Babyjoys? Babyjoys.

I drew the Killjoys as kids!! Here’s my origin story headcanons for them:

Jet Star: raised in a Neutral Zone Town by loving parents, who’d originally fled Bat City when he was a small child. He, like his parents, has a big heart, and is the sweetest child, doing errands and such.

Party Poison and Kobra Kid: siblings raised in the confines of Battery City, who run away in their early teens. I hc Poison as a dmab nonbinary person (they/he) who likes boys, and Kobra as a trans boy (hence, the significance of his haircut, as well as being one of many reasons they tried to escape the city). In the drawing I did, Poison’s trying to dye his hair in a Lobby bathroom, in case you’re wondering about the red stains. He’s still learning.

(When the two of them get lost alone out in the desert, Jet’s family takes them in)

Fun Ghoul: born in the Zones to Killjoy parents, but kinda neglected, until he’s eventually left out in the desert to become a feral kid for like a year. Jet Star finds him in the bushes, and asks his mom if they can take him in. Dr Death Defying, having been an actual doctor during the Helium Wars, takes Ghoul into his studio for a while, to nurse him back to health.
I imagine Ghoul’s childhood personality as being something like Laura from the film ‘Logan’: he doesn’t talk a lot, he just SHRIEKS.

Anyway, eventually they all obvs realise they’re gonna be A Squad.

A glittery announcement.

Hey babyjoys!

I’ve been talking to @lookitscherricola about this recently. It’s been bugging me pretty much my entire life. I don’t know why I haven’t said this before because it’s the desert.. nobody hates for this stuff. I no longer want to be called “he” I would appreciate if everyone used they/them pronouns. Thanks for listening loves!!!!


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You sure you ain't taking on too many babyjoys, Valor? There's a reason most joys stay away from them. They'll slow you down

I’m okay with sitting still if it means these kids are alright.

^ Valor ^

Listen up

Alright babyjoys. I’ve been a little fucked up. Actually a lot fucked up. I’d like to publically apoligise for everything I’ve done while I’ve been fucked up. I’ll come around to all of you individually after I fix something.

Ultra V’s, I’m sorry I was rude. Especially to Val and Vamos. There was no reason for it. I have no excuse and I really don’t know what to say. I was horrible.

Ghoul, I’m sorry I treated you like the scum of the earth. You’ve always been so good to me. Even when I was a dick to you.

Zero, I’m sorry I used you to make people mad. What I did to you physically and mentally was inexcusable. You’re sweet, no one deserves that.

And last but not least, Acid. Acid Rain, you are my world and I crushed you. I’m so sorry my love. You were caught in the crossfire of everything I did. I’m sorry I hurt you. I love you so much.

Well that’s all babyjoys. I don’t expect everyone to forgive me right away but this is a start. I’m finally back to normal.

Love y'all


Tummy-time - baby girl is not a fan! I tell her it will help her be a strong girl so she will be able to get her brother back (he put his truck on her head/face today)! It’s not working, she cries or rolls over when I put her on her belly.