Exo reaction to you wanting threesome with Exo

How would the members react if you beg for a threesome with another member? (Threesome with Kai & Sehun… my personal weakness. My greatest weakness.) Thank youuuu~~

Here you are bub ^v^ x

This would actually be so fucking hot tho~


Suho: You’re joking right?

Baekhyun: Why can’t it be one of your friends? Okay. But why Chanyeol!!

Chanyeol: AHHHHHH~ This is the kind of thing you’re into??

D.O: baby I don’t wanna share you for a second (especially Baekhyun)

Kai: You wanna do what with Sehun?!

Sehun: With Kai? Yeah alright but ask him yourself girl~

Xiumin: Why would I want to share you with them??

Lay:Oh?? …. ohhhhh ;)

Chen: I’m ready when you are baby

Tao: You can’t think of anyone better than my friends huh? Seriousily?!

EXO's reaction to you talking (moaning or something like that) in spanish during sex

xiumin: i see you girl

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luhan: well FUCK

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kris: super horny

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suho: *gif

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lay: wait whatd you say?

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baekhyun: jeez that was hot

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chen: *can’t resist you any more

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chanyeol: *get’s turned on more

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Kyungsoo: te quiero baby

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tao: i don’t know why but i found that adorable. ilove you 

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kai: bed. now.

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hello everyone ! so this past year has definitely been a lil difficult lol, but overall a year of growth !! and tbh i am ready to make 2016 the best year yet!!! on top of that, over the past year i’ve met so many amazing people here and want to make this follow forever to tell you all how much i love and appreciate you.. every single one of you on my dash make my day brighter and i truly love you all so much!!! i hope you all have a happy and safe and warm and wonderful year.. here’s to an amazing 2016 !!

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[160830]Rules of our own Fanchat

Fan: Are you more scared of bugs or ghosts? 

Tao: Ghosts

Fan(in english): what do you think of my fanart? (pic: fanart of Tao)

Tao(in english): lucky me

Fan: Please, you have to come to Japan, no matter what! 

Tao: Asia tour

Fan: Tao..come out (pic: I fell down and need a kiss from Tao to get back up) 

Tao: Stand up yourself

Fan: Tao, I really like the way you and your “father” get along with each other. Will you go again if there is season 2? 

Tao: I really want to take part. I love the jungle too much. will go again if there is time. 

Fan: Ge, I am a Korean high school student learning the Chinese language for you. Now a lot of Chinese can’t tell I am Korean. I can speak 3 languages now! I have been translating a lot of things about you. Even though i am only in high school, i am teaching primary school students in international school mandarin. because i am so good at it that my teachers are letting me do it! Such is the power of love!

Tao(in Korean): Thank you, Love you

Fan: Do you prefer girls to wear skirts or pants?  

Tao: so long as it’s pretty. 

Fan: Tao, do you like bugs now that you have been to the jungle? 

Tao: I dont like them and I am not scared of them. 

Fan: whats your greatest wish this year?

Tao: Asia tour and the release of my movies

Fan (fan’s u/n: if i could sleep once with Tao): Ever since i have become part of vvhl, I have never once gotten the king’s favor, so I advised the king to share his love equally….but he just refuses to listen…he just refuses to acknowlegde me

Tao: change your u/n please. 

Fan(in Japanese and Chinese): so exhausted from thinking of questions…I am tired…love you baby

Tao(in english): take it easy

Fan: Did that chicken really angered you? do you prefer chicken or beef?

Tao: chicken

Fan: What went through your mind when you cut your hand

Tao: better work with geges next time, won’t get hurt

Fan: May i ask Manager Huang, when is my idol Zhang Liang(Tao’s manager) coming back? i miss him

Tao: he will be back when i am, haha

Fan (in Japanese and Chinese): there is no way my thoughts are going to reach your ears, love you taotao

Tao: Did you learn Chinese for me too?

Fan: Its the last minute, i will go die quietly.

Tao: nope, its not. haha

Fan: Tao you said you are not fresh meat but hls think you are, so are you one or not? 

Tao: I am not a fresh meat. 

Fan: look at how good your left profile looks, please give it equal air time! I’m a protector of your left profile. (pic: Tao’s left profile photo)

Tao: right profile

Fan: When are you leaving? please say if you are

Tao: I am leaving since you guys want me to, haha

Fan: Why did you call me? (pic: screenshot of missed call from Huang Zitao)

Tao: That is not me. 

Fan: Why do i always oversleep and miss the live chat!! Am i a pig ahh

Tao: you are a hailang, haha

Fan: Buying autumn wear for my dad, pink or blue, waiting online. This is urgent.

Tao: Blue, haha

Fan: quick leave, i cant stand anymore, need to go shower

Tao: I am leaving, haha

Rules of our own Weibo: TaoTao hasnt eaten yet. He still got a night shoot later, working so hard, thanks everyone. 

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hey ho tis the season to be jolly ! (not everyone celebrates crimbles, so happy new year ! and happy holidays)

i had this account made a few months ago, but only started using it in mid-november when i remade my blog, and theres already so many of u wtf

i made some good friends on tumblr this year, and this follow forever is going to be all mutuals, i’m not gonna do any bolds or italics this time, but i will put it in alphabetical order ! it takes effort but i’m willing to do it ok.

love u all *heart emoji*


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(old vid yes but)

who. the. heck. allowed. the. eyeliners.

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my reaction in a nutshell

so!!!!! ive decided 2 do a ff since i have some free time n its the holidays so most of u r active . i also wanted 2 wish all of u happy holidays n I hope u have a great 2016 💕 n everything goes the way u want it to!! (pls ignore the banner its ugli i spent like 5 mins on it fckjsjd) ok!!!! So anyways i love all of you, i wish u all the best!!!! 💗💘💜💕💖

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