babylon 5: season 3

Babylon 5 Watch (Season 1, Episodes 1-3)

With @jenniferstolzer a season deep into Buffy the Vampire Slayer already, it’s time for me to hold up my side of the trade by starting Babylon 5. Like with Jen, I’m going to be sharing my thoughts as I go through the episodes.

Pre-show Apology: I’m going to go ahead and say sorry now for the nicknames I give people. It’s a new show and names are hard for me anyway, but I’m sure I’ll remember who everyone is at some point. Maybe…

Episode 1.1 “Midnight on the Firing Line”

I’ll do my best not to laugh at the CGI too much. You’ve seen them, you know. Side note: I really want to play Star Fox 64 now! Yay old space graphics!

So, Babylon 5 is like the Citadel, right? Wonder what store Commander Shepard would recommend.

  • I do hope that at some point they’re able to open up the sets a bit more. Right now everything is too claustrophobic, making this feel like it takes place on a ship and not a space station.

Centauri = space vampires? Between Londo’s accent and his assistant’s fangs a strong argument is forming and my mind refuses to avoid running with it. Also, why the “Centauri”? What’s he got going on under those pants? Upper body of a man, legs of a vampire. Whatever their legs look like, one thing is for sure: they’re sure making me feel better about the size of my eyebrows and forehead.

Don’t trust someone with a name that sounds like Jafar. I’m calling it now!

Also, maybe don’t upset a telepath. 

  • I will say her inability to talk to this Braided Brunette is pretty ridiculous.  She gives up the chase super easily. At one point BB suddenly leaves the room and the telepath just doesn’t know what to do. I guess changing directions mid walk was just too much for her.

Commander: “Ignore the propoganda, focus on what you see.” What if I see propoganda?

Did Sounds-Like-Jafar just say he was eating spoo? I’m gonna go ahead and say that a good rule of thumb is to not eat anything that is just one letter away from being excrement.

Sounds Like Jafar: “Sleep well, Ambassador. Sleep lightly.” Well which is it!? 

Don’t let the O2 fool you. Those are definitely hot dogs on those oxygen masks, which seems inadvisable. Breathe now, snack later.

“Afterward, if you like, you can stop by my quarters and I can show you my favorite thing in the whole universe. Ok ok my second favorite thing in the universe.” I don’t care if you can see into his mind and know he is talking about Daffy Duck cartoons. Don’t smile at that!

Man I really want to know more about human history in this universe. At one point the Commander mentioned Pearl Harbor, the terrorist nuking of San Diego (RIP SDCC), and destruction of the first Mars colony. And later some history of the response to telepathy developing in humans comes up. Color me intrigued.

One thing that hasn’t changed is politicians still suck.

Man, all the alien races are designed to look so angry. No wonder there’s so much drama between the races, they’re always glowering at each other. Well, except for camo guy. Who knows what he’s thinking.

Apparently those gloves the telepath wears are just a fashion choice? I assumed they were to block seeing images and thoughts through touch like it is in most cases, but nope. 

I do not appreciate the look she is giving that piece of popcorn. (No commentary or drawings on this image, just distrust.)

Episode 1.2 “Soul Hunter”

No… Follow the wizard! Who cares about a stupid doctor… 

Oh… I thought those were just intense clubbing stamps on the back of everyone’s hands. But no, comms makes more sense…

I actually fully listened to the opening this time and at one point Babylon 5 is described as a place “where humans and aliens can work out their differences peacefully.“ Technically humans are aliens too… This is the type of deep thinking commentary you can expect from me.

I am starting to worry that Daffy Duck and the Commander are the only pilots on this whole station.

Is that a headdress Delenn (had to look up her name, couldn’t come up with a nickname for her) takes off at night, or is it as permanent as the vamp brow?

Brunette Braid shall now be known as The Russian.

He may look silly, but this Soul Hunter dude is a pretty cool villain when it comes to his backstory and how he was pushed towards joining the dark side by his inability to capture the souls of the recently departed. Failure sucks, dude, I get it. But that just made me a procrastinator, not a murderer.

  • New favorite head decorations = his mud flaps. Fashion or function? Who know!?
  • Also, biggest surprise of the episode is that the souls aren’t stored in that thing in the middle of his forehead. Guess it’s another fashion over function choice.

This isn’t Sunnydale and that dude isn’t as stupid as Xander. Stop trying to put the moves on everyone!

Commander: “Two soul hunters. Did someone book a convention without telling me?” Too soon! I just learned about the loss of SDCC one episode ago!

Daffy Duck:  “I really hate it when you get heroic. Cuts into my business. Man’s gotta earn a living, you know.“ Seriously, hire other people to do stuff on this space station!

Quick force pull a lightsaber to you and kill him!

Looks like someone accidentally brought their glue gun to the real gun fight.

Did she just go full Gollum on the souls?

Episode 1.3 “Born to the Purple”

Wait, wasn’t Sounds like Jafar the bad guy in episode 1? Was there no punishment for what he did? Short memories on this space station I guess, cuz now Space Vamp is all buddy buddy with him like he didn’t just threaten to kill Space Vamp’s nephew. He’s even smiling as he’s watching his UV Blue get stolen! 

You’d think they’d break out the nicer tables for important talks. At least put a tablecloth or a centerpiece on it! Something!

Commander to The Telepath: “You are my peeler. You’re going to peel away their lies until they’re left with that inescapable truth.” Whoa you sweet talker. That’s on par with “You are my sunshine.” (Oh, and The Telepath is now The Peeler and everyone should get on @jenniferstolzer‘s case until she draws us some fan art!)

Oh no! Sexy Time Lady has an evil pimp! …Or a master? Slavery is apparently still a thing. Yay…

Centauri = Space Vampires Exhibit C: “I long to sink my teeth into something.” Only a vampire would talk like this about eating!

The Russian is about as possessive of her computer as I am. I like to imagine Daffy Duck had Cheetos fingers one time years ago and she has never forgotten or forgiven it.

Sexy Time Lady, no!!! Space Vamp loves you enough to forget about his hatred of Sounds Like Jafar and this is how you repay him!?

Wait, Daffy Duck’s real name is Garibaldi? That’s just cruel, what with the Garibalding.

I’m getting FEELS.

So Hubby and I have been binge-watching Babylon 5 lately.

We’re midway through season 3.

Where the Senate is dissolved, martial law is declared, and the Night Watch are hunting for sedition.

This is deeply creepy to watch during the Trump administration.


You can’t let Earth get a hold of one of these ships. They don’t want it so we can fight these things. They want us to become more like them.