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some fave sally ride facts

hey pals, I just finished reading sally ride: america’s first woman in space, by lynn sherr, and here’s a collection of my fave sally ride facts:

  • her favorite constellation was orion, because you can find it so easily
  • one of her first jobs was babysitting.  she made the kids pb&j sandwiches, but they wouldn’t eat them because “the peanut butter was on the wrong side of the bread.”  sally threw out the sandwiches and never babysat again.
  • she stopped drinking coors beer when she found out joseph coors had opposed the equal rights amendment 
  • she told the u.s. ambassador to norway that his rape joke wasn’t funny
  • exxonmobil gave millions of dollars to her “sally ride science” teacher training academies.  it was a business compromise between an oil company and an environmentally proactive nonprofit, and during each keynote speech, sally would make a comment about “oil spills” or “oily money” and glance over at the exxonmobil rep before moving on.
  • she had a border collie when she was a kid, and two bichon frises with her partner, tam.
  • watching barefoot contessa was a daily ritual, and she loved ina garten’s meatloaf
  • when her relationship with tam started getting serious, tam asked “is this forever?” and sally responded “I can’t think more than five years ahead.”  so every five years, tam would ask her “are we renewing?” they ended up being together for 27 years. when she was dying of cancer, sally told tam “I wish I had another 27 years with you.”
beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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Kakashi’s second babysitting job

Summary: Kakashi never expected to babysits an anbu captain, but it seems that the anbu captain in question is going through puberty.

Anbu captains are known to be very powerful, they have an authority that equals the clan leaders and nobody can tell them what to do except the current hokage and Sai, who is in charge of anbu.

Kakashi, albeit being retired from active duty for 15 years, still has the respect from most of the anbu captains, and a lot of them don’t just respect him but admire him, not just as a former hokage, but a former anbu captain who was known across the five ninja villages as one of Konoha’s most dangerous.

The place of anbu captain isn’t something to take lightly of, cause even the youngest anbu captain can defeat jonin.

The youngest anbu member of his time was Itachi Uchiha, and he could defeat jonin with ease, he was a true prodigy, in mind and in ninja skills.

The youngest anbu captain of this time is Itachi Uchiha’s niece, who happens to be going through puberty, which is why Kakashi finds himself in his current predicament.

“I think you two have gone overboard.” The sixth hokage told his two former students.

Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha were standing in their doorway, giving Kakashi instruction on how to watch their daughter.

He watched S-class criminals for days, and the Uchiha couple is worried that he can’t watch their daughter.

“No we’re not, she’s been sneaking out pinte middle of the night and neither of us sensed her.”

Sasuke nodded, to affirm his wife’s words.

“Maybe you two were busy with other activities?”

“Like burning your signed porn books?” Sakura retorted.

“It’s not porn but art.”

“Like the dobe’s sexy jutsu?”

“You mean the jutsu that worked on you when Naruto used a certain version involving pink haired women clad in only an apron?” Kakashi countered.

“What !?” Sakura asked her husband, who’s face turned into his favorite fruit.

Kakashi  smirked in triumph, he always got pleasure from winning a squabble with Sasuke.

“It’s getting late, let’s go.”

Sakura narrowed her eyes slightly at her husband, before sighing, but it was clear that the matter will not be forgotten, too Kakashi’s joy.

“Yeah, Ino will have my head if I show up late.”

The couple turned to leave when Kakashi made a noise in the back of his throat.

“Oh,your books are behind the cookie jar in the kitchen.”

Did you really think Kakashi would agree to babaysit a teenager for free?

“Thank you.” He said sarcastically.

“Your welcome” she responded and winked at him before turning away and heading to the fundraiser in the children’s hospital, which she is forced to go, and Sasuke ’s presence as second in command of Konoha, is important in events like these.

Kakashi sighted and went into the kitchen to retrieve his stolen books.

He got them and set them on the couch, where he sat and started reading for the 123rd time, yes he counted,  the first book of the series.

Kakashi liked reading his books in peace, something h rarely got the chance to do, because peace and quiet are the perfect combinations to read his erotic art books.

But like always, something has to ruin it, and if it isn’t Guy with his training or shizune with the never ending paperwork, it’s teenagers with annoying hormones and anbu level skills at escaping.

After an hour, Kakashi decided to check up on the teenager he is watching, he knew there is no way she can sneak up on him, but years in the ninja business had taught him to expect the unexpected, plus he missed talking to his goddaughter.

He knocked twice and waited for an answer,which he never got.

He contemplated if he should just barge in or continue knocking, a moment later he decided that barging into a teen girls room with super strength and a sharingan might be a bad idea, so he opted for a third option.

He came down stairs and dialed Sarada’s number, he waited while the phone rang until he heard a click signaling that she hung up.

The sixth hokage calls and she doesn’t even pick up? How he misses a time when she would be too polite to call him uncle, calling him Rokudaime instead despite his insistence to be called uncle.

He was about to poof in because of her rudeness when he heard her coming down stairs.

“What?” She said with a tone.

“I just wanted to say hello.”

This generation has terrible fashion sense, kakashi thought as he looked at Sarada’s tight ripped black pants, he remembered a time where Kunoichi would sow their clothing for hours in order to look proper.


The girl rolled her eyes, put her headphones back on and moved to sit on the couch.

Kakashi could hear the music from her headphones clearly, a jumble of loud music and words a sixteen-year-old from his generation would turn red upon hearing them, no wonder she didn’t answer the door, she probably didn’t even hear it.

He sat in his former place on the couch, so he was facing Sarada and continued reading the book.

He stole a glance at her every few minutes, and every time he looked at her she would be typing on her phone until the sixth time he looked at her.

She was staring at him intently as if contemplating something highly important.

A moment later, the girl sighed and decided to try her luck.

“Uncle Kakashi?”


“Can I go to Uncle Naruto’s?”

“Why?” He prompted, he knew where this is going.

“I have a mission tomorrow and I need to ask him something about my troop.”

“Is that so?” he said “Well he’s at a fundraiser with your parents, why don’t you there?”

“Seriously?” the girl said before letting out a sigh.

“Besides.” He began, “Your parents made it clear I not let you out tonight.”

“But you’re former hokage, that means you can let me out?”

“Yes but that means Sakura’s wrath.”


“Why doesn’t Boruto come over?”

“What does Boru have anything to do with it?”

“Boru?” He said as he smirked, his smirk turned into a smile when the girl’s face turned red, “Sasuke told me that Boruto is grounded and that Hinata is watching him so there is no way he can get out.”


“Yes, it seems his aunt and uncle caught him with his hands under their daughter’s shirt, could you believe it?”

“And since when are his aunt and uncle such gossipers?” She said in a sardonic tone only a teenager could express.

“I don’t know, but finding multiple mouth shaped bruises on their daughter’s neck must have caught  them so in shock to the point where they just had to tell the girl’s godfather, who coincidentally wanted to see her.”

“You mean the godparent my mother blackmailed with his porn books?”

