babysitting with a fever and sore throat

Under the Weather - EXO

Request: Hey I was wondering if I can request exo scenario where their girlfriend takes care of them when they’re sick/hurt?

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Sehun: He hates being sick. He hates that you confine him to his bed. He hates that he has to eat soup for supper every day. It’s the only time in his life that he resents being babied. But he loves the broth you cook for him. He loves the harsh tone you take when you yell at him for the umpteenth time to get back to his goddamn bed after he wandered into the kitchen again. He only agrees if you come with him, for once in his life just content to slightly lay with you, without the distractions of LED lights of phone screens, without the worry of having to go to schedule tomorrow, without the chatter of the TV—just the warmth of his slightly feverish skin and the rolled-in sheets, his sleepy eyes closing as his head settles on top of yours, holding you to him.

Jongin: He would constantly insist he was fine, not wanting you to go out of your way to help him when his waist injury returned. He would push so hard to keep going, attending every practice and grimacing through the pain, no matter how much you frowned at him. He would hold onto his semblance of togetherness, until he almost collapsed while trying to reach for a dish in the cabinet, your arms slipping around his waist to hold him up before he fell. He would rest his head on your shoulder, not wanting to face you, but finally giving into the fact that he needed you. He would be silent, allowing you to lead him to bed and letting you call the doctor, his hand reaching out to grab yours as you paced his bedside in worry; his eyes giving you his deepest thank you. Not letting go.

Tao: He stays in his bed, his covers pulled up to his neck. At first, he doesn’t want to you come over, because he doesn’t want you to see him in such a state. When you show up anyway, he whines and keeps telling you to leave. You ignore him, cleaning his place and preparing food for him. You sit on the foot of his bed, both of you taking small sips of soup. He quietly eats his soup, at first, still a little mad at you, before finally giving in to his state, telling you over and over how sorry he is that you had to cancel your plans for the week with him. Sitting with him on the bed, watching shitty reality shows and getting too invested in the obviously staged competition. Him resting his head against your arm, finally admitting he was glad to see you before falling asleep.

Kyungsoo: Denies that he’s sick. No matter how much protesting you pose, he insists that he’s fine, or at least well enough to keep cooking your dinner. You watch him carefully as he slowly moves around the kitchen, obviously in need of sleep. He keeps rubbing his eyes, his shoulders slumped. Finally, you come up behind him at the stove, placing your hands on his waist and physically pulling him away from the frying pan. “I’m cooking dinner,” you command, not giving him any room to argue. After dinner, you two sit on the sofa, but instead of turning on a movie, you pull him down so his head rests on your lap, finally not resisting. You run your fingers through his hair, your fingers brushing over his too-warm cheeks until he finally falls asleep.

Chanyeol: “I didn’t do anything to deserve this.” He’d be all sniffles and shivers, trying to hide his cough behind the collar of his coat. You’d get a kick out of teasing him for his red nose and watery eyes. He’d whine every time you did, telling you how mean you were. When you take care of him, he’d be completely worthless, his head constantly rolling on your shoulder and his moans in the sleeve of your shirt. He would do whatever you told him to, obediently opening his mouth so you can feed him his soup; actually quiet for once in his life. He’s the type to roll up in a blanket on his bed and not move for days; refusing to show you his face until you insisted, even if it was just to place a light peck on his cheek.

Baekhyun: “I’m not sick. I don’t get sick.” Two hours later he’s coughing up a storm and looks like he’s been to hell and back, still insisting that it was “just a minor cold.” You’d have to drag him to bed by his shirtsleeve, using all your weight to pull him down on the bed. Once you got him there, he’d wrap his arms around your waist and refuse to let go, quickly falling into a fevered sleep. He never actually says it, but when he wakes up he finally admits that he’s sick by taking the medicine you offered the night before. “Jagi, are you trying to poison me?” His throat gets all scratchy and his words break at the ends, frustrating him to no end. You institute a ‘no talking’ policy, which he begrudgingly struggles to abide by. He only sleeps if you’re by his side.

