Got7 as dads - JB

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  • Jaebum would be the cutest ever when you told him you were pregnant
  • he’d immediately go into full on ‘dad mode’ and would be non stop thinking about you and the baby
  • once the baby was born, Jaebum was in love
  • he thought he couldn’t love anyone nearly as much as you 
  • but he was wrong
  • he was always protective over you, but he would be even more protective over his kids
  • he’d want them to have the best childhood and as much opportunity to succeed as possible
  • he’d look up to his own parents and would aspire to give his kids everything his own parents gave him
  • I can see Jaebum wanting to have a baby girl first
  • as soon as she was born, he’d cradle her and look at her with pure love in his eyes
  • he would cherish that baby forever
  • I feel like Jaebum would be a fairly strict dad
  • but it’d be with good intentions
  • he wouldn’t be too harsh on his kids obviously but he would set a few rules for them
  • despite being a little strict, he’d still be a fun dad
  • as his daughter reaches her teenage years, her friends will probably all crush on him since he’s just so beautiful and probably won’t ever age
  • he’d probably play up to their affection too, much to your annoyance
  • if Jaebum had a son, he’d definitely strive for a strong connection between them both
  • but if he was anything like Jaebum, then his son would be a total mummy’s boy and would prefer you over him
  • Jaebum would want both of his kids to go into music too
  • he’d love for them to have the amazing life he had with Got7 and would want them to have the same
  • he’d hope that they shared his passion for creating music
  • and even if they didn’t want to do music as a career, he’d pay for music lessons so they could at least have music as a hobby
  • I think overall Jaebum would be a somewhat strict, but still loving father who adores his kids and will protect them till the ends of the earth
  • he’d treasure every moment he had with them
  • and would often gush to you about how proud he was of them

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The RFA+ Saeran reacting to their baby with MC p.s I love your blog!


  • He sheds a single manly tear
  • Nope he’s bawling
  • 10/10 the happiest guy in the world at that moment
  • Someone else could be having a child right now at this very moment and nope he is still the happiest
  • He thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world holding your newborn baby
  • Once he holds it he says,”This kid’s gonna be a heartbreaker”
  • Once you all get back from the hospital he has you take your rest while he takes care of the baby
  • I mean, c’mon you just birthed a cHILD. He knows you need to take it easy
  • Would probably dress it up all the time. Especially if it’s a baby girl because it would be the cutest thing to him
  • When you all go out, it would totally be the centre of attention all of the time
  • Feels a little jealous because that used to be his role, but it’s his kid so… it’s cool
  • You would probably give him diaper duty
  • At least in the middle of the night, because he wants you to get your rest because he doesn’t need his beauty sleep
  • Cries at all the baby’s firsts, first steps, first word, first haircut, the works
  • He honestly thinks that you’re the most beautiful mother in the world
  • And he lets you know that too


  • When you go into labour he is terrified with a capital TERRIFIED
  • Almost has to leave the room because he’s distracting the doctor a little too much
  • But when he first hears that baby’s cry, he bursts into tears
  • His mother is honestly the one probably calming him down
  • he’s just so happy
  • Once he gets home, his mom is helping them out big time
  • poor young parents need a little help and that’s okay
  • Actually, achieves cutting out LOLOL for as long as possible
  • Probably fell a few ranks
  • But he doesn’t care
  • His kid is 10000/10 his world now
  • I mean you’re his world too
  • but this kid is both of your worlds now
  • He feels so much closer to you because
  • Well
  • He got to see another side of you that he had never really seen before
  • Like the first time he saw you carry your baby, he just fell in love all over again
  • He fell in love with this new side of you that he found


  • Most likely calm and collected
  • On the inside
  • On the outside!
  • Ohhhhh boy that is a hugely different story
  • He would probably have a bunch of security guards in the hall
  • He would rent out the hospital if he could
  • But apparently “it doesn’t work like that”
  • It would most likely be all over the media
  • He doesn’t like it but the president of the biggest company’s wife is having a baby
  • He would be willing to get his hands dirty if need be
  • Has the best clothes for the child
  • And you’re, of course, in the best hospital
  • Makes sure you’re as comfortable as can be while birthing a child
  • So many pillows
  • Since he knows what it’s like to grow up being taken care of by people who aren’t your parents, he doesn’t want anyone to help take care of the baby unless necessary or family
  • Would want to be with the child 24/7
  • Would work from home as much as possible to help out
  • first words “does juminhan is gay”
  • He wants to be a big part of his kid’s life and he wants you to be the same


  • “hey (MC) do you think they keep these heated blankets at womb temperature?”
  • You almost slapped him because you were having pains from labour and it was just nOT THE TIME
  • But, of course, you still laughed
  • It might’ve lessened the pain just a little bit
  • He brought Saeran to the hospital with him ofc
  • They took turns giving you their hand to squeeze
  • You were in so much pain you couldn’t tell the difference
  • Totally let robocat watch the kid and be its toy
  • He makes the kid toys tbh
  • Way cooler than one you find in store
  • Makes all the other kids jealous
  • Wants to give the kid a better childhood than he had
  • Its first steps were towards Saeyoung and he just broke down into tears
  • Happy tears though
  • Saeran is a huge part of the kid’s life too
  • He “tolerates it” But IRL he loves it more than life
  • He loves the feeling of being an uncle tbh


  • He’s honestly so nervous oh my god what does one do in this situation
  • He might need to be put in his own hospital room if he keeps hyperventilating like this
  • Would be the first to carry the kid
  • you had never seen him this gentle with anything since that puppy at that one pet store you went to
  • Saeyoung is totally the Cool Uncle™
  • Would probably treat it like Elizabeth the 3rd
  • He’s probably a more loving person than you’ve ever seen him
  • If anything when he first sees his child all the bitterness and resentment he had seemingly melted away
  • The kids first words would be “daddy” and when he hears that he just melts
  • Seriously he needed to be helped after that
  • But in all honestly he is so sweet to his kid it’s a problem at the beginning
  • But when it comes to disciplining his kid it’s like you flipped a light switch
  • But he hates being like that because he got enough from his mother so it’s not too bad
  • He just wants to be as present in his kid’s life as possible
  • You love to see him interact with your kid because it’s the cutest thing
  • Cuter than seeing dogs meeting their owners after coming home from war
  • At least in your opinion

Hello KC Family!

