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[09.12.16] SHINee @ Yokohama.

                              Compiled from ipipie & minhoclove.

When Taemin was speaking, Minho arranged Taemin’s fringe for him.

There was a technical fault during “Trigger” and the music just stopped abruptly. The members were stunned and Taemin went ‘Uh?’.
SHINee came out to apologize and said they’re going to talk a while more while the staff fix the issue. Taemin asked why the music stopped at his part? And the members said because his part is the most important.
Key said the fans must have thought 'what is this? Is this a dance break??’

‪Jonghyun said they just froze there like a photograph!
‪Jonghyun: SHINee stopped (pose). Everyone (fans) also stopped (posed like fans holding fan boards)‬ㅋㅋㅋ

Key said he and Minho are going to get changed and Minho took off his jacket and said 'change here?’ and Key said 'No!…. Not me anyway’

Taemin: For this concert, I prepared Sayonara Hitori today in…
Onew: English?

Minho and Jonghyun embarrassed Key by imitating his hip thrust actions during dance break.

Onew seems to be wearing sneakers for every song because of his foot injury.

Minho said he prepared a line from 투 남자 in Japanese, and after he said it he asked Key what was his most impressionable line in Drinking Solo, and Key said it has got to be 'dirori~’. And he stressed that there was NO Japanese version for this line. Then Taemin came back on stage and said he had thought about it. Then everyone turned to look and him and he chickened out and told Key to let him offㅋㅋㅋ Key: You got all of our attention on you! Just say it!!
Then Taemin whispered it into Key’s ear and Key looked totally puzzled and said 'actually I have no idea what he’s talking about. And everyone, it’s really nothing. If you hear it you’d probably go 'what’s that??’ And Taemin, I am saving your image by not revealing it.’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Taemin peeked into Key’s shirt and gave a thumbs up, implying that Key has great abs?!? Hahaha

There were mini stands on the stage and Key sat down while speaking. MH says that they can’t do that!
Key says it’s ok and asked the fans if they could sit down

Taemin: it’s Prince Minho’s birthday today!
*Everybody singing “Happy birthday Minho~”*

The entire arena is singing a birthday song for Minho and he bowed after the song! The screen shows “Happy Birthday MINHO”

Onew was to finish his sentence but he kept getting it wrong so the members told him to “just read it from the cue screen!”

The fans are chanting 'SHINee~ Minho~ SHINee~ Minho~’ and Key said this chant would sound weird if it was for him cos his name is just one syllable and it would sound like 'SHI-Nee~ Ke~y! SHI~Nee~ K~ey’
JH: No it can also be like SHINee~ Key
Onew: Key!
JH: SHINee Key..
Onew: Key!
Key: SHINee Key Key?
TM: I got one! How about SHINee Ya-Key?

'Yaki’ in Japanese is 'grill’ but I don’t know if he meant to say that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ grilled SHINee? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Talking about Taemin spoiling Minho’s bday surprise, Taemin said he was trying to keep low about it but somehow he just had eye contact with Minho and he couldn’t hide itㅋㅋㅋ Then Key mentioned whenever they are preparing for a surprise the members would always start doing actions they don’t usually do, and that adds on to the suspicious-ness and often exposes the surprise before hand lol.

They prepared a birthday cake for Minho!!
The screen flashed a happy bday message with a bday cake and Onew went 'that’s a fake cake!

Minho kept doing 90degree bow to thank the fans. He left the stage last and gave fans his flying kiss and a very big thank you!

Before the last song the dancers pushed out a real bday cake and JH wanted to smash it on MH’s face but Key stopped him and said the cake is expensive

‪Taemin was obviously reading his lines from the prompter and Key exposed him saying he was reading it too obviously. Then Onew started getting nervous and kept fumbling on his Japanese, Jonghyun burst into laughter and have him a big hug. Then Key went to Onew and told him in English 'Breathe…..’ and then told him it was ok, just go ahead and read off the prompterㅋㅋㅋㅋ then Taemin or someone said they needed to go to the 'troubled troubled’ hospital (to fix their Japanese?) LOL

Key asked the fans to join them in singing a birthday song for Minho, and Jonghyun was so enthusiastic waving his arms like a conductor

[26.12.16] SHINee on SMTOWN Weibo Hallyu Live

                   credits : blingingtaemint omggminho & petitshinee

They got a paper with a head with an empty brain, so, the person beside will write what they think the person thinks the most.

Onew writing about Key:

  • Shawol 
  • SHINee & family
  • His dogs
  • Fashion
  • Cost(?) - when he is shopping 
  • Exercise
  • Musical/drama 

And Key agreed with it.

Minho writing about Jonghyun

  • SHINee & family
  • Composing
  • Radio DJ
  • Cuisine/take away
  • High notes
  • Games
  • practice – solo con
  • Sleep 

Jonghyun about Taemin

  • Dance
  • snooker
  • Adam & Eve, family.
  • king crab (jonghyun’s mom fed him)
  • Jonghyun (at the most impt part of taemin’s brain)
  • How to spend end-years.
  • Holidays/vacation.

Key about Minho

  • Hwarang success 
  • Sports 
  • Soccer 
  • Derailed success
  • Hyungs
  • Key (he put himself as a dot)

Minho is into golf & will show his improvement to his fans in the near future Kibum said that there’s no need to put “SHINee” as part of minho’s brain because it is definitely a big part of him already.

Taemin about Onew

  • SHINee & Shawol
  • High notes – “family~”
  • Sleep – Onew is like a baby He’s wondering if Onew is getting old/is sick.
  • Onew’s been working hard on exercising
  • Onew lying about his pet coco
    (T: Key used to have a pet called Coco and Onew once said on broadcast that it was his dog!
    O: I can finally say it, it wasn’t mine )
  • His mouth shape looking like u(?)
  • Talk about lying. (taemin: onew speaks 90% lies and only 10% truth)(Onew admit he often lies while joking with the members )
  • Taemin included himself in onew’s head
  • drama/acting