“No I mean the god parent your mother blackmailed with his erotic books.”

The girl merely raised a brow in response.

If there was one person who could match her in sarcasm it was her uncle Kakashi.

“Can Chou come over then?”

“That also was something your parents warned me about.”

“Ughhh, but I’m so bored.”

Kakashi thought about taking the girl out to train, cause Sasuke and Sakura said nothing about him taking her out.

“How about we go train then?”

The girl jumped from her place on the couch.


“Then go get ready.”

A moment later they were on their way to team 7’s former training grounds.

“Wanna hear a story about team7?” He asked, reminiscing the little girl that loved hearing stories about her parents and uncle Naruto.

“Sure, make it an embarrassing story though.”

“But of course.”

It’s been nine years since he last babysat Sarada, but she’s still the same girl who was like a mini version of Sasuke with Sakura’s antics.

“Come on old man, you’d think a former anbu captain would be faster!”

Well maybe a little ruder and more annoying, she is after all Naruto’s apprentice.

Babysitting Instructions

I just picked up a babysitting job on the east side of town.  I don’t want to use anyone’s real names for fear of repercussion, so for the sake of this post, we’ll call the girl whom I’m supposed to be babysitting Abby.

I had my interview yesterday and immediately afterword, I was offered the job.  I didn’t even get to meet Abby before she handed me an offer letter.

She insisted that I not read or sign the offer letter there, but instead take it home and consider the contents there, so that’s precisely what I did, and precisely why I’m posting this. I’ve typed the offer letter and posted it below.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in response to your query about the babysitting position of Abigail Yates, age six.  If you have received this letter, you have met a series of undisclosed qualifications by the mother of Abigail: Miss Gwendolyn Yates.

Signature of acknowledgement of the terms below is vital for employment.  Any breach of these terms will result in immediate termination.

·         Abigail is not to be touched – no matter how much she cries.

·         Abigail is to be fed each hour in her bedroom, precisely on the hour, except between two and four in the morning, during which time Abigail is not to be communicated with or sought after.

·         The employee authorizes and provides Abigail and Gwendolyn access to infant photos of his/herself no older than up to six months of age.  If no such photographs are available, there will be no need for further employment.

·         Between the hours of two and four in the morning, Abigail’s room is to be locked and the radio is to be played over the speaker system on a loop so as not to allow any break in sound.  In the event of a power outage, both the radio and the speaker system are set up to the power generator.  In the event the speaker system goes out or the music stops, leave the house immediately without Abigail.

·         Abigail has an imaginary friend whom she calls Teresa.  It is of vital importance that you acknowledge the existence of the friend but do not try to contact her in ANY way.  If Teresa contacts you, you are welcome to communicate, but Teresa MUST be the one to initiate communication in ANY form.

·         Abigail is not to leave her room under any circumstances.  In the event of an emergency, leave the house and dial the emergency number listen in the directory you will receive upon signature of this document.  Do not call 911 under any circumstances.

·         If anyone comes to the door, do not answer it – they are not real.

Upon signature and return of this document, you will be provided further instruction.

Thank you,

Teresa Yates

Gwendolyn Yates

Better Babysitter (TG/AP)

              Jimmy and Kyle were sulking in their room, waiting for their annoying babysitter to arrive. Their parents had gone out for the night and called the babysitter over on short notice. The boys hated their babysitter; she never let them play video games or watch the movies they wanted to, and she always made them go to bed super early. They’d do anything to get rid of her, and thankfully Kyle had swiped a shriveled monkey’s paw from the flea market his parents had taken them to last weekend. He had heard the old woman selling the monkeys paws talking about their wish-granting abilities, so he grabbed one when she wasn’t looking and planned to use it to get rid of their current babysitter. He pulled it out from beneath his bed and showed it to his brother.

              “Hey, Jimmy, check this out. This thing is supposed to be able to grant wishes, so I’m gonna wish for a new babysitter!”

              “Haha, okay,” Jimmy said, scoffing at the thought. He was younger than Kyle, but he considered himself more realistic than his older brother. “Well, what’re you waiting for? Make the wish.”

              “You just watch, little bro,” Kyle said, holding up the monkey’s paw. “I wish we had a babysitter that let us do whatever we wanted!”

              The words of Kyle’s wish echoed in the room, surprising the boys. Suddenly, the monkey’s fist closed and disintegrated into dust. The dust slipped through Kyle’s fingers and began to swirl around the room before enveloping Jimmy. Jimmy screamed as the dust moved faster around him, tearing his clothes and transforming them into a plain, white garment that looked suspiciously like a dress.

              “What’s happen- ack!” As soon as Jimmy opened his mouth, the dust flooded into him and caused him to cough and gag. He fell onto his back as he caught his breath again, sputtering out puffs of dust with a few coughs. “What did that thing do to me?”

              “I, uh, I don’t know. Are you okay?”

              “Yeah, I think. But what’s with my cloth- ooohhhh!” Jimmy began to moan as he felt his chest begin to tingle. The two boys looked at Jimmy’s chest as it began to expand. He threw his arms up as his bones began to crack, growing longer and wider, and leaving him with a torso that looked like it belonged to someone much older than he was. His moans grew louder and more feminine as two mounds of flesh began to protrude from his chest. With a sudden burst, he thrust his chest forward as two sizable breasts grew beneath his enlarging nipples. The boys stared at Jimmy’s ample new cleavage as Jimmy continued to moan, his new breasts sending unknown pleasures coursing through his maturing body.

              “Why is this happening?” Jimmy screamed, noticing how much older, yet girly, he sounded.

              “I don’t know! I’m sorry!” Kyle yelled in panic. “I’m so sorr-“

              “OW!” Jimmy yelled as his legs began to ache. He kicked his legs out in pain as they extended slightly. He felt another tingling coming from his crotch as it began to retract between his legs. It felt uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time. His heart began to race as his thrashing body caused his breasts to bounce and jiggle on his chest. The sensations coming from his crotch and chest began to blend together, sending more orgasmic feelings coursing through his body. He couldn’t help but moan even more as he continued to grow older and sexier. He felt his boy parts slip between his legs as a fleshy clit took form, growing damper by the second. His legs were still aching though, and combined with the pleasure coursing through his body, the sensations flowing through him caused him to convulse and kick his legs violently as they snapped and extended. Each kick added a few inches to his height, while at the same time inflating his ass. He felt his behind grow enough to raise his lower back off the floor, his spine cracking and taking on a feminine arch as he grew.

              He looked at his brother as he continued to grow older and more feminine. He wanted to cry for help, but as he opened his mouth, all that came out was a feminine moan.

              “Hu…huuuuuuumph…” Jimmy moaned between breaths. Kyle couldn’t help but notice how sultry his little brother sounded now. Kyle himself was just hitting puberty, so seeing his younger brother turning into such an attractive specimen was making Kyle exceedingly confused and uncomfortable.

              “Jimmy, I’m so sorry…” Kyle said on the verge of tears. “I shouldn’t have stolen that thing. This is my fault.”