Is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And since this is my favorite time of the year, I’m feel so happy so I made this list of Fics and Drabbles of our favorite OTP that involve Christmas/have Christmas in the plot, to bring up Christmas spirit in all of us! I hope this cheer you up and make you discover new creations of our fandom! And if you know more tics or drabble, you are free to add them in here! Merry Christmas!



Accounts that has Christmas Drabbles

I know I’m not the only one

Couple: Draco x Reader

Song: I know I’m not the only one - Sam Smith

A/N: first imagine so don’t hate on it lmao i hope you like it and be sure to request! (ships, stories and imagines!)

Information: (Y/n) = Your name / (L/n) = Last name / (e/c) = eye color / (h/c) = hair color  :) 


You and me we made a vow

She felt her cheeks get warmer, her palms getting hotter and her stomach have butterflies. Was it because she had a loving for someone? Not at all, intact, the opposite.

For better or for worst 

She felt as a small wet substance rolled down her cheek, slowly going off from her fast pace, her (h/c) hair trailing behind her. (Y/n) didn’t know how to feel at that moment. Sad. Confused. Angry. Not good enough? 

I can’t believe you let me down 

Behind her was a man with blonde hair, his grey eyes holding back the many tears that were forming in them, hiding his shaking lip and hands. ‘Why?’ was all he thought. ‘Why did I do this to such a lovely woman?’

but the proof’s in the way it hurts 

Draco couldn’t help but pick up his past, grabbing her wrist and screaming her name. “(Y/n)! Why are you so sad about this?! I was just talking with her?! Why am I not able to talk to different girls rather than you?!”

For months I’ve had my doubts 

With the sleeve she had from her black cloak, she whipped the tears streaming down her face, along with a mascara that was running down her eyes. “Are you fucking serious, Draco?! Your arm was wrapped around her waist as you had her pinned up against the wall and looking deep into her eyes!” Tears rolling down her (e/c) eyes as she described what she observed what happened between them. 

Denying every tear 

“She’s seriously just a friend, (Y/n)!” Draco kept ahold of her wrist, looking deep into her tearing eyes along with the tears he had, finally letting them out. 

I wish this would be over now

“Well If that’s how you treat all of your friends, that sign me up as on of your friends! Or is that seriously how it’s going to be after today?! You’ve done this to many of your other ‘friends’ of your’s, so how am I able to trust you anymore Draco?!” 

But I know that I still need you here

Draco whipped the tears from her burning cheeks, but she yanked away from his hand, but not able to pull away from the strong grip of his other hand that was wrapped around her wrist. “I’m sorry okay, (Y/n)! I seriously don’t mean to, I just feel as if you don’t love me anymore because you never kiss me anymore or wrap your arms around my neck and run your fingers through my hair!”

You say I’m crazy 

“God Draco, seriously?! I’m sorry I’m not able to be focusing on how many times we’ve kissed in one day, but I want to! It’s just that Umbridge is beating our asses about passing this year with that test and do you know how hard it is?! I’m not a perfect like you are, you get it off easy! While I have to worry my ass off!” (Y/n) took a deep breath and turned her body completely towards the Slytherins. 

‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done

“(Y/n)- You don’t know how much I adore you… I love to wonder off into those beautiful (e/c) eyes you have, listen to your adorable laugh, even when those weasels make you laugh, and whenever you touch me in any sort of way, I can’t help as if my heart melts and I just have never felt this way about anyone.. The reason why I’m truly making those girls laugh is to get your attention from your dumbass books and to me! After all, they are going to make your ass go away..”

but when you call me baby

Once Draco was telling her all of this, (Y/n)’s cheeks were a mad color of dark red and she couldn’t help but bring a small smile to the last remark he made about her. “Draco.. I-I don’t know what to say-” he pulled her close to him, bringing there bodies close in contact. Never before was she like this with him, she just never thought about it. “You don’t have to know what to say, (Y/n)…”

I know I’m not the only one

He pulled her into a passionate kiss, both of there breathes cutting short afterwards from the heat between them. (Y/n) couldn’t help but have the last her from her eye to roll down her cheeks, bringing her arms to wrap themselves around his neck. Draco brought his arms and (slythered lmao) wrapped them around her waist. They pulled away to catch a breath front the long kiss they just had. “(Y/n)… I love you so much… I’m so sorry I haven’t been showing you the past few months, I really wish I did. I’m so sorry love.” She smiled warmly as her (e/c) gazed into his grey ones. “There’s no need to apologize, Draco. I love you so much and I could never forgive myself if I were to never forgive you.” At this remark, he wrapped his arms around her, embracing her and running his hands down to her ass. With a smirk, he lightly grasped it as she gasped. “Well, it seems to me that Umbridge hasn’t been making it so you’ve been working your ass off.”