babys room decor

James Potter’s search history from Late 1979-July 1980 if he had access to Google

  • ‘Why do they call it MORNING sickness if she is sick all the time’
  • 'How to stop pregnant wife from throwing things at you when you tell fantastic jokes’
  • 'What is a doctor’
  • 'Are gynecologists perverts’
  • 'Is it ok for a pregnant lady to eat ice cream tacos’
  • 'Is it ok for a man to eat ice cream tacos’
  • 'What is an ultrasound’
  • 'When can your baby start to hear your voice’
  • 'If your baby’s mummy is mad at you is the baby also mad at you’
  • 'Is it ok to have sex with a pregnant lady’
  • 'Can you get married to the same person twice’
  • 'Baby room decorations’
  • 'How to make a mobile’
  • 'How many baby toys is too many baby toys’
  • 'Birth video’
  • 'Is there anything more disgusting than birth’
  • 'How many times are you are allowed to drop a baby’
  • 'Can babies ride on motorbikes’
  • 'Who would win in a race a baby or a cat’
  • 'When can babies learn sports’
  • 'Will my baby need glasses’
  • 'Will my baby like me’
  • 'Sybill Trelawney seer’
  • 'How to go into hiding'
Crochet Chevron Blanket, Crochet Baby Blanket, Crochet Granny Chevron Blanket, Crochet Lap Blanket, Crochet Striped Blanket, Unicorn Colors
Worked up in a colorful combination of chevron stripes and granny chevron stripes, this blanket is sure to bring brightness to any home. Perfect for babies, laps, and decorating. Also perfect for gift-giving or gift-keeping! Made of 16 sections of crocheted chevron stripes, this blanket features four colors of light purple, pastel pink, light grey, and cream. Crocheted with soft, warm acrylic yarn this blanket measures approximately 51 x 38 (129cm x 96cm). ♡ Custom color orders available upon request with an additional $5 fee. If you would like a custom order, please choose the custom colors option from the drop down and include the colors you would like in the notes to seller, making sure to specify the four colors you would like. ♡ Please allow up to 3 weeks for your blanket to be created. ♡ If youd like a larger sized blanket, please inquire before purchase as there will be an additional fee (dependent upon how large you would like it). ♡ Created in a smoke-free, pet-friendly environment. ************************************************************* Want to make your own blanket? Find the pattern here! return to the shop!

This lovely blanket is available for purchase, and if you’re a crocheter, the pattern is also available for you to make your own! <3