Found the whole video! Scotty singing Your Man!


Would any of y'all be interested in using any of these as your background pics on tumblr? 

Now I’m not saying I’m any good at editing or that these are good edits or that I even know what I’m doing. But if you want to use them then I’m glad to share them. 

These are a couple of the ones that I have made. This is the way it looks on MY PERSONAL BLOG. If your blog looks different it can be edited on paint to accommodate your needs. 

Due to the fact that my editing sucks and I don’t have time I wouldn’t want to be taking requests. But if you like the editing and are willing to wait for it to be done then I’ll be glad to take requests. 

I’m sharing these because I don’t want to leave them un-used. With every new picture that I see of them I want to make new ones lol. 

If your interested shoot me a message. Let me know which one you want. If I get a lot I’ll go ahead and post the pictures and a better explanation on how to do it.