//ooc; For a friend’s party (babysnotinkansasanymore) I decided to go as Magnus Bane from City of Bones, The Mortal Instruments series. I tried to flatten my chest as much as possible, but it proved really hard! I’ll probably put a suit jacket over the top as Magnus is a smartly-dressed Warlock ;) Hope you like it!//

justyoureverydayleviathan  asked:

You're such a whore. I still can't believe you told him! After all the secrets I've kept for you.

You never kept my secrets! You think I didn’t work out how the whole school knows who I fucked and when? 

Speaking of fucking and being a whore…do you remember that time we got a little drunk?

What happened? Oh yes, we almost slept together! I wonder why that never got out, huh?