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Did you read books like Animorphs when you were a kid? I know once upon a time you reviewed the Babysitter's club movie, so were you a fan of any of tween, pre-teen books? Like the Mystery club, spooksville (which now has its own awfully boring tv show), etc.

I was a big fan of Babysitters Club and Goosebumps - those were an early 90’s joint so I was right in the demo.

I did not read Animorphs - I was at the age where I was reading adult books because I was twelve years old and I was an adult, goddamnit. In the modern parlance, Animorphs is what we call “middle grade” - Young Adult as we know it now didn’t really exist back then, so basically you hopped straight from Fear Street to Stephen King. So I considered Animorphs beneath me when that first came out.

Full disclosure; I’m reading them now and I must be the worst adult in history because this is the most fun I’ve had reading a thing in a long, long time. So for the people wondering “do they hold up?” Yes, yes they do. Only goddamn Marco is just as annoying in the books as he is in the show. Shut up Marco you bitch. (Only at least in the books he doesn’t pepper his speech with forced latinoisms like “hombre” and “muchacho”).

I just got to the Visser One reveal and I was like OH SNAP. I did NOT see that coming.

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do you have any movie recommendations?

oh boy do i………………………….here you go (not in any specific order at all)
american beauty, lolita (1997), armageddon, dirty dancing, almost famous, the shining, one flew over the cuckoos nest, the breakfast club, 10 things i hate about you, girl interrupted, ferris buellers day off, halloween (1-5 but especially 4&5), ask me anything (really mind fucks u in the end), titanic, dazed and confused, fried green tomatos, fast times at ridgemount high, my sisters keeper, some kind of wonderful, american pie (all of them), pulp fiction, rocky horror picture show, wild things, age of summerhood (such a cute movie), moonrise kingdom, lost in translation, as good as it gets, sixteen candles, a fish called wanda, freaky friday, pretty in pink, st. elmos fire, shes all that, not another teen movie (sooooo funny), pretty woman, CLUELESS (idk how i almost forgot to say clueless), the virgin suicides, edward scissorhands, the heathers, ghost world, saving private ryan, cant buy me love, say anything, easy a, napoleon dynamite, drumline (im gonna cry i love that one), scream (all of them), drop dead gorgeous, thelma & louise, beatlejuice, kick-ass, the hills have eyes, hick, back to the future (omg i love all of them), pearl harbour, footloose, apollo 13, forrest gump (amazing soundtrack), what about bob, the babysitters club, home alone (christmas movie), THE GOONIES, holes, gia, die hard (all of them), marked for death, lethal weapon (all of them), rocky (all), prozac nation, buffalo 66, spun, addams family, all dogs go to heaven, pretty much every single disney movie, kill bill (both of them!!! fuck ya uma thurman), braveheart, hairspray, RENT (reallyyyyy good musical), casino, empire records, whiplash……….. i feel like there is a lot i could be missing. i love all of those movies so much. ill add to this post if i think of any others