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Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hiii i found ur account and literally in love with it, and i was wondering if you could write a chris evans imagine where you are babysitting sebastians neice (who is a complete brat) and so sebastian leaves to go out and you and chris try to become friends with his neice but she just doesn’t like you two at all. so she pulls a prank on you and hides somewhere and you two think that you lost her. sebastian calls you up telling you he’s on his way home. you can make up the rest, thank you love u!

A/N: aww, thanks nonny, i love you to <3

Warning: None

You march your way up the stairs of the apartment that Sebastian was currently living in, you had Chris beside you on the way up. You finally reached Sebastian’s door and knocked, the door swung right open, not a second passed by. It seemed that Sebastian was waiting for you, which he obviously was. After Sebastian opened the door your eyes shift down to his leg which had a young lady wrapped around it.

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spirits-and-scales  asked:

"If they are shapeshifters and they're a bit of a handful, I could babysit if you like," Kate offered. "I have experience with human kids /and/ crabs, oddly enough."

“Really? Even if there ends up being hundreds of ‘em?” He leaned down, looking at Kate with a sort of quiet and hopeful desperation. “Monster crabs usually have clutches that can reach over a thousand, kid… but I have no idea how many to expect this time around if we do end up having kids…


I’ve taken everything from last year’s list that we didn’t cross off and put it on this one to start it off. Once again, either reblog this and add your own or message me and I’ll add it for you.

Castle Season Seven Wish List

  2. Reunion scene
  3. Kate/Alexis Bonding Time
  4. More Gates
  5. The precinct gang hanging out outside of work
  6. Laser tag (x)
  7. Poker game (x)
  8. Girls night (x)
  9. Long sobby vows (x)
  10. More Lanie and more Perlmutter (x)
  11. More Jim Beckett (x)
  12. Esplanie (x)
  13. Caskett talking about stuff that happened between them before they got together, like that time in LA or the undercover kiss (x)
  14. Caskett babysitting Ryan’s baby (x)
  15. Kate telling Castle about how his books got her through her mother’s death (x)
  16. Espo being brotherly with Kate (x)
  17. Awkward interaction with Demming/Josh (x)
  18. See Agent Shaw again and have them work a case with her (x)
  19. Caskett argument (x)
  20. Beckett telling Castle she’s pregnant (x)
  21. Kate/Jenny friendship stuff (x)

Abby brought Grace, Kate an Bobby into the home. She was watching them because Beth and Jake were on their honeymoon for a week. She hadn’t told her sister so she didn’t know how she was gonna react.