              Jimmy wanted to say something to his brother, but he felt his face beginning to change as his mind began to grow foggy. He felt his hair grow down his neck and tickle his back, turning a dark blonde in the process. His eyes widened and slanted as they took on a sultry, alluring appearance. His lips thinned out as his nose cracked and shrank a bit, planting itself cutely about his mouth. His face tingled as makeup applied itself to his mature new face. He had aged well into his twenties in a matter of minutes, and as his new reproductive system flooded his body with new hormones, he began to have entirely alien thoughts. He felt his new clit grow damp as memories of cute guys hitting on him entered his mind. His memories of being the best student in school became memories of being the sexist girl in school. He wanted to fight it, but as images of jocks fucking him in the locker room after school flooded his mind, he began to give in. His clit was so wet and so sensitive, and as he slowly began to rub it with a manicured hand, his name began to fade. Jimmy slowly turned into Jade as memories of going to college and meeting her boyfriend formed in the new girl’s mind. She quickly came and screamed in orgasm as Jimmy embraced his new identity. The new girl leaned up and stood over Kyle. She stared at the young boy ogling her exposed crotch and smirked.

              She only took this babysitting job for the easy money, and at least this little brat never gave her any trouble.

              “My boyfriend is coming over tonight, so I’m gonna go get changed.” She said with an authoritative tone. “You can play video games or watch TV or whatever. I don’t care. Just don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency. And don’t tell your parents, unless you want me to take your video games away.”

              “Ji- Jimmy? Are you still in there?” Kyle said hesitantly. “Please, little bro…” Jade didn’t respond. She simply walked into another room and began to change into a bikini for her boyfriend. This kid’s parents were loaded and had a pool in the backyard, so she and her boyfriend were going to have a ball with their private pool for the night. She loved her job, and while Kyle was still confused and traumatized by what he just witnessed, at least his wish was fulfilled. Just not exactly how he expected it, or wanted it, to be.  


Pairing: Stenbrough with minor Reddie on the side

Word Count: 3,986

Prompt: Stan Uris moves to Derry, Maine following the death of his father and gets a job babysitting a little boy named Georgie who just so happens to have a very attractive older brother. (Modern High School AU)

Warnings: Mention of death, depression (not a major theme), anti-Semitism, struggles with faith

Link to part two:


Sometimes, Stanley Uris didn’t know what was up and what was down. Sometimes, it felt like the world was moving but he was stuck in the same position, day after day. And it sucked. His mother thought that a new start would be good for them, that it would help them move on.

Stan wanted to scream. He wanted to call bullshit on her logic. It wasn’t that he didn’t mind moving. He wasn’t exactly popular back at his old high school in Bangor ( once upon a time, his father had asked him if it was because of them being Jewish – but it wasn’t an anti-Semitic thing, aside from the occasional, always unfunny, holocaust joke, it was more so the depression thing and the OCD thing and the gay thing that drove people away) so it wasn’t like he was going to be all that missed. Even his Jewish friends didn’t seem like they were gonna miss him that much. And it bothered Stan how little he cared about it.

But after his dad died, everything just seemed so… pointless. His father, a man who had never smoked a day in his life, ended up dying of lung cancer. It made Stan furious. At the world. At God. At everything. After watching his father shrivel up into a shell of what he had once been, Stan’s already complicated relationship with religion had turned sour. It infuriated him that his father could be dying and still praising that almighty presence above. Stan wasn’t even sure if he believed anymore.

“Stanley,” his mother’s voice called. “Come on, you’re going to be late!”

Gulping, Stan gave himself a once over and straightened the collar of his shirt before grabbing his backpack. As he left his room and shut the door, he found himself cringing. So, he went back, turned the bedroom light on and then off before shutting his door. Stan repeated that three more times before he was satisfied. It made him feel sick, wrong.

“I think you should start going back to therapy,” his mother told him on the ride to school.


“No arguments, Stanley,” she said, her voice sharp like the cracking of a whip. “I know you, I know my son. You’re not okay, sweetheart. All I want is for you to be happy. I don’t want to send you off to college in two years with you…”

She trailed off and sighed. Stan could tell that if she hadn’t been driving she would’ve pressed a small kiss to the top of his forehead and hugged him tightly. Stan licked his lips and closed his eyes. He hated how unhappy his mother was. He despised that part of it was caused by him.

“I’ll see you tonight, yeah?” Andrea Uris said, looking at her pale, skinny son.

“Yeah,” Stan agreed, nodding.

“We can talk about you getting that job. How’s that sound?”

Stan smiled at that. Since his freshman year of high school, he had been begging for a job. He liked the idea of working – the responsibility, the experience, the money that he could save up to buy all the books he’d ever want to read. Stan just really wanted a job. He wanted something to do with his life.

And he also needed to start saving up for college. His father had been a Rabbi and his mother was a kindergarten teacher, so it wasn’t like there was a lot of money in either of those professions. If he didn’t want to leave college with an obscene amount of debt, Stan would have to save money while working his ass off for good grade.

“Hi, I’m Stan Uris,” Stan said in a quiet voice to the lady sitting at the receptionist desk.

“Oh, the new boy!” the receptionist said in a too-loud, too-cheerful voice.

Stan winced a little and smiled.

“Here’s your schedule, and your student guide will be down any minute to take you around!”

The receptionist had an odd accent that Stan wasn’t very fond of, and when she snapped her gum he thought his head might explode.

A minute later, a very clean cut looking black boy with broad shoulders, short hair, and a wide smile walked into the office.

“Hey, you must be Stan,” he said, walking straight over to Stan and offering his hand to shake. “I’m Mike.”

“Hi,” Stan said, shaking Mike’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

As it turned out, Stan and Mike had all the same classes which was why Mike was chosen to give Stan the school tour. Within five minutes, Stan had decided that he liked Mike a lot. Mike was soft spoken, intelligent, and kind. He might have looked like all the football players at Stan’s old school that gave him hell for being gay, but Mike was nothing like that.

So, maybe Derry wouldn’t be that bad.

At lunch, Mike led Stan past the table filled with boys wearing the same kind of jacket as Mike and towards a different table in the corner of the room. At that table sat a very pretty girl with freckles spattered across every bit of visible skin and short cropped red hair. Beside her was a broad boy with dark blonde hair and a shy smile. Another boy sat across from them, lanky and thinly muscled with thick glasses and rather gorgeous dark hair. His arm was slung around the shoulders of a shorter boy with neatly combed chocolate curls. It was a ragtag bunch, but as they greeted Mike with wide smiles Stan could tell that they all loved each other a lot.

“Hey guys,” Mike said, sitting down and gesturing at the empty chair for Stan. “This is Stan, he’s new. Stan, this is Bev, Ben, Eddie, and Richie— where’s Bill?”

“Out sick,” Richie, the boy with glasses, snorted, ducking his face into the crook of Eddie’s neck.

Richie’s body convulsed with laughter Stan didn’t really understand. He stayed silent and began unpacking his lunch.

