BANGTAN REACTION (?) :who is most or least likely to have a foreign girlfriend

From most do least:

1- Rap Monster

2- JungKook

3- J-Hope


5- Jimin

6- Suga

7- Jin

Maybe not only to me Rap Monster would be the first of the members, he seems to be who most had contact with, for example, the American way of life and would be much easier to love someone of another nationality or race for being very open to it.

Our maknae, JungKook…He seems curious about a lot of things and I think he’d be like this in the love field; would accept the love of not only a black girl, as girls of other races or nationality, really well and would enjoy it and learning many new things.

hobie hobie… J-Hope, in my view he seems to be someone who accepts the people’s differences and to he being love, whoever it is, is worth.

V, I’m not sure about him. At the same time he seems very open, I see him trying to keep within the traditions of their country in terms of relationship and love.

Baby Jimin time, I can’t know how open he is to this sort of thing, so I guess he is just the fifth, not because he wasn’t fall in love with someone of a different race, but he has a greater tendency to like the girls in the beauty of his country.

Maybe a little snag this place Suga, but I don’t think he would relate with someone of another race or nationality because the differences, he seems to live pretty well within Korean traditions, almost like a comfort zone.

My ultimate bias… I kind of always imagine Jin like this, he says his ideal type is practically a Korean housewife, so for him it would be difficult to relate deeply with someone different.

just remember that it’s my opinion babyzz

~ADM Cherry~

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INFINITE REACTION: After the first time

I’Hey babyzz~~  It was a short time, but I missed everyone

This is entirely my opinion and assumption about INFINITE!



Woohyun: ( I couldn’t find a good gif, but I found this picture perfect)





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I’ll back today babyzz  so I see you soon.

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Beast/B2st: Kind of Dad

Hello Babyz, my first post and I’m anxious woaaah. I hope you enjoy <3<3

This is entirely my opinion and assumption about Beast 

Doojoon: 4 kids (3 boys / 1 girl) he would try to be a tough dad, always demanding high scores and a good behavior, but it´s not too hard to melt his heart. He would teach soccer and play video games since kid’s first years until they become adults. With his daughter, it would be a bit different, since the very beginning he would be a little confused with how to approach her, but he would try everything to his little girl see him as a friend.

When his kids grow up Doojoon would had difficuties to notice that, and would have hard times trying to let his precious kids have their freedom. Maybe this times would bring some coflict to the family.

Hyungseung: 1 kid ( 1 girl ) He would definetly be happy to have a little girl. Sometimes he seem to be a bit disinterested or without opinion in how to take care of her, when he is actually afraid of doing something wrong, so he prefers his wife be in charge.

When his daughter become an teenager, he would probably be very liberal with her, but he would like to know everything that’s happening to her, and when his litle girl is in a bad mood, he will be there to support her and give her good advices.

Junhyung: 2 kids ( 1 boy / 1 girl ) He would be that kind of dad that passes a long time playing with his kids, and he would spend a lot just to see them happy having fun. When school time  comes, he would suspect of everything and everyone,  actually, it´s harder to him more that to his kids…

Even when his kids are close to their graduation, he would make sure to take and catch them at school. Of course he would also go to every parent reunion! IN some moments, he would enjoy to help his kids to make their school mates jealous, finding it funny to do it in family.

Yoseob: 2 kids (1 boy/ 1 girl) Yoseob would be the kind of dad that wouldn’t mind to lower his mental level to his kid’s level. When he sees them unhappy or tired, he would become an aegyo bomb, just to make sure his kids moods light up.

When his kids are older, Yoseob would teach them to be sociable and sympathetic with everyone around.

Kikwang: 3 kids (2 boys / 1 girl) Since the pregnacy annoucement, Kikwang would be extremely happy, during his kids first years, he wouldn’t handle to be far away from them for a long time.

When his kids were older, he would let them have more freedom to make their own decisions, and would support them in every matter.

Dongwoon: 1 kid (1 girl) His daugther owns a beautiful smile for sure. This same smile wouldn’t leave her face while she was close to her daddy, because Dongwoon  would make everything just to see his princess smile more and more. He would also accept to wear a dress and have a tea time with her.

But, when she hits a certain age, in which she’s becoming a woman and needs more freedom, he would have hard times, trying to bear with this new situation, since she will always be his little baby girl.

is it babyzz, TCHAAAU <3

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All the best B.A.P!!!!

So, B.A.P will be going to court today or maybe it was yesterday in korea. I’m not really sure about the time. I hope that they will win. I wish that they will be compensate. I hope the lawsuit will be a success and they will sign with a different company and work on their comeback. I can continue to fangirl at them ASAP. Fighting!!!! ♥♥♥