Day 255-256

The good life! “Caption this”

One word: Serenity

Love my babies. Sleeping so peaceful. Can’t wait for the weekend. My mini me turns 3 =)

Babygirl got a booboo on her face =/

You can’t see it but she has a scratch on her cheek from an accidental clawing from her older sister. But that’s ok, still as happy as can be.


Day 170-174

We’re all sick! I hate being sick but I still manage to look happy =P

So yeah, I think I’m getting bigger but I’m still tiny. I’m so close to rolling over from my back to my belly. I’ll get there slowly but surely I guess.

Okay, time to kill some time in Kuya Miles old saucer. This thing is fun!

Day 114


Sunday… Lazy Sunday. Means Bears football at home. And guess what, daddy and Kuya Miles wore their jerseys and Da Bears won!!!!

Also, had a few visitors today. We had a white elephant gift exchange daytime party. Some pretty funny gifts today. Definitely a new tradition with mommy and daddy’s friends. Anyway, I’m sleeping now. Daddy is tired and should sleep soon. Good night world!

Day 113


Got me dreaming of some milk! Look at me biting my lip salivating for some lol.

Anyway, went to a Filipino Xmas party today. It was for the Quezon Association of the Midwest. They passed me around like a hot potato. Must’ve been at least 5 or 6 grandmas wanting to hold me. I don’t get it? Am I that cute? Ok time to say good night. Tomorrow again =)


Day 104

What a cold day in Chicago today! Brrr had to bust out the bear suit cuz it’s so frigggggin cold.

Anyway, another slow day in the office. Farted around and played on my new mat. I need more tummy time!

Well it’s time for bed. I’m already passed out…. zzzzz =)