“What did you do to him?” Mike sighed, looking towards Bev.

“Hey, he agreed to drink with us,” Bev said defensively.

“They’re ridiculous,” Mike murmured to Stan, drawing a small smile from the new boy. “Don’t hold them against me?”


“So, I found a job for you,” Andrea told Stan that night after setting out dinner.

“Yeah?” Stan asked.

He held his breath for a moment, unsure if he was willing to trust his mother’s judgement on this.

“Yes. A woman named Sharon at my work was saying how she needs a babysitter for her son Georgie on Thursdays and Fridays,” Andrea said, stabbing her fork into her salad.

“Babysitting?” Stan asked, trying his best to hide his annoyance. “Mom. I don’t want to babysit.”

“It’s fifteen dollars an hour, Stanley,” Andrea said. “Sharon said it would be for at least five hours each night, so that’s at least a hundred and fifty dollars every week.”

Stan quickly did the math. If he kept fifty dollars every week for himself ( though, he didn’t have friends or much of a social life so why would he really need fifty dollars a week to do things? Well, Mike and his friends had been welcoming enough… maybe he’d finally have some friends… ) he could put away a hundred bucks each week. If he kept that consistent for two years ( and who knew what this kid’s parents would need over school breaks and the summer ) Stan could have a significant amount of money saved when he needed to get to college.

Suddenly, babysitting didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

“So, when do I start?” Stan asked.

Andrea beamed at her son.

“I have her number written down. You can call her after dinner and ask.”


As it turned out, Sharon Denbrough needed Stan to start ASAP. And tomorrow was Friday, meaning that Stan would be babysitting ten-year-old Georgie from 5:00 to 11:00.

When Stan shuffled into school, head down, he went straight to his locker. The girl to his left and her friends shot him a weird look, though Stan wasn’t all that sure why. He wasn’t that weird looking.

“Stan!” Mike’s voice boomed cheerfully.

Stan looked up and smiled at the approaching boy. Mike was walking with Ben and a boy Stan didn’t meet yesterday. But, boy, did he wish he had. The stranger was tall ( probably a little over six-feet, which definitely didn’t make Stan a little weak in the knees — no siree! ) and had light brown hair combed and styled very neatly. And his eyes—they were the bluest blue Stan had ever seen.

“Hi Mike, Ben,” Stan said in his typical quiet fashion, quickly glancing at the other boy before shifting his eyes down to the textbook in his arms.

“Stan, this is Bill. He was sick yesterday,” Ben said. “Richie mentioned you and Bill was anxious to meet the new kid on the block.”

Both Bill and Mike snorted quietly as Ben’s mouth lifted into a small smirk. Stan didn’t get the joke.

“It’s nice to meet you, Stan,” Bill said.

His words were slow and deliberate, and Stan really liked that.

“You too, Bill,” Stan replied, hoping that he wasn’t blushing.

If he was, no one said anything.

At lunch time, Richie clapped Stan on the shoulder and loudly proclaimed that his algebra teacher was a homophobic piece of shit.

“Why is he homophobic, Rich?” Bev asked, smirking at the boy.

“He told me I would never accomplish anything in life and is making me serve detention on Monday! This is gay oppression!” Richie exclaimed, flabbergasted.

Stan chuckled quietly.

“So, Stan, do you want to see Kingsman with us tonight?”

Stan’s heart bloomed within his chest, filling him with a warmness he had never felt before. He sighed, silently cursing his need for a job.

“I can’t,” Stan said, scratching behind his ear. “I have to babysit tonight.”

The rest of the group shut up about the movies after that. Stan realized that they were doing it for him—so he wouldn’t feel bad about missing out. The thought made him smile.

As a matter of fact, he was still smiling about it as he walked to Georgie Denbrough’s house.

“You must be Stan,” a tall, handsome man said with a warm smile as he opened the door. “It’s nice to meet you, son. I’m Zack Denbrough, Georgie’s dad.”

“It’s nice to meet you as well, sir,” Stan said politely, shaking his hand.

“Georgie!” Zack yelled up the stairs. “Come down, please!”

Seconds later, a small boy was sprinting down the stairs with a manic smile on his face, laughing as a tall, slightly muscled, shirtless boy ( Georgie’s brother, Stan assumed ) chased after him. Stan froze when he saw that the boy was Bill from school.

“Georgie, g-give me my sh-shirt!” Bill yelled.

Georgie was laughing still, loudly. The laughter was echoing around the house. Georgie and Bill sprinted past Stan without sparing him a second glance. A moment later, there was a loud scream followed by laughter as Bill, while laughing, called Georgie a twerp.

“My sons are rather… hyperactive,” Zack told Stan with an apologetic glance. “Once Bill leaves, Georgie will calm down, though. The two rile each other up.”

Stan swallowed thickly and nodded. His throat felt very dry, and his hands were beginning to itch. Slowly and deliberately, he dragged his blunt nails up and down the material of jeans that covered the outside of his thighs.

“Georgie, come meet your babysitter,” Zack said, walking out of the entrance hall and into the kitchen. “And, Bill, for God’s sake, put on a shirt.”

After a second’s deliberation when Stan seriously considered booking it out of the Denbrough house, he made his way into the kitchen. He caught Bill’s eyes and gulped.

“Stan! Hey!” Bill exclaimed happily, pulling a black t-shirt over his head. “When you said you had to babysit, I didn’t realize you’d be babysitting Georgie. I thought you had a younger brother or sister.”

“No,” Stan said, shaking his head and trying to remember not to stare at Bill. “I’m an only child.”

“Ooh, I wish,” Bill chuckled, sticking his tongue out at Georgie who reciprocated the motion.

Stan laughed dryly.

It wasn’t long before Zack and Sharon left for their date night, letting Stan know that they left forty dollars on the counter for him to order food and that he was welcome to keep the change. Bill was still there when his parents left.

While Georgie was showering, Stan took his opportunity to talk to Bill.

“So, uh, why aren’t you babysitting your brother?” Stan asked.

Really, Stan?’ he thought to himself. ‘What a stupid fucking question.’

Bill’s face went a little pink and he began to rub the back of his neck.

“Yeah, I’m not really allowed to do that anymore,” Bill said, his words paired with an awkward laugh. “Last time I babysat Georgie, it was pouring r-ruh-rain and I let him go outside, and he ended up getting wicked sick. My p—parents were really angry with me.”

Stan hadn’t noticed Bill’s stutter earlier. He didn’t say anything about it, though. Instead, he merely smiled a little.

“Well, if I’m ever babysitting Georgie and it rains, I’ll make sure not to let him go out.”

Bill threw his head back and laughed loudly. As his laughter died down, he bumped his shoulder softly against Stan’s and bit down on his lip. Yet again, Stan was gulping because of Bill Denbrough.

“I should get going,” Bill said, a look of regret crossing over his face. He stood up and patted Stan on the shoulder, but his hand lingered for a moment. “I’ll catch you later, Stan. I’ll probably be home before my parents.”

