I want to send this to Kristen Stewart. This is how you act with your face. Jo, really is good. I think finally getting a project like Downton has allowed her to shine.. “In our name” as well. She’s 19 here, and this series is… weird. Great, but weird.. and she just handles it all remarkably well and she just seems natural and at ease. 

If you can watch this I recommend it, but it’s hard to track down.. and honestly hard to watch. Lots of nudity (which I will not be posting) but it’s not porny. One scene.. Jo and her little boyfriend are completely nude, underground and this dirt tunnel collapses on top of them… and they have to pull them out. Crazy scene, Jo did an interview on it somewhere… said she hated it. Also… Jos little boyfriend is also banging Brendan Coyles wife on Starlings… weird.