1. So y’all know this bit from recently like Dec 12-ish

What BTS members want their (future) other half to call them :

 JUNGKOOK: Jeongguk-ah
JIMIN: Jimin-ah
V: Handsome guy
RAPMON: Dear/Honey
SUGA: Ya! (then later changed to) Dear
JIN: Charmander (Pokémon)
cr. GlossJin 


2. Now lets roll on back to an interview last March 25, 2014

★ Something I want to call my future girlfriend
- Suga: 자기야 (honey). It’s one of the most basic names out there, but if I ever find someone I really love, I’d like to call them that.
- Jin: 자기야 (honey). I also want to call them by their nickname and their real name. I also want to call them “yah” at least once. Of course, I’d say that with a lot of power only when we’ve reached the point where we don’t care about calling each other with those kind of names (names like honey, etc)
*note that 자기야 is a generic form of endearment


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