“Well, separate sleeping quarters are a personal preference of mine…but that doesn't mean it isn’t nice every once in a while, even though it’s never particularly a good nights rest.”- W.D Gaster.

Thank you, Anon. I really liked the thought of this.

So school is almost finished for the summer and I will soon be free to create more Dadster and Baby bones art! Sorry for my lack of activity, I hope this post is confirmation of my existence.

Isn’t Pap’s jumper just the best?!


Babysan’s World the Hume’n Slant on Japan
by Bill Hume
Published by: Charles E. Tuttle Company, Vermont United States of America, Tokyo Japan. circa 1950’s

I like these Babysan books. Mr. Hume’s pen & ink/brush pen work is just classic American golden age of pen & ink art. An artistic style that has captivated, entertained, and inspire me all of my life. I also love the way Babysan looks, and the stories are comical. A clash of cultures in the post world war 2 world, in which former enemies become favored allies.

Woot woot! It’s January! I decided to combine both channels into one picture simply b/c I was way too lazy to make 2 separate ones. I want to do a lot of animations this year and make a Youtube channel or something. Hope ya’ll have a fabulous new year~  Enjoy~ 😃


“Here he is. Feel free to look at him all you like~”

(I made a another gif yeah! It’s Sans again…YEAH! Anyways, I made this just to say that the ask box for A.D.W.B is closing temporarily. The questions are piling up and there are just wayy too many here. I’ll get through those and eventually open the ask box again. Plus I really want to start this event that i’ve had in mind for a while now. Enjoy~! 😀)


“Thank you both.I’ll have to clean all that off now.”


Colección Comerciales Teletón 1995

Babysan, 1995

Super Pollo, 1995

Yoghurt Soprole, 1995

Cerveza Cristal, 1995 (Locución: Fernando Solís)

Nova Ecológica, 1995 (+ aviso Teletón) (Locución: John Gres)

188 CTC Mundo, 1995

Odontine, 1995

Té Ceylan Express de Té Supremo, 1995 (+ aviso Teletón) (Locución: Fernando Solís)

Cachantún, 1995

Savory en Teletón 1995

Secret, 1995 (+ aviso Teletón)

Leches Soprole, 1995

Zuko, 1995 (x2)

Chubi, 1995

Institucional Teletón 1995