Georgie was a cute kid, and very sweet. He made a lot of meme jokes, which he told Stan he had learned from Richie. One time this past summer, Georgie told Stan, he ran into Bill’s room and dabbed with two fidget spinners in his hands. When Bill found out that Richie had been the one to tell Georgie to do it, Bill didn’t speak to Richie for a day and blocked him on all forms of social media.

At 9:00, Stan had to put Georgie to bed. After that, he had two hours to spare before he got to leave. And considering he was in someone else’s home, he had no idea what to do. So, he just grabbed a book from his bag and sat down in their living room to read.

Bill came home at 9:30, and when he saw Stan curled up on his couch reading a book on birds ( of all things ), he couldn’t help but laugh a little.

“What?” Stan asked, a little defensively.

“Nothing,” Bill assured him, sitting down next to him on the couch. “It’s just— well, a book on birds?”

“I happen to like birds,” Stan said, eyes narrowed. “They’re interesting.”

“Yeah? How so?” Bill asked, genuinely curious.

And so, for the next hour and a half, Stan talked to Bill about all different kinds of birds and the best places in Maine to go bird watching. And Bill seemed really interested too, he was asking questions and just looked completely earnest. By the time Sharon and Zack came back home, Stan hadn’t even realized that it was 11:00.

“I noticed you didn’t drive here,” Bill said, sneaking up on Stan as he put his coat and shoes on. “D-do you want me to drive you h-h-home?”

Stan almost protested, but he was feeling selfish. He wanted to spend more time with Bill, even if it was only for a ten-minute car ride.

“Thanks, Bill,” Stan murmured once Bill pulled into his driveway. “I’ll see you Monday.”

“Wait,” Bill exclaimed, grabbing Stan’s wrist. “Give me your number.”

Bill wiggled his phone in front of Stan’s face, blue eyes wide. Stan thought his face was going to split in two from how big his smile was. Eagerly ( maybe a little too eagerly, but Stan didn’t know much about this kind of thing ), Stan punched his number into Bill’s phone. If he was a more confident kid, he might have put some kind of witty, suggestive emoji next to his contact name… but Stan wasn’t like that.

“So, who’s the boy?” Andrea asked with a coy smirk on her face, watching as her blushing son stumbled his way backwards into the house, waving goodbye to the boy who was sitting in his car.

“There— there’s no boy. What are you talking about?” Stan blustered.

Andrea rolled her eyes.

“Stan, I’m your mother. You’re supposed to tell me these things.”

Stan sighed and relented, rolling his eyes.

“His name’s Bill,” Stan said.

“Do you like him?”

“I met him this morning, Mom!”

“Okay. So, what?”

Stan groaned, rubbing his eyes.

“He’s Georgie’s older brother and offered to drive me home because I don’t have a car. That’s all.”

Andrea hummed suspiciously, but didn’t press Stan further.


“My brother thinks you’re hot.”

Georgie’s statement was so bluntly presented that Stan choked on the slice of pizza he was eating.

“I heard him talking with Bev and Mike about it the other day,” Georgie added, grinning at Stan.

“Oh,” Stan said in a high, uneven voice. “That’s nice.”

“Do you think he’s hot?”

Stan’s face was burning.


“What?” Georgie asked, putting on his best angel face.

“I’m not talking about your brother with you,” Stan snorted. “And you’re ten, which is just— no.”

“I’m gonna be eleven next month,” Georgie whined.

Stan wasn’t amused.

“Eat your pizza, Georgie.”


“Do you think he’s hot yet?”

“Georgie, you need to go to bed!” Stan exclaimed, trying his best not to laugh at Georgie’s persistence.

All night, he had been pestering Stan about his thoughts on Bill. Like, yeah, Stan thought Bill was hot. But he wasn’t about to tell Georgie that. If he said anything, Georgie would definitely repeat it back to Bill ( Stan wasn’t ignorant to Georgie’s hero-worship of his brother ) and then Bill would think Stan was weird. Though, Georgie did say that Bill thought he was hot.

“Did he really say— agh! Never mind! Go to bed!”

Stan seriously considered throwing himself in front of a bus then and there. Was he seriously just about to ask a ten-year old about that? UGH!

Georgie laughed.

Bill arrived home not long after that, grinning. Georgie shut his mouth about Stan finding Bill hot.


Three weeks after Georgie asked Stan if he thought Bill was hot, Stan had the weekend off. Bill’s parents were going away for a few nights for their anniversary and Georgie was going to stay with Sharon’s sister in the next town over. That meant Bill had the house to himself.

If Bill was a different kid, he would’ve been instantly sending out invites to a party. But Bill was Bill, and he wasn’t like that. Instead, he invited Stan over for a movie night.

Andrea drove Stan over to Bill’s house and quickly lectured Stan on practicing safe sex. Stan wanted to die.

“Mom! Holy, crap!” Stan exclaimed, his face beet red. “It’s not— we’re not— no! Anyways, the rest of our friends are gonna be there!”

The rest of their friends ( ‘The Losers Club’ they were often referred to by a senior named Henry Bowers and his gang of asshole friends, but Stan didn’t pay them much attention ) were, in fact, not there.

“I didn’t realize it would be just us,” Stan muttered, glancing around Bill’s dark house.

“Oh,” Bill said, rubbing his neck. “I didn’t— are you upset?”

“No,” Stan said, smiling. “I just thought— you know what? It’s not important.”

Bill smiled that breathtaking smile of his and Stan found himself wishing for a puff of Eddie’s inhaler.

“Richie was saying I should throw a party this weekend,” Bill snorted. “And Bev was saying we should utilize my empty house and my father’s never ending liquor supply and get drunk.”

Stan didn’t think that sounded too awful. Well, the getting drunk part at least… so long it was only their group of seven. He wouldn’t want other people around. Just the seven of them… ‘the lucky seven’ had Mike called them a couple weeks ago. The thought made Stan smile a bit.

“Would getting drunk be that bad?” Stan asked Bill, a smile on his face.

“Not if it was just the two of us,” Bill replied easily in his slow deliberate voice.

The voice that made Stan’s knees go weak and stomach tie in knots.

Not if it was just the two of us… Stan flushed a deep red.

“So, I ordered us pizza,” Bill said, gesturing to a box on the table. “Normally I go with pepperoni or barbeque chicken, but I know it’s not kosher for Jewish people to eat pig or meat and cheese — that’s the right word, right? Kosher?”

Stan had barely thought about his faith in months. It had seemed so insignificant, so unreal for him after his dad died. And when it came to eating kosher— well, that had been the way he lived his life for the past sixteen years so he never even really thought about it. But Bill had thought about it.

Stan suddenly felt the urge to kiss Bill, but he had enough will power to stop himself.

“Is regular cheese fine?”

Bill was being so casual, acting as if nothing was wrong. Well, not that anything was wrong… but he had just made a significant impact on Stan and was acting as if nothing had happened.

