Exo reaction to you wanting threesome with Exo

How would the members react if you beg for a threesome with another member? (Threesome with Kai & Sehun… my personal weakness. My greatest weakness.) Thank youuuu~~

Here you are bub ^v^ x

This would actually be so fucking hot tho~


Suho: You’re joking right?

Baekhyun: Why can’t it be one of your friends? Okay. But why Chanyeol!!

Chanyeol: AHHHHHH~ This is the kind of thing you’re into??

D.O: baby I don’t wanna share you for a second (especially Baekhyun)

Kai: You wanna do what with Sehun?!

Sehun: With Kai? Yeah alright but ask him yourself girl~

Xiumin: Why would I want to share you with them??

Lay:Oh?? …. ohhhhh ;)

Chen: I’m ready when you are baby

Tao: You can’t think of anyone better than my friends huh? Seriousily?!


(old vid yes but)

who. the. heck. allowed. the. eyeliners.

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my reaction in a nutshell