and tried to have it back by taking away from him but then he kissed your nose that made you paused suddenly “Don’t play alone without me”


you’re making a some salad in the kitchen. Ur Bias was hungry so he went up hugging you from behind and whinning “I want my precious darling to feed me now”


you’re sitting by yourself, reading imagines that made you smile widely but then you felt someone’s chin rested on your shoulder. Ur Bias just hugged your waist and whispers “Oh I see someone’s having a really naughty time right now” He kissed your cheek.


you were closing your both ears because the firework celebration for christmas was too loud and you’re actually have fobia with loud noises but then someone’s grab your hand from keeping them closing your ears, you looked up and saw Ur Bias. He was worried why you’re acting like this “Don’t worry, look at me and forget the noises around you. Hear your heartbeat when you’re with me” he kissed u.


you’re on bed, trying to shut your eyes and sleep but you couldn’t so Ur Bias went playing your hair and mumbles you some words which made you fluttered “sleep (Ur name)-ah, don’t let the nightmares bother your sleep. I’m here. Just right next to you”


you woke up and found out your beloved Ur Bias and your son/daughter, is not here. You were panicked and went out to the living room searching top to bottom but you couldnt find them. you were worried sick so you wanted to go outside but then you felt someone kissing your check and on the other hand, someone is hugging your leg. You turned around and Ur Bias was smiling shyly while carrying your son/daughter “Jagi, you missed me?”


You were reading all this post of imagine.Then you felt very sleepy.You go to your room.And you saw Ur Bias lying on your bed saying”Oh!you finished?Let’s go to sleep.”While smirked.

Good morning~! <3