“Cheese is perfect,” Stan said softly.

Bill beamed and Stan felt like his heart was going to explode out of his chest.

Stan really wanted to kiss Bill. But he didn’t.

After they ate their pizza, Bill suggested they watch something. And by something, Stan knew that Bill meant Game of Thrones. Bill was a die-hard Thrones fan and nearly had an aneurism when he found out that Stan didn’t watch it. Last week, he finally convinced Stan to start watching it. Stan was already on season three.

Bill sat down next to Stan, but in an unnecessarily close way. Stan sat curled against the arm of the couch and Bill sat right down beside him. There was only a small inch or so of space between them. Stan said nothing because he didn’t want Bill to move away.

“You know, I feel bad for Theon,” Stan confessed.

Bill didn’t say anything.

“I mean, I understand why he did what he did. He just wanted his father’s approval. I don’t agree with his actions, but I understand the motive. You know? And, wow, he really does not deserve… that.”

“You’re cute.”

Stan’s eyes went wide, and so did Bill’s. From how red Bill’s face was, Stan could tell he most definitely did not mean to say that out loud.

“Thanks,” Stan found himself saying. “You too.”

And then he kissed Bill. Holy shit. He was kissing Bill. And Bill was kissing him back.


Even for a first kiss, it was pretty awesome. Stan had no idea what he was doing with his mouth, but Bill seemed to have some experience so he took charge. His right hand went around the back of Stan’s neck, while the other propped himself up against the arm of the couch that Stan’s back was pressed against.

Stan was in paradise, his hands wrapped around Bill and digging into Bill’s soft hair.

When Bill pulled away, they were both panting, gasping for air. Bill’s eyes were peering into Stan’s, and both boys smiled before Stan pulled Bill’s face down, crushing his lips to Bill’s once more.


Adventures In Babysitting

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Request: Can you make one where Bucky and the reader go out on a date night and leave their toddler behind with the rest of the team and then in the middle of their date they start getting all these texts from panicked members of the team because they don’t know how to take care of a child? Btw love your writing and blog!!!  (a/n: thank you <3)         

Y/C/N - Your Child’s Name

Bucky has created a chatroom.

Bucky has added Steve, Sam, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Tony, Wanda.

Bucky: How is Y/C/N???

Sam: You and Y/N left for your date 20 minutes ago.

Bucky: So????


Bucky: Y/N and I are coming back home.

Wanda: Relax! We are competent aunts and uncles.


Wanda: Well, most of us are.

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Creepypasta #1265: Babysitting Instructions

Length: Short

I just picked up a babysitting job on the east side of town.  I don’t want to use anyone’s real names for fear of repercussion, so for the sake of this post, we’ll call the girl whom I’m supposed to be babysitting Abby.

I had my interview yesterday and immediately afterword, I was offered the job.  I didn’t even get to meet Abby before she handed me an offer letter.

She insisted that I not read or sign the offer letter there, but instead take it home and consider the contents there, so that’s precisely what I did, and precisely why I’m posting this. I’ve typed the offer letter and posted it below.


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in response to your query about the babysitting position of Abigail Yates, age six.  If you have received this letter, you have met a series of undisclosed qualifications by the mother of Abigail: Miss Gwendolyn Yates.

Signature of acknowledgement of the terms below is vital for employment.  Any breach of these terms will result in immediate termination.

·         Abigail is not to be touched – no matter how much she cries.

·         Abigail is to be fed each hour in her bedroom, precisely on the hour, except between two and four in the morning, during which time Abigail is not to be communicated with or sought after.

·         The employee authorizes and provides Abigail and Gwendolyn access to infant photos of his/herself no older than up to six months of age.  If no such photographs are available, there will be no need for further employment.

·         Between the hours of two and four in the morning, Abigail’s room is to be locked and the radio is to be played over the speaker system on a loop so as not to allow any break in sound.  In the event of a power outage, both the radio and the speaker system are set up to the power generator.  In the event the speaker system goes out or the music stops, leave the house immediately without Abigail.

·         Abigail has an imaginary friend whom she calls Teresa.  It is of vital importance that you acknowledge the existence of the friend but do not try to contact her in ANY way.  If Teresa contacts you, you are welcome to communicate, but Teresa MUST be the one to initiate communication in ANY form.

·         Abigail is not to leave her room under any circumstances.  In the event of an emergency, leave the house and dial the emergency number listen in the directory you will receive upon signature of this document.  Do not call 911 under any circumstances.

·         If anyone comes to the door, do not answer it – they are not real.

Upon signature and return of this document, you will be provided further instruction.

Thank you,

Teresa Yates

Gwendolyn Yates

Credits to: DoverHawk (story)

i want to write,” says the student
“i want to write of gods and men
and all the wars that were. all the loves
that fought fang and claw to live.”

“then write,” says the author
“write your fucking heart out.
write like you’re dying again
and the words are your life’s blood
slipping away. write every drop
as unimaginable loss. every story
as emptied veins etched in vivid red.”

“i want to write,” says the student.
“i want to write but i don’t know how.”

“let me tell you a secret,” says the author
“none of us know. none of us know.
we just write, we just—we write
and we write from our not knowing,
and we write from our birth and our hope
and our fear and our courage and our own
stories. our own secrets. for to write
you must learn to give up your secrets
in layers of lies so beautifully blinding
no one recognizes the truth.

“i want to write,” says the student;
but what they really mean is:
“i want to my words to change the world.”
the author sighs—“oh child, don’t we all?

—  ripples in a waterfall (amc)
Looking out for Trouble

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Fandom: Spiderman: Homecoming

Wordcount: 1,585

Summary: A sudden sitting job makes a turn for a surprise when there’s a promotion for the newest Spiderman: Homecoming movie at your kid’s school with the whole cast. Including Tom Holland himself.

A/N: The rare moments of inspiration… comes after midnight. Gsus guys it’s like 2AM here. I thought of this idea for a Tom Holland one shot, because of my history (adventures) in babysitting and being in the States for one and a half years. Oh and also the adorable interview with Tom and a kid gave me something extra to write with. And I KNOW this is supposed to be an Uncharted (more gaming) kind of blog, but I don’t care at the moment.
Warned you guys this was going to happen sooner or later…

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The Babysitter

Pairing : Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Summary : Imagine being Daisy’s babysitter and Dean finds out you’re dating Eggsy.


You had met Eggsy at the bar when you were you were seventeen when you began working at the bar on weekends. You had been dating for two years and once he had introduced you to his daughter you knew he was serious about you. When you first met Daisy, she was shy at first but Eggsy had never seen her look so happy.

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Date a girl who keeps trying to deconstruct the “secretly sinister, saccharine socialist utopia” depicted in Paw Patrol. It’s just a kids show, you tell her. She wonders why, if there’s no money, how they get people to work. She tells you that the Mayor is grossly incompetent and likely just a figurehead. She explains in great detail that all the townsfolk must have implants to make them crave labor at no cost. She hypothesizes that the same advanced technology behind the implants also brings their post-scarcity world, and assumes the main cast are all genetically enhanced “super dogs,” but that the utopia is on the brink of economic collapse considering one windmill breaking can take out the entire town’s power. Date a girl who will likely go mad if she has to watch one more episode on her babysitting job.

