babylon 5 confessions

It makes me mad when people say that Star Trek is the best sci-fi show out there, because point blank its not, B5 is because its willing to tackle the hard uncomfortable issues that Star Trek just won’t touch. Like alcoholism, drugs, sex, religious issues and death and that all action good or bad have consequences. It was also well ahead of its time as it also showed same sex couples and showed that sex marriage was a social norm.

It baffles me as to why the Centauri seem to be loved more than the Narn in the B5 fandom. The Centauri occupation was brutal and cost millions of Narn lives and yet people are always like LONDO THIS and LONDO THAT and wow isn’t Londo GREAT? I’ve seen so many fan theories and stuff about Centauri culture and whatnot and almost zilch for Narn culture. Team G'Kar all the way.

I’m not a fan of the way relationships were handled on the show. Yes, Sheridan/Delenn is cute, but did we really need that awkward love triangle? Just choose between Delenn and oranges already, John! Garibaldi/Daffy wasn’t much better, though at least they had chemistry together. And as for Kosh/Zathras–who thought THAT was a good idea? Especially the gratuitous sex scene at the end of Sleeping in Light. Ugh. (Happy belated April Fools’ Day!)

I wish that I had an easier time getting people to watch Babylon 5. I get people to watch or play things all of the time, but for some reason, they hesitate at this one. Which is unfortunate, because Babylon 5 is my favorite scifi series of all time.