14 long weeks (98 days) to go!!

I have been SO uncomfortable. I know it’s only gonna get worse (hey didn’t i say this last week??) but now sucks too. I’ve still been having trouble sleeping (going to bed after the sun goes up) which makes me thankful I have no responsibilities right now.. Just have no idea what I’ll do when school starts again. Got kinda scared because I wasn’t feeling Mason kick too much at the beginning of the week (2 days straight) but everyday since he’s been practicing his kickboxing skills which is great and makes me happy to see my tummy move and feel him awake. Been having Braxton Hicks contractions going on day 2 now and they’re a little painful but not really getting worse so I guess that’s a good sign.
March just feels so far away and I have so much to do (my last semester of college and moving for example) before I’m even ready for him but I just wish I could skip that stuff. I just want to hold him in my arms.


11 weeks!! :) :) :) 

As far as last week’s symptoms go, nausea is still MIA, but I’m still exhausted. Last week I was constipated and dehydrated, but those have seemed to have gotten better over the past week. I feel super hungry all the time now - it’s ridiculous! Food tastes better than ever. My nose has been stuffy and I’ve been pretty congested, but mostly it’s just at night/early morning and goes away after I’ve been up and about for a while (still sniffling away right now). Still getting headaches almost daily.

My scrubs are starting to feel kinda tight so I foresee new ones soon. I hate to spend the money on them because I have to buy them from school for the logo, but growing is a good thing, right? 

Happy 11 weeks, little one! :) We love you and can’t wait to meet you in about 203 days! :D


Having another sleepless night, so I thought I’d do my weekly update now.

So the past week has been hell. Between fluid of 36, fundal height of 42 cm, having a nonresponsive NST, having a second amnioreduction, and freaking out about labor, I don’t know how I’ve managed to not have a complete meltdown.

Ever since my amnio I’ve been contracting infrequently and cramping a lot. I feel like my fluid is almost as high as it was on Thursday when I was admitted and I can’t breathe or sleep. It’s just so hard. I have my high risk appointment this morning at 10:30 and I’m going to beg my OB to recommend induction for 37 weeks. Between GD and polyhydraminos and everything that’s went wrong this pregnancy, I’m so ready for Mason to be here. I’m starting to get depressed and feel weak - I shouldn’t feel like that. I should feel empowered, and excited. Mostly I just feel impatient and angry. I’m so tired of being pregnant.

Hoping good things happen this week. Really hoping for induction by the end of next week. I’m so ready.

At 8 months pregnant, I’ve totally forgotten what a good nights sleep is. I’m up until 3 am just wishing I was asleep, and finally when I’m finally dozing off I realize I have to pee. When I get back to bed, it takes forever to get comfortable again, trying to get all 4 of my pillows in their correct position. Then I’m hot, so I have to fight with the right blanket ratio to keep me sane. I turn off my bedside lamp, fix all my pillows again, and finally start to fall asleep. But oh wait, what’s that? My cats are running around like they’ve done acid, chasing one another, jumping everywhere, knocking things over. Try to get comfortable again. Fuck, I have to pee. Get back into bed, arrange pillows. Kick husband for snoring too loud. Baby starts kicking. Spend a good minute and a half trying to turn on my other side. Spend 10 minutes staring at the ceiling resenting how enormous I am and how uncomfortable I am because of my bump. Eyes start to feel heavy, close my eyes, start to dream..
Dammit. I have to pee. AGAIN.

So I asked Matt to take a picture of the bottom of my tummy for me so I could see the gigantic stretch mark down there (the one that looks like a crazy scar) because I can’t see it no matter how hard I try.
Anyway, this picture is terrifying lol. It kind of brings to life how miserable I am.


LOOK AT MY TUMMY. Ahhh! It’s so big already!

Nausea isn’t much of an issue anymore, but exhaustion hasn’t let up. Today I’ve been extremely exhausted and dizzy, not to mention constipated. :( Still bloated. Had my first prenatal appointment last week and I was told that I’m dehydrated because I’ve been drinking a lot of water but barely urinating (ick). Still haven’t had my first ultrasound. :(

I love you, little noodle. No matter how hard things get, I love you and I want to meet you. I hope these next 30 weeks really fly by!