Jongdae: He’d have fun being doted on for a while. He’d give you a cheeky smile every time you changed the ice pack on his sprained ankle or offered to get him a drink. He’d love watching you walk back and forth for him, even if it was just because he loves watching you walk. After a while though, he might get tired of having to sit around. He’d hop around your place on one foot, saying “But I’m not putting pressure on it! See?” when you told him he needs to sit back down. You’d constantly find him trying to hop to the kitchen or to the washroom without your help. You’d cross your arms and tap your foot until he noticed you watching him balancing on one leg and reaching for a bag of chips, smiling sheepishly and obediently hopping back to the sofa at your glare.

Yixing: Constantly apologies every time you have to do something for him. “Yixing, your leg is broken.” “I know, I’m sorry.” “Stop apologizing. It’s not your fault.” “Okay, I’m sor—” He constantly tries to stand to go do something, and you have to shoot up out of your seat to do it for him, telling him to sit back down. Completely focused on his recovery, dutifully doing everything the doctors told him without complaint. Sometimes you can see his frustration that he can’t work, he can’t even get a drink for himself without having to bother you. You insist that you don’t mind and that you just want him to get better as soon as he can. He constantly wonders what he did to deserve someone like you, and he tells you that. Holds your hand through every doctor’s appointment, his fingers warm when interlaced with yours.

Suho: He acknowledges that he’s sick, but he still tries to work anyway. Not even your begging would stop him. It would take a horrible wave of nausea and the blinding whiteness of a headache for him to finally sit down, pulling out his phone to call you and admit that he needs to go home. The perfect patient, not even cringing when he downs his medicine. Crawling under white sheets and messy hair. Constantly asking you to check up on the guys for him. You insisting that they’re fine without him for a few days, but he’s not so sure. Having to invite the entirety of the band into your apartment so they visit him, then kicking them all out so he can rest. Telling you the whole time how wonderful you are for taking care of him. Ignoring his protests about not getting you sick and kissing him anyway.

Kris: “Maybe you should take it easy next time.” “Baobei, basketball isn’t for the weak.” “Then why the hell are you playing?” You pile him in ice packs and heating patches, rotating every fifteen minutes. You purposely poke at his sore spots to get back at all the time he poked your small bruises. Hesitantly asking you to do things for him, knowing he’d only create a bigger mess if he tried on his own. Brushing his hair for him because he can’t raise his arms over his head. Styling it weirdly just because you can and because his reaction when he looks in the mirror is priceless. Following you with his eyes every time you cross the room. Him whining slightly when you kiss him because even your slight lean into him hurts. When you go to pull away, he says “It’s worth it” and pulls you back to him.

Luhan: Small sniffles and annoyed glances. Telling you to go home because he’s boring when he’s sick, but ignoring him and hanging around anyway. Him whining “I’m so disgusting” over and over. You rolling your eyes and telling him that everyone gets sick. “But I don’t.” Him insisting on serving you and treating you like a guest, even though he’s sick and you live there half the time anyway. Letting him do small things for you, just because you know it makes him feel better, but still being the one to fix dinner and do the essential things. Watching strange foreign films in a marathon, a box of tissues and a bowl of popcorn on hand. Him telling you to go home but you standing your ground, both of you so stubborn you both end up camping out on the sofa, laying atop one another in the morning.

Xiumin: He doesn’t even tell you he’s sick because he “doesn’t want to bother you.” Calling his mother in secret and surprising him with the food she used to fix for him when he was sick. Him watching you all the time. “What?” “Nothing.” “Are you hallucinating?” “Sometimes I think I must be.” Sharing blankets and knees curled into your chest, watching nature documentaries all day. Placing a hand on his forehead to check for fevers, his lashing batting as you do. His sore throat a perfect excuse to eat ice cream. Cancelling your obligations and only going outside to run to the store and back, despite him saying that you don’t need to babysit him. You know he can take care of himself, but you want to—you don’t try to explain that to him, making up excuses about his health. Him asking you if you enjoy playing nurse in other situations.

