with fanart of lego people… This is literally the first digital illustration i’ve done since my latest Hand Fiasco and apparently? not doing digital art for a month or whatever makes your artistic talent build up and when you get back you suddenly understand lighting more and make really nice looking stuff. Huh.

anyway mind your manners joker that’s super rude

To be like super clear.  Lucifer ‘killed’ Castiel (for like three episodes), Jack did not

Jack is basically Castiel’s baby

With huge amounts of Sam and Dean thrown in

Don’t blame the baby for what happened before he was born. That’s like a huge deal?  None of us are guilty of anything that happened before we were born

Jack is not the monster under your bed.  Nice scapegoat though, I mean….he’s a baby, despite physical appearance, but hey…scapegoat a baby.  That’s logical

Tyler Down First Date Headcanons

Request: Can you do a headcannon for a first date with Tyler? He is actually my baby 😍


A/N: I’m so sorry about the delay, I hope you enjoy :)


Warnings: You will probably have second hand embarrassment


Tyler Down First Date Headcanons…

  • Okay so it would take him forever to even ask you out

  • He’s a shy baby
  • With pretty eyes and gorgeous curls

  • But you really have to work up to the whole dating point
  • You’re friends forever, and you even become interested in photography, because you know it’s an easy way to get him to talk without one word answers

  • You drop so many hints and eventually he does pick up on them and stutters through a dinner proposal
  • On the night he’s even more nervous

  • His hair’s a mess and his cheeks are flushed a bright red, but you think that it’s adorable
  • Of course he’s driving for the night, and he’ll absolutely pick you up at your door with flowers

  • Even though you hated people being possessive over you your parents still had a warning or two prepared for when he arrived
  • But when they saw Tyler they knew you were safe and just wished you well for the night as they put the flowers in some water

  • Tyler of course opens your car door for you
  • You asked him for the date to not be too fancy, so you just went to the local diner in town

  • The pair of you shyly shared a milkshake while you waited for your meal
  • Though you were nervous you felt at ease around Tyler- comfortable. So you just ordered whatever you wanted on the menu without thinking twice

  • Tyler had a habit of complimenting you throughout the night, and he’d blush after every single one
  • You ended up in a photo war, which started with you snapping a cute pic of him and turned into shoving each other’s phone in the other’s faces taking pictures

  • You also shared a desert after dinner, which you just thought was the cutest thing in the world
  • It turned out you guys were both into the same movies and TV shows, so you spent a heap of time just nerding out about your favourite characters

  • That is what lead you into the topic of photography, and you got Tyler to drive you both to the lookout so he could show you what it was like to take photographs
  • This basically just turned into him taking a million and one pictures of you with the scenery behind you while you blushed like crazy

  • And then he’d gotten the confidence to pull you closer. Having you laugh at him really boosted his ego, so he placed a super gentle kiss on the corner of your lips
  • “You missed, Ty”

  • Smiling while the pair of you exchange soft kisses in the moonlight
  • He drops you home with one last goodnight kiss and your parents won’t stop grilling you once you step foot in the door

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Porcelain Doll (5)

Yoongi Mafia!AU Series! (Special guests: BTS!)

Yoongi x reader

Genre: Tragedy/Angst/Violence/Mafia AU!

A/N: Stuff about to go down. I’ll try my best to put part 6 up as fast as possible.

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You woke up in the same bed as the last few days, with little to no motivation of moving out of it. You had spent almost an entire week in the same room, not moving while Angel came by everyday, food or water on a tray. She looked as if she was the culprit for what happened to your father, and that only angered you more. It surprisingly wasn’t the death of your father that made you upset, but as to why you were there for that and what you have to do with all this.

Once again Angel came into the room, her hands holding a tray with a pitcher of water and a cup sitting on top of it. You sat up from the bed but continued to stare at the wall in front of you, not bothering to look at her as she set herself up.

Angel took a deep breath before finally speaking, “Yoongi wants to see you today.”

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size of a mango, shape of a fish

I had an abortion in California

I’m not sorry

When I read Big Sur I do not think of the child that might have been

playing in a garden overlooking white cliffs and a million pines,

I do not think of the house I might have had, cacti and lavender

growing side by side in August sunshine,

I do not think of me at my typewriter watching this child,

my child,

pounding out poetry while her father calls

from somewhere far away, I do not know where he is

I do not think of her sleeping in on Sunday,

a small golden orb in a big white bed,

I do not even think about what my stomach would have looked like

at eight and a half months

I had an abortion in California.

I found out I was pregnant in Indiana.

I never told him.

When I see pictures of San Francisco

I do not think of family picnics at China Beach,

or wandering the galleries of the Fine Arts Museum

holding a tiny hand

looking at vast paintings entitled “A Certain Kind of Heaven”

I do not even pause to consider how good the fruit

she eats will be,

how I’ll grow tangerines and strawberries for her,

how she’ll learn to love the stray cats

we leave out food for every night.

I don’t think about what would happen

if we can’t afford to live in San Francisco.

I had an abortion in California.

I was two months pregnant.

What I do think of

is a hand pounding against the wall

a voice shouting over mine

a desperate plea to not be alone

an apology

a curse

a bruise on my arm

the size of a mango

the shape of a fish,

I think of slurred words

and empty promises

trying so hard to remain calm

but I was drunk and had taken

so many pills - I don’t remember that part -

but I remember him on top of me

saying things will get better,

saying he would take care of me

no matter what happened,

saying if I really loved him

I didn’t need birth control

telling me that I would be his forever

I would be his forever

I would have to be his forever

Forever forever


I remember

I said nothing.

I don’t think about

how I used to close my eyes

and see a perfect baby

with dark hair and long eyelashes

and soft lips

and how part of me wanted her so bad

but she didn’t deserve anything

that I could give her.

When I think of California

I think of the ocean,

how sad I was,

how I smoked two packs of cigarettes

in one day,

got drunk every night,

drove across the Golden Gate Bridge

sobbing in the fog

I don’t think about him

I don’t think about being pregnant

I don’t think about the doctor who saw me

and said “I’m sorry you’re in this circumstance.”

I don’t even think about my circumstance.

I had an abortion in California.

I’m not sorry.


Track 2 from the new EP, thanks for listening!

Search within, search within
Run through the meadow and begin
Search within, search within
Through the veins behind the skin
And we all try to wake up in the morning time
As we wait for the sun to shine

Ave Epstein had a surfboard baby
With a flower in her hair, she smiled like crazy
She sat in a chair drinking vodka and lemonade
Her body was in pain from dealing with the human race

Oh Ava, ride that wave until you are free
Oh Ava, ride that wave into the sea

It hit her hard when she ate that candy
She felt like Columbus when he was landing
She looked out and saw pixels in the sky
So she jumped in the ocean and thought she would die

[Bird in Flight 2015]

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