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Was the writers hinting to a marriage and children for Jonerys?

I felt there were some hidden messages in Jon and Dany scenes. I could be looking into things too deeply. I want y’all to bare with me because I definitely got my shippers glasses on tonight. If I’m not mistaken I think Ser Jorah told Jon when he tried to offer him Longclaw back that the sword now belongs to Jon and his kids? If I’m wrong just let me know. If I’m right why would the writers put the line in there if it wasn’t to foreshadow future children for Jonerys? In Jon and Dany’s scene she told him she’ll never have children basically. Are the writers fucking with us or are they hinting at something. I also read somewhere that Tyrion and Dany had a conversation about her not being able to have children. Is that correct? I might be looking into things way too deeply about “my queen” line. It just seem to me to have a deeper meaning. Both are unmarried and definitely in love. The next logical step would be marriage for them. Am I looking to deeply into things?