Bad Advice [Sentence Starters]
  • ”Yes I can see, just keep backing up. You’ve got plenty of room behind you.”
  • “You should sleep on that French braid!”
  • “Just hide it in your backpack — they can’t search your person.”
  • “You should just drive to Toronto; it’s so much easier than flying.”
  • “You have to join this club called Columbia House. They mail you any 12 CDs for only 99¢!”
  • “How can you tell if you’re really allergic to it unless you eat some more?”
  • “Try this! It’s blue.”
  • “Take the train — it’s such a romantic way to travel.”
  • “Just go to the dental school, it’s much cheaper and they’ve learned most of the important stuff already.”
  • “You should dye your hair blond.”
  • “You should dye your hair black.”
  • “You should grow your hair really long, like past your boobs.”
  • “You should shave your head.”
  • “You should get a body wave!”
  • “You should always wear hats.”
  • “No, it’s definitely the left side for appendicitis.”
  • “You’re fine! Just chug a glass of water and let’s go to the next bar.”
  • “A college essay is supposed to be funny.”
  • “You should take the overnight bus — its 11 hours but you’ll sleep practically the whole time.”
  • “It’s actually easier to learn to drive on a standard.”
  • “You should just sing that oral report.”
  • “You don’t actually have to serve jury duty unless it’s for the county in which you were born.”
  • “Feed a fever, drown a cold.”
  • “The best cure for poison ivy? Bleach.”
  • “Just glue it back together. Your parents will never notice.”
  • “No, I’m pretty sure you can’t study for AP exams.”
  • “You don’t really need any equipment for camping.”
  • “It’s fine. Dogs can only give rabies to other dogs, not humans.”
  • “Just get really drunk before you get on the plane.”
  • “A vibrant yellow is perfect for your bedroom because it’s so cheerful.”
  • “You can make it — gun it.”
  • “You can’t get scarlet fever twice.”
  • “You should climb in her window and leave a note on her pillow. It’s so romantic.”
  • “Don’t bother bringing a map — we can just ask someone.”
  • “It’s not a big deal, jump in. No one ever remembers this, but people just instinctually know how to swim.”
  • “Times Square is the only place to be on New Year’s Eve.”
  • “You should go to the Village Halloween parade! It’s awesome.”
  • “You’ve never been to the St. Patrick’s Day parade? We’re going.”
  • “The Zodiac killer is just an urban legend.”
  • “Oh no, bread can’t expire.”
  • “Permanent markers aren’t actually permanent.”
  • “Shake it off. It doesn’t look broken and a sprain actually hurts worse than a break.”
  • “Just major in whatever you’re most interested in.”
  • “Always, always, keep batteries in the freezer.”
  • “You can’t get scarlet fever three times.”
  • “Don’t rehearse, it’s more spontaneous.”
  • “You can’t get motion sickness on the Gravitron because it’s going in a circle.”
  • “It he tries to mug you just play dead. Or run away in a zigzag pattern.”
  • “Why don’t you write both papers at once? It’ll be faster.”
  • “Babysitting is a great way to make some extra money, plus kids are so cute.”
  • “Just rub a cold washcloth on your sore throat—it’s soothing.”
  • “Scoliosis is an old wives’ tale.”
  • “’Liquor before beer unless it’s clear.’ So, like, just get something gin-based.”
  • “Don’t smell it; just eat it really fast.”
  • “That’s only in the movies. No one ever actually gets caught pulling the fire alarm.”
  • “I think you should go with the Fung Wah bus; it’s only $15 a ticket.”
  • “For the last time, you can keep holding it. Sparklers go out on their own.”
  • “There is no “too early” when it comes to ‘I love you.’”
  • “Baking soda and baking powder are the same thing; this cake is going to be delicious.”
  • “Owls are great pets!”
  • “Buy it on Canal Street. They never raid those Chinatown stands anymore.”
  • “Don’t take anymore than two shots before the presentation, but definitely take at least one.”
  • “Tupperware can go in the oven as long as it’s below 375?”
  • “Go running later, when it’s dark — that way the park will be less crowded.”
  • “A great first date is going to a comedy club, or get one of those tandem bicycles. Or both!”
  • “You don’t need an electrician for that — just do it yourself.”
  • “Grapes have no nutritional value.”