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We should not forget this...

Remember? This is one of their last peformances (maybe the last??) before filling lawsuit against TS…

You see that? They were tired, Himchan didn’t feel well but still had to sing in backstage… see Daehyun’s hand on thumbnail? He was dragged on stage straight from hospital… you see how unhealthy and tired he was… you see frustration on Yongguk’s face and how angrily he rapped (I can’t imagine how angry and frustrated must’ve felt)… You see how they can’t look straight to the audience… It still breaks my heart T_T

And still… despite this fact they give their everything there… they sang it live, not just lipsyncing… they danced… and audience was still hyped… and I can’t help it but be angry to TS… when you hear audience… that year they finally won first show… they started to getting more and more attention… and if it wasn’t because of TS and how they treated them I think that they will be among top groups…

But every bad thing is good for something… I am still doubtful towards TS, but I see them more happier than before, they are just so grateful to BABYz… I can’t think of other group which is so much grateful to their fans and show that much of affection towards them through social media and so on… I was happy when Yongguk was diagnosed with panic disorder and they let him rest, even though it was before their comeback… it look that TS learned some lesson and are more considerate… they know that they can’t screw it again…

So B.A.P maybe lost their popularity which was growing during their best/worst year, but seeing them right now… I have to say I don’t mind… they are still getting new fans (especially after Skydive), they get so many steges during two gayos… and I just hope that 2017 will be like the last year or maybe even better for them… but we really shouldn’t forget this performance and video!!!

Today, is the day that our Handsome, Donation Angel, Gummy Bear Leader Bang Yongguk🌠 is turning 28. Lets make #BBANGDAY trend world wide the whole day. He is an amazing rolemodel for the younger fans and he is an amazing leader, friend and brother.💚

He has come a long way from the days as Jepp Blackman to being one of the Idol Producer with most copyrighted song. I mean I don’t know if I prefer the Red head killer❤️ or the mysterious curly boy from Wake me up🖤

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m listening to his voice or a whale… No I’m kidding😂 but seriously his voice is HEAVEN! And that’s what makes him stand out among rappers, because his voice is so unique and his lyrics have such a deeper meaning than what we think.🎶

I think all BABYz can agree that it was hard for the other members to promote Skydive without their leader, and in my eyes they look so much happier now because Yongguk is back.🌙

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I am so happy to see Yongguk smiling and healthy again.⭐️ 

“Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happiness and the black keys represent sadness. But as you go through life, remember that the black keys make music too.”🎹🖤 These words are ones to live by

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So lets make #BBANGDAY trend everywhere, FaceBook Twitter Tumblr anywhere! Lets make this memorable birthday for our leader💚

So Angel Leader Tigger Shishimato Ramen-loving Bang Yongguk Happy birthday, and lets wish for another 1004 years more.

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He looks like that guy in a movies, that spends his free time in the library and would make you fall in love by his calm attitude and passion for old music and books.
And this is the scene where he recites some deep phrase so you can understan how much he cares about you.
Because now you are part of his world.

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happy birthday 방용국!! 🎈

a leader who guides and loves his members greatly,
a songwriter and producer who stays up all night, pouring his soul and experiences into what he loves making,
a rapper who seriously spits fire for every comeback and performance,
a boy who is a peacemaker and has such a soft heart,
who’s also quiet and has the cutest smile…

happy birthday 🌟 always take care of yourself first and thank you so much for everything 🌹