I’m here to let you know that you needed Babylon 5’s Londo and G'Kar drawn like Lisa Frank, because The 90’s.  (Even more Lisa Frank than the last time I did something like this two years ago!)

I hope you guys like this as much as I loved doing it~

Are any of you folks Babylon 5 fans? Because I love Babylon 5 and don’t know why it hasn’t retained the popularity of other space franchises of the same time period and it makes me sad.

Also if you like Mass Effect, the entire plot of Mass Effect is just like… wholesale lifted from B5? The first time I watched B5 I hadn’t played Mass Effect yet, but watching it again now with Dan it’s like OH MY GOD THE SHADOWS ARE THE REAPERS AND THE VORLON ARE THE PROTHEANS AND THE CENTAURI-NARN CONFLICT IS THE QUARIAN-GETH CONFLICT DOWN TO MOLARI AND TALI HAVING THE SAME DAMN ACCENT

Also Will Robinson from Lost in Space plays a bald man with a bone in his head and Chekov plays a megolomaniacal psychic sleazeball and Tron is the captain of the station

It’s such a good show and all the characters are so incredibly well-written and it’s so earnest in its progressiveness and the women are all so great and there are so many sympathetic terrible people and it actually wraps up its story and wasn’t either cancelled or allowed to drag on until it died and YOU SHOULD ALL GO BUY THE ANCIENT DVDS THAT ARE THE ONLY WAY TO WATCH THE SERIES OTHER THAN TORRENTING IT

So I can cry together with you all instead of alone with Dan

Watching B5 is like:


::SWOON:: Londo, my martini-swilling prince, I love you.  I bet you read your lovers Pablo Neruda poetry in the garden with your shoes off. 


::RAGEQUITTING::  Oh gods.  You make me sick.  Don’t talk.  Don’t ever say any words again.  You’re disgusting.

S4.5-end of S5:

::SOBBING: Londo, my emperor, I love you.  What have they done to you?   Whyyyyyyyyyyyy???????   This is the most unsatisfactory thing that has ever unsatisfied.  And it doesn’t even fucking make sense.  

::SCOWLS AT SHERIDAN::  You, sir, are an ass.  “All we have is each other.” How fucking hard is that to remember? And G’Kar only says it every other time he opens his mouth.  Some kind of jesus you are, sitting on Minbar stewing in your unenlightened self-interest.

::SMILING SADLY:: Londo, I will write more fan fiction about you than Dante wrote about Virgil and the bible combined.  I will fix it.  I swear.