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Top 5 OTPs

Thanks for the tag, @kazama-hime​ and @lady-yomi​! There is about to be much obsessing and fangirling in this post, so…you’ve been warned.

1. John Sheridan x Delenn (Babylon 5)

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My first and original OTP. These two are incredibly strong characters and incredibly stubborn. They are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. They do have conflicts because of their different cultures, but they are open to learning about what it is to be human and Minbari and compromise. John teaches Delenn to relax and to laugh while Delenn teaches John compassion in making difficult choices that have large impacts. They are totally in love with each other, and it is a love that never fades, even when John’s time runs out and Delenn is left alone. This OTP was the first to make my “aw!” at their beautiful relationship and the first to make me cry for hours after the last episode aired. There are still so many feels attached to this pairing over ten years later, and I don’t think my love for them will ever die.

2. Mutou Yuugi x Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

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My second OTP. This is the OTP that I write the most fanfiction for. I just absolutely love their dynamic. Yuugi starts off as this meek high schooler who doesn’t have any friends. He is bullied and doesn’t believe much in himself. Then, Atem comes along in the form of a spirit without any memory of his past life. All he knows is the brutal totality of darkness. As he gets to know Yuugi, he learns how to be more compassionate in his actions and learns what a true partnership is. He often feels insecure, especially in terms of his past self because he has to rely on what others tell him he was like (and it’s often not a good story). Yuugi not only forms close friendships, but he becomes more confident and learns that he isn’t weak just because he is kind. This is an OTP that isn’t explicitly stated in the anime/manga, but there are SO many hints that I just can’t help but think they would be the perfect pair. And they are.

3. Yukimura Chizuru x Hijikata Toshizō (Hakuōki)

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COLOR ME OBSESSED. One of my most recent OTPs. This OTP is really about Hijikata, because I love him so much. He is an idealist, a traditionalist, a pragmatist, a romantic, and the ultimate King of Sass. Many people don’t like his route in the game because there isn’t much payoff, but I am a sucker for the slow burn. From day one, Hijikata set out to protect Chizuru, and despite his best intentions, he ended up falling in love with her. While I think he wanted to have that romantic relationship with her, he also realized just how dangerous a life with him would be for her. He considered himself married to his duty as the Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi, and that is not a traditional type of life. He realizes that Chizuru deserves so much better than a man who is willing throw his life away for a cause, and he tries at all turns to keep her at a distance, including abandoning her while he goes to Ezo. In the end, it is her persistence and time away from her that makes Hijikata realize that he can’t fight his heart in terms of this relationship. This is one romantic pair, and I just…gah!

4. Tidus x Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

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I seem to have a thing for couples with tragic endings…ugh! The ending of Final Fantasy X still gets me, no matter how many times I watch the cut scenes or play the game. I always am a sobbing mess. Anyway, I love this couple. They are just too cute. Tidus is a selfish dude with daddy issues at the beginning of the game, and through his relationship with Yuna, he learns how to start considering others and acting for the greater good instead of making decisions based on his own needs and feelings. Yuna, on the other hand, learns how to be more selfish. At the start of the game, she is set on becoming a Summoner and defeating Sin - a feat that would end in her death. She has come to terms with this and knows that her life is meant to be sacrificed for others. Through Tidus, she realizes that her life does have meaning beyond being a sacrifice that the rest of the world takes for granted. She begins to fight to live while also accomplishing her goal of defeating Sin. It’s a bittersweet love, and one I will always cherish.

5. Victor Nikiforov x Katsuki Yuri (Yuri!!! On Ice!)

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This is my latest OTP. This anime pretty much saved 2016 for me. OMG…I just am in total love with these two! Yuri has always idolized Victor and actually started ice skating because of Victor. Victor is a legend in the skating world, and Yuri feels he will never measure up to him…until Victor shows up to be his coach! Through their coaching relationship, Yuri learns to be more confident in his skills as a figure skater and learns to break down some of those emotional barriers he has constructed around himself in order to let people in. He learns what love is (all different kinds), but it is his love of Victor that compels him to be the best that he can be on and off the ice. Victor learns that there is more to life than being a 5 time world champion figure skater and that there is someone who loves him for who he is and not the Ice Skater Victor that the world knows. This is a pairing that makes my chest just ache from the beauty of it, and if you haven’t seen this anime, YOU MUST.

  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Delenn of Mir
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: G'Kar
  • Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Susan Ivanova
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Vir Cotto
  • Sinnamon roll: Londo Mollari
which babylon 5 characters you should fight

Ivanova - Do not fight Ivanova. Ivanova is God.

Kosh - Absolutely fight Kosh. You probably won’t win, but my god will the rest of us find it satisfying. In fact, fight as many Vorlons as you can. 

Sinclair - Please. His eyebrows alone could take you. And don’t think of waiting until he’s (sadly eyebrowless) Minbari Jesus, okay, because you’ll piss off the entire Minbari race and that never ends well.

Vir - You could, but why would you want to? Give him a hug instead. Duration of hug depending on which season he’s from.

Byron - Please. For all of us.

Londo - I don’t think you can avoid it. Londo starts fights, and even if he’s obviously outmatched, he won’t give up. There will be blood and tears and no one wins this one.

Lyta - She’ll melt your brain. Just leave her alone.