babysitting advice

I strongly believe in making the best use of all the functionality available.

If you find something or someone on this website is ruining your favorite thing - blacklist or block them, I say. Unless you have the desire and time to civilly talk it out instead. Your call.

Me, I don’t have time to do parenting someone else neglected to do.

If I am your annoying stranger or something I post is unpleasant/boring to you - feel free to blacklist that or block me, I usually tag everything I post. It’s only fair. Blacklisting and blocking is a very convenient filter, make the best of it.

As for anon blocking, it’s a very useful little thing. I hardly ever had to use it, but I feel some people don’t even know it’s there. Here it is:

yo blocking people is what I do to RELIEVE stress every time I do it my skin clears my crops are watered & I can hear an angelic choir of immediate gratification. but also I’ve had Some Stuff where I’ve felt like I’ve had to be responsible for other people’s development at the expense of my own needs so like, it’s easy for me not to care about people who obviously don’t care about me and certain aspects of my identity, especially if we’re complete strangers who would probably never interact.

If the stress thing is that you feel like you need to give someone the benefit of the doubt and be around for if/when they change, consider: there are over 7 billion on this planet, why do you have to make yourself available for the *potential* of some rando?

If the stress thing is about feeling like you’re being unnecessarily cruel or judgmental, well, that’s a good thing to check yourself on, but maybe it’s not as salient if you’re just pushing some internet troll out of your world.

Your experience on this website can be shaped however you want, there’s all sorts of ways to control what content ends up on your dash. I mean, I have a pal who has like 40 tags blacklisted. Honestly inspirational. So like even tho I’m not likely to interact with them in any capacity, I personally enjoy blocking some asshole who thinks being mad about whitewashing ‘is a double standard and, actually, is racist’. Banished to the shit-tier mental olympics zone, never to be seen again. Maybe she’ll change or maybe she won’t but that’s up to her, it’s not my problem.

Decide to be fine,
till the end of the week.
Make yourself smile because,
you’re alive and that’s your job.
Then do it again the next week.
—  Frank Devereaux, Supernatural [Season 07, Episode 11: Adventures In Babysitting]

Of course, boy or girl, if you’re lucky enough to fall in love, you have to be even stronger. Fight like a lion to keep it alive. So that on the day your love is weak enough or selfish enough or frickin’ stupid enough to run away, you have the strength to track him down and eat him alive.


For some bizarre reason, kids love me. Wish I could say the same about them but it’s the most annoying children that want to be my ‘friend’. Here’s tips for whether you like them or not.

  • Kids will not judge what you look like or how you speak or what you say (unless you’re talking about 10-13 year olds (they’re the worst))
  • Keep asking them really simple questions like playing what’s the colour of the car going past the window? Educational AND keeps them out of trouble as they just sit at the window.
  • If babysitting, give them a choice of what to do and then let them pick. They think they won the choice when it was actually you as you narrowed down the choices. You will have to give them trouble when they’re bad so just lower your voice, come down to their level and give them a warning. E.g. 'If you do that again you won’t get to play with the [cars, dolls, jigsaw] anymore’ and then follow through if they continue to misbehave. Their parents will be impressed with how you handle them and automatically think you’re a really nice and committed person. Popular with the kids and adults! :)
  • Try speak to them! Even just a few words. Make sure it’s a nice friendly, light hearted tone and use simple words so they understand you. That way you don’t have to repeat anything.
  • I find people younger as me easier to talk to. If you’re the same and you’re overcoming shyness then try babysitting or talking to your little siblings friends when they come round.
  • Join in with anything they’re playing. It might be hard at first but soon enough you’ll be reminded of your childhood and be in the ZONE! You’ll be having more fun as the kids and talking away like you’re one of them!

Hope this helps guys :)