babyyy :3

Gaston, LeFou and Stanley as Elsa, Anna and Kristoff in ‘making today a perfect day’ from Frozen Fever.
Just imagine Stanley sliding towards LeFou with a big cake, singing 'I love you babyyy!’ <3
And Gaston, doing everything he can for LeFou on his birthday, because he hadn’t really noticed his best friend in years.
Gaston: ‘For everything you are to me and all you’ve been through, I’m making today a perfect day for you!’
Bonus: ‘I even got Tom and Dick to take a shower!’

I’ve gotten more than one request for something regarding the bull thing and I’m not gonna do a full blurb but here’s a little something. What can I say? I’m a pushover. Hope you like it <3

Babyyy,” Harry’s voice is half pouting whine and half tipsy giggling as he trails behind you into the hotel room, booted feet dragging against the carpet. “It was just mucking about. I don’t like her like that, and she’s got a boyfriend, besides.” You slip away from his grasping hands and cross the room quickly, hearing him sigh behind you.

“And you have a girlfriend but that didn’t stop you from bending her over on a mechanical bull and grinding on her.” Harry groans loudly as he fights to remove his shirt and his boots at the same time.

“I wasn’t- oomph- grinding on her. I told you, it was a joke.” When you glance over your shoulder at him, he’s watching you, looking torn between being amused and frustrated. He’s gotten as far as unbuckling his belt and unzipping the fly on his pants, and though the thin trail of hair leading underneath the line of his low slung boxers is inviting, you’re still irritated by his careless behavior at the bar. 

“Well, I’m not laughing.” You turn back around to face the dresser in front of you, frowning to yourself as you start to pull your weighty and slightly uncomfortable earrings from your lobes. You feel his hot breath on your shoulder before his hands grip onto your waist and hold you against his chest, his mouth grazing the side of your neck. 

“’M sorry, love.” You stiffen and press your lips together; Harry always exploits your love of his touch when he knows you’re less than pleased with him. He presses firmer, wetter kisses further down your neck, nuzzling his nose into the juncture where it meets your shoulder. “I wasn’t thinking, but you know you’re the only one I want.” You gather up as much resistance as you can muster and shrug him off, heading towards the bathroom with your toiletry bag in hand.

“Actually, sometimes I don’t know that.” You’re being petulant and stubborn and you know it and you know he knows it, but you can’t pretend that you’re never insecure as his girlfriend, that it isn’t embarrassingly easy to make your self esteem crumble sometimes when it comes to him. You don’t want to make him feel worse than he probably already does, but your hurt feelings are in control of you for the moment. 

Harry creeps into the bathroom after a few minutes, now clad in only his boxers and casting you a quiet but heavy glance through the mirror as you wipe away your makeup. He goes to the shower and turns the water on, testing the water temperature before he gives you another look over his shoulder.

“Will you shower with me?” You shrug.

“Probably not. I’ll shower in the morning.” He doesn’t respond and the bathroom begins to grow more humid, making your clothes sag around you a little. You’ve just finished scrubbing at your stubborn waterproof mascara when you feel him at your back again, and this time you gasp in surprise as you feel the undeniable evidence of Harry being fully nude behind you. “Harry-”

“Don’t be jealous .No one’s ever taking your place.” His fingers unzip your dress and peel it down off your shoulders, until it pools at your waist and your lace-covered breasts are brought into view. He reaches around and cups them, his eyes heavy lidded and locking with yours in the slowly fogging mirror. “I know you know that.” His hand cups your chin when you try to look away, his thumb rubbing your bottom lip intimately as he forces you to hold his gaze. “You know that it doesn’t matter how I play around with anyone else, it’s always you.” You shudder in his arms, leaning back against him with a sigh.

“I-I do. I do know, I just…” You pause for a breath, biting your lip as Harry strokes your tightening nipple through your bra, and when you speak it’s hard to bring your voice above a whisper. “I just didn’t like watching that.”

“You wanted it to be you, didn’t you?” The flat of his palm presses between your shoulder blades suddenly, and you’re pushed down until you’re bent over the sink. You blink at him through the mirror, mouth opening in shock even as your thighs clench together at his show of dominance. “You wanted me to bend you over like this. You want me to ride on you…” His hips flex and the full, rigid length of him presses against your ass, and you barely hold back a moan. “…like this.” You’re nearly trembling by now, Harry’s lips quirking in a lusty and satisfied smirk as he gives you a private, thorough demonstration of his mechanical bull-riding skills.

“Yes,” you gasp out, your earlier annoyance and insecurity utterly forgotten as you rut back against him, your panties catching a gush of your wetness as your body responds headily to his attentions. “Yes, I want it, Harry.” With one strong arm keeping you in position, he brings his free hand up under your dress from behind and feels you out with his long, clever fingers, making you moan.

“Come into the shower with me, kitten. Let me give you what you want.”