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Brittany talking about her and Anna.

Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead, especially that one line will probably always remind Brittany and Anna of eachother and their scene in Pitch Perfect 2 aww!

abbyhaven asked:

I LIVED for the Prehysteria video. Austin O'Brien was honestly one of my earliest crushes. This, My Girl 2, Babysitters Club: I mean c'mon! So do you plan on doing any other moonbeams? I know you did Magic Kid. The least awful ones, IMO, are the Leaping Leprochauns/Spellbreaker w/ Gregory Smith. And Beanstalk just bc it's so weird and goofy and Margo Kidder wtf? Remote, or any Home Alone rip off would rock. Playing Dangerous and Remote make 3 Ninjas and Blank Check (more HA derives) look decent

Maybe the Josh Kirby movies, revisiting those was fun. Thanks!

My life as of now:

I’ve moved out into my own place with my boyfriend and it’s been awesome and a learning experience. I love it though. I am away from the city (20 miles), but I am really enjoying just having my own space again.

Now that school is done I have been working as a sort of nanny/babysitter for 2 boys with special needs. One has cerebral palsy and is wonderful. He perseverates a lot, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. He is ridiculous smart and so sweet. I love him! His wheelchair is crazy heavy but I take it as a workout.

The other boy I’ve been looking after has what’s called Angleman’s Syndrome where he is far less functional and is nonverbal. Part of his syndrome is that he is prone to laughing and drooling and that’s about all the communication you get. Today I had a 7 hour day with him and it was difficult. I brought him to this drop-in camp and all he wanted to do was sit outside the camp on the grass, so I thought that’s fine. I told that to his mom and she said I need to force him to do activities. He’s 12 and weighs a lot, so getting him to do anything requires a lot of strength, and a scene in front of other kids. Working with special needs kids, I am not a fan of forcing them to do things. I don’t wanna be that person to them and they should be able to just chill, especially because it’s summer. The mom just expects so much out of our outing, and I’ve only met him twice. If I were trained on him over a period of time, I would feel more comfortable. I also have never had experience with a special needs child who is as less functioning as this child. So it’s been an adjustment.

I’ve just been completely overworked, but I’ve made bank because of it. So that’s the plus side. 

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