I made 30 weeks today! The weeks are racking up, the time is flying by and life couldn’t be more like a roller coaster but in the midst of it all I feel blessed. Baby Lylah will be here in only 70 days! My baby is already my world and she isn’t even here yet, I know that it’s going to be even more insane when she does enter this world! (pray for me) My joy is everlasting…

Day 213: The Birth Plan

   On day 213 with only 67 more days to go it is time to start talking birth plan! I don’t know how “realistic” some of my wants are because this is my first experience (eeeek!) but to put it in simple terms I would like everything to stay as natural and calming as possible. I am choosing to have an all natural birth with no medications involved, but I have stated that if the pain becomes too unbearable that I am willing to take other drugs but by no means, under any circumstances do I want an epidural. I have never been a fan of any type of medication (hippie at heart) so no need to change my views now, and I am also not to fond of the idea of possibly being left without feeling in my legs temporarily or permamnently, that idea alone scares me more than a natural birth! I also want memories of the entire moment captured with pictures and video. I have always said that I wanted multiple kids but just in case Lylah is the only one that I am blessed with I want to have a documentary from beginning to end of he birth process and it also wouldn’t hurt to look back and laugh at myself because I know I am going to be such a character on the day she arrives into this world, I just can’t wait!

How Lylah is growing at 31 weeks

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This week, baby Lylah measures over 16 inches long. She weighs about 3.3 pounds and is heading into a growth spurt! (eeeek) She can turn her head from side to side, and her arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath her skin. She’s moving a lot, too, so I have trouble sleeping because her kicks and somersaults keep me up.

Good News: All this moving is a sign that baby Lylah is active and healthy.

59 more days left

31 weeks and 4 days down so far