Stranger Shenanigans

Happy Fluff Friday! Hope this helps to make up for all the angst yesterday :)

The day after graduation, Steve’s dad catches him kissing Jonathan Byers.

They’re sitting on his bed, talking about the various grad parties from the night before and trying to decide which movie to take Nancy to later (Steve wants to see Rambo and Jon’s vote is for Cocoon and they’ve already taken the kids to The Goonies). But Steve gets distracted by the curl in Jonathan’s lip and soon leans forward to brush a soft kiss against it. When he pulls back his dad is standing in the doorway, face turning crimson. The boys freeze and Richard Harrington still stands there. In the pit of his stomach, Steve knows this is the worst reaction. Yelling would be okay. He knows what to do with yelling. Instead they’re locked in a staring contest until his dad says, in a quiet but deadly voice, “Get out of this house.” He doesn’t have to say it, but Steve hears it anyway - forever.

His mother simply watches him walk out the door with her nose scrunched up as if she’s smelled something foul. Good riddance, he thinks, as he tosses a stuffed duffel bag and backpack into the trunk of Jonathan’s car. Jon doesn’t say anything as they drive off.

Steve sleeps on the couch at the Byers’ that night and while he’s distracted by Will and El, Jonathan has a hushed conversation with his mother and Hopper. Steve is heading to Indiana University in the fall, but that’s months away. They know there’s no way Ted Wheeler is going to let the boy stay in his house. Hopper is a little harder to convince than Joyce but it doesn’t take much. He knows Steve has nowhere else to go.

The next morning they invite Steve to stay with them for the summer. He laughs and rubs his head and uses all his willpower not to cry in front of them. Later, under the dark of night, he’ll silently sob into Jonathan’s shoulder.

A family meeting is held to discuss the change, something that is new for Steve. But there will now be six people (and one dog) living in the house and some adjustments need to be made. Eleven, still not completely used to the concept of having a family, is obsessed with family meetings. The idea that she would be included and listened to never fails to amaze her. So when Joyce calls them to the living room for the meeting, El’s eyes light up and she pulls on Steve’s sleeve eagerly.

“Come on, we have to get a good seat.” Steve learns that the corner of the couch is her favorite spot and is touched when she insists that he sit next to her.

After some deliberations, Karen is called, and by the end of the weekend they’ve swapped El’s twin bed for Mike’s bunk beds. Will moves into El’s room and takes the bottom bunk, where he likes to burrow away in the dark. El prefers the top where she has air. For the first week Joyce has to come in every night to shush them as they giggle away. But they’re the best at comforting each other after their frequent nightmares, so the arrangement works out well. Steve moves into Will’s old bunk in Jonathan’s room and Hopper gruffly comments that he should make sure to stay up there. Jonathan blushes but Steve waggles his eyebrows at him when the chief’s back is turned.

It’s not long before Hopper is no longer surprised to see Nancy’s car in the drive when he gets home from work in the evenings, along with a pile of bikes in the yard. When he walks in the door there are anywhere from four to nine teenagers strung about the house.

“Why are you all here? The Wheelers have a basement! Why don’t you ever go there?”

Without missing a beat Dustin answers, “But then we’d miss you.”

The mornings quickly take on a routine. Max awakens at the crack of dawn and escapes her house to skate over to the Byers’. She lets herself in with the spare key, which she keeps finding no matter where they hide it, and makes coffee. She’s found that ever since she started making the coffee in the mornings, Hopper no longer chastises her for “breaking in.” By the time the first person is awake (usually Hopper or Jonathan), she can be found at the kitchen table, eating last night’s leftovers and probably drinking milk from the carton. Joyce and Will are generally the next ones to emerge. Joyce drops a kiss onto Max’s head, who scowls but Joyce sees right through her. The adults leave for work, along with Jonathan, depending on his shift schedule at the diner. Max and Will settle in for cartoons.

Once it’s past 11, Max has permission to wake the remaining two. She’ll throw a pillow at Steve’s head and yell, “Wake up, douchebag!” until she hears a grunt in return. Then she’ll quietly enter El’s room, filled with the girl’s soft snores, and gently climb up to lie next to her and cuddle. She learned long ago never to wake up El too quickly. And she still teases her about the time that El addressed her as “Mike” while half-asleep (she loves to tell the story in front of Mike, who quickly turns into a tomato).

Max makes up for her early mornings by napping in the hammock every afternoon. El lies beside her, voraciously reading.

The teens all have summer jobs. Nancy is a counselor over at the day camp, which wraps up around 4pm. If Jonathan is working, she’ll stop by the diner on her way home for a coffee. She always apologizes for her appearance but he thinks the windswept hair and faint salty smell of sweat and the splotches of finger paint on her arms only serve to make her cuter.  Jon has been taking as many shifts as he can to save up for New York in the fall. Steve works at the movie theater, and usually brings home extra popcorn. He’ll walk into the house to see the kids sprawled around the living room watching late night movies and they fight over who gets to hold the popcorn.  

But the kids aren’t even in high school yet. Besides the occasional lawn mowing or babysitting job, they have a lot of time on their hands. When Hopper gets annoyed with them he threatens to send them to Nancy’s camp.

“But that’s for babies!”

The kids are good about helping out around the house, and often cook dinner so the adults don’t have to (well…more like so Joyce can’t). Jonathan and El handle cooking - she loves the idea of making things for herself, of making choices, of having the freedom to play with recipes. Jonathan helps to make sure her creations are still edible.

Steve and Will handle the dishes each night. Steve wears yellow rubber gloves and an apron, a gift from Nancy who just couldn’t pass up the chance. He’ll flick soap bubbles onto El’s nose. When Max teases him about his gloves, he ruffles her hair with the sopping wet gloves.

At the end of July, Max and Will find a tiny orange kitten behind the shed. Her fur is soft and her face is flat and she fits perfectly in the pocket of Max’s sweatshirt. Will isn’t sure if his mom and Hop will go for it, and it doesn’t take long for him to get El to let them hide the kitten in their room. They name her Breakfast - “it’s like a code name!” - and take turns sneaking milk and table scraps from the kitchen. She curls up with Will every night as he falls asleep and then climbs up to join El before she wakes up.

Jonathan can tell that something is up - Will isn’t the best at keeping secrets. Maybe a week goes by before Will walks into his room to find Jonathan and Steve sitting on his bed, Breakfast attempting to climb into Steve’s hair. Max is on his heels and between begging (Will) and threatening (Max), they convince the older boys to keep their secret.

But Hopper slowly starts sniffling more and more, and one day when El forgets to close the door all the way, Breakfast tries to join the family at the dinner table. Neither adult is pleased with the surprise, but three pairs of puppy eyes eventually win them over.

