babys uwu

sailor-rhys  asked:

Man, the thing that so gets me about "woobifying" is like I'm yet to see much of if any actual "OMG my cutie baby uwu" what I see is "AU where he's a somewhat decent person/his lover is EVIL AF" All because he's likable. Charismatic and appealing characters get love and attention and we WANT to cheer for them. Humor and confidence is attractive. Jack is attractive for the same reason Axton is. Add in a sympathetic past and bam. We like him and wanna ship him with his fanbase and draw his butt

yeah right? i really dont see much of “uwuwu jack did nothing wrong” rather just blatant AUs or introducing a lover being just as evil as he is? shrugs i mean i’ll admit to writing a lot of OOC stuff but at least i recognize its OOC

ah well 

  • character: *is autistic-coded*
  • everyone in fandom: omg this character is Too Pure™, really they're like everyone's baby!! here's my headcanon about how they're like their best friend's child, and also about how their significant other treats them like a toddler with no ability to make their own decisions! they're such a cute baby uwu, also im going to call them a "precious baby who is too pure" even though they're an adult!!

why do people still think the “i look cute and innocent.. but i have a twisted dirty mind xD o_0″ thing is like. edgy or surprising at all. 

like no offense but when you see some grown adult playing up how sweet and cute and innocent pastel baby uwu they are, you can pretty much instantly tell that theyre probably kind of a pervert in really unpleasant ways. and its not “shocking” or even slightly surprising its just kind of….. gross and insufferable

The great thing about caliborn is that he’s completely free of discourse because there’s absolutely no way to defend him. Nobody goes uwu poor baby you did nothing wrong because like…of course he did. He’s fucking awful, no two ways about it. And because of that you can love to hate and hate to love him without ever having to argue about it. Like oh caliborn? Yeah he fucking sucks fuck him he’s great.

can we stop infantilising crutchie bc hes disabled,,, hes lovely and sweet and funny and cute but he can also be rude and blunt and sarcastic especially to jack lol. hes not an uwu baby boy give him cuddles hes a person like any other