(Steve’s puppy eyes almost lose them the kitten.)

Steve keeps trying to slip money to Hopper and Joyce, not wanting to feel like he’s taking advantage of them. They’ll let him pick up the groceries sometimes but refuse any cash. He tries to help in other ways, with chores and household projects.

One day, when the house is exceptionally loud and messy, he apologizes to Hopper in the kitchen. He’s always afraid he’s going to overstay his welcome. But the chief sighs and takes pity on him.

“I know I complain about all the kids and the noise in here but, truth be told, I’d take it over living in that silent trailer any day.”

The end of summer creeps closer and closer and suddenly it’s there - it’s time for goodbyes. They have one last breakfast before Jonathan and Steve finish packing the car. Hugs and gentle punches are exchanged and everyone tries not to cry.

Max pulls on Steve’s sleeve. “You’ll stay with us at Christmas, right?”

Hopper wrinkles his brow. “What do you mean us?”

Steve simply grins. “Yeah, I’ll be home for Christmas.”

Calm in The Storm - Yoongi (Suga) Fluff/Angst

Originally posted by minshoot

Request: Could you do a BTS Suga imagine where he’s really stressed about work and he starts snapping at everyone and the others called you to calm him down. Love your imagines 💕

Word Count: 2127

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Yoongi (Suga) of BTS

Summary: With a comeback coming soon, all the boys of BTS are more stressed than ever. Stress can bring anger with it, but there is always a way to get people to calm down.

A/N: Hi guys! I have a few drafts in the works, so multiple scenarios could possibly be posted this week. I am telling you guys, I may not post on Friday or Saturday because I have a few babysitting jobs lined up this weekend. (Oh the joy of being broke but too young to legally apply for a job in Texas… kms.)

 “Namjoon, what do you think about adding a piano section in right here?” Yoongi gestured to the bars displayed on the screen and pulled one side of his headphones off of his ears. Namjoon looked over the work that Yoongi had done and bopped his head as he tried to think of the lyrics that would be put over the beats and rhythms they were currently preparing. After a few seconds, Namjoon nodded and sent his sleepy eyed best friend a thumbs up.

 “I think it’ll work well with Jin’s solo vocals right here.” Namjoon walked back over to his spot at his desk and popped his earbuds back in as he continued to work.

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bts fic recs (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

I update every so often :)) 

❤ = favorite


❤ Liar Liar by suga_wa 

Jimin looks and looks and looks for Min Yoongi, but all he finds is… Suga.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed
  • Words: 19458 // Chapters: 5/5

❤ Out of My System by xxdevilishxx

Yoongi likes one night stands and he understands how they work. What he doesn’t understand, however, is how he ended up in bed with a probably-not-legal kid crying in his arms about his broken heart, because he’s pretty sure (and correct him if he’s wrong) that a babysitting job was not what he was looking for when he went to the opening of his friend’s new club.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed
  • Words: 101711 // Chapters: 16/16

❤ Conflicting Argument by PrettyBoyKiller

“Absolutely not,” Yoongi deadpanned. “Namjoon-ah. I value you as a friend, and I think I’d even go as far as to say that you’re my best friend, but absolutely fucking not.“ 

"You owe me,” Namjoon pleaded. “Come on, Yoongi, it’s not a big deal." 

"Your boyfriend’s best friend’s best friend needs a fake boyfriend to come out to his family this Chuseok, all the way in fucking Busan.” Yoongi repeated drily without pause, making Namjoon wince. He flipped a page of his textbook, picking up his highlighter. “Not a big deal, Namjoon. Amazing.”

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed
  • Words: 162552 // Chapters: 21/21

Strawberry Lube by minyoongz

Yoongi remembers little to nothing of their crazy drunken night out. But of two things he’s absolutely sure, one: he’s not gay, two: he just slept with Park Jimin.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed 
  • Words: 82791 // Chapters: 4/4

Hiraeth by haruguk

Jeongguk has learned the hard way from the tender age of thirteen when his father pushed him down the stairs, that people are a disappointment. They always will be and so he breaks hearts instead.

Hurt people hurt people.

Jeongguk likes hurting girls, but he doesn’t like hurting Kim Taehyung.

  • Taekook
  • Completed
  • Words: 100533 // Chapters: 5/5

❤ The Letter Thief by d4wndust

Min Yoongi receives a text from an unknown number and it seems to be a suicide note.
Park Jimin says his goodbyes through a text, but to a wrong number.

Min Yoongi makes Park Jimin live a little longer and Park Jimin makes Min Yoongi start living.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed
  • Words: 21985 // Chapters: 10/10

Stay by jonghyunslisterine

Jimin has never had much luck keeping people around.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed 
  • Words: 9890 // Chapters: 1/1

Only Breathing by Sharleena

As a drug lord, Yoongi knows the rules:
-you don’t ask questions;
-whatever the client wants, you sell it;
-you don’t do loans;
-you don’t fall in love with a customer’s whore.
Yoongi knows the rules. And because he knows them he also knows when he’s about to break one.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed 
  • Words: 4018 // Chapters: 1/1

you’re jealous (is it an inferiority complex?) by yururin

The five times that Yoongi got jealous, and the one time that the tables turn.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed 
  • Words: 2936 // Chapters: 1/1

when you’re in love all the lines get blurred by jflawless

Jimin isn’t sure what possessed him to lie to his mother and tell her that he had a boyfriend, but now that he’s opened the position, he has no choice but to fill it. Yoongi is, apparently, his only option.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed
  • Words: 36401 // Chapters: 11/11

❤ Pink is the Warmest Colour by dingdongrolling 

In which Yoongi is a legendary rapper known as Agust D and falls in lust-love with popular idol and the nation’s sweetheart Park Jimin who initially hated him because Yoongi was so rude and arrogant sometimes that he’s almost always the topic of controversy, but one thing lead to another and before either of them knew it, there was something more between them.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed 
  • Words: 123185 // Chapters: 14/14


The Dutiful Brother and His Sister’s Way Too Handsome Boyfriend by TangoMcGrand

Yoongi’s sister Hani is fake-dating Jimin to hide from her mother that she’s gay, but Yoongi doesn’t know this. All Yoongi knows is that he has had a not-so-little crush on Jimin for over a year and that its kinda hard to be a supportive dutiful brother when Jimin is just too blindingly beautiful.

  • Yoonmin
  • Completed 
  • Words: 27626 // Chapters: 11/11

Normal babysitting: 2-3 kids. TV, reading, dinner, bedtime. Misbehaviour is easily managed. ~15-20$ an hour Objective: make sure the kids are Good™ My current side gig: tactical babysitting. 12-20 kids ranging from 10-17 in age. 8 hours. Misbehaviour may lead to the police being called. The kids have guns. Half come from broken homes and the other half are spoiled. The kids have guns. Many have anger issues. Almost all boys. They are going through their “rebelling against authority” phase. tHE KiDS HAvE GUnS. 11$ an hour. Objective: SURVIVE.

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