so since I reached 1.7 on my birthday I decided to a follow forever so here it is!!! yay!!!! :) first I would like to say a little something to a few people

Justina : you are actually one of my best friends and I love you so much, our FaceTime and texting are literally the best and you always make me laugh, you are so beautiful inside and out and Cal will for sure fall in love with you when he sees you at the Today show when you go ;)

Cat : you are so sweet and amazing, I love you so much! you can always make me laugh when i’m feeling down and you are just so stunning and I love your hair so much like wow I am going to meet you one day okay?

Sam : you are the first friend I made on here and I’m so happy i did, you are so amazing and I love you, even though you always send me pics of Ash and it drives me insane, you are gorgeous girl and I love you

Jessica: you are so amazing and I love the fact that I got to meet (well talk) to you, you are so beautiful inside and out and you are so caring, you are honestly so amazing I love you so much

Lyd : we don’t talk as much as I would like to, but I honestly love you so much like you are amazing, and we need to talk more please, your eyeliner game is so strong please teach me your ways, and Im still not over the fact that you might buy me Ashton’s rock sound for my birthday like wow

okay now on to the list!! :) people who are bolded are blogs that I am in LOVE with but you should still follow everyone on this list please :) 


-ashtonirwin , 4aussiedorks ,  5secondsofflannel5secondsofsummer-fanpage , 5secondsofsummerdaily , 5secondsofteasing5sos-official 5sosstyleguide5sostrum , 5sosweaterpaws , acoustic-cal, all-lime-toe, arrow-heart-tattoo , ashtagramsashtonfedorable , ashtwats , babyirishsnowflake , bangahemmo, bbyclifford , bigbootyhood , bigbootyirwin , bonerlucas , bootical , calsgang , calstattoo , calumfood , calumshair , calumsexhair , chillcal , cliffordconfidence , comfortcal


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okay so I think I got everyone if I missed anyone I’m sorry!!! but you should really check them all out and follow them if you don’t :)


videoglassesSP - Tiger Millionaire and Steven’s Lion

Sam and I made another video u_u

I hope our antics amuse you guys

Thank you so much for the 500 followers! I love you guys so much I wish I could wrap you all up in a blanket and take you home with me. You guys have been so supportive and loving and I can’t thank you enough!!!!!
I kind of want to mention some people if thats ok :)

calpalspuppy Kate you are my bae and ily. You have such a good heart and always think of others before yourself. I thank you for being with me through thick and thin. You are my best friend.I can’t thank you enough for putting up with my crap. You are truly a wonderful and beautiful human being.
5secondsofsummer-fanpage Niamh, you are such a sweetie and you are always encouraging others.You have been so supportive and loving and I thank you so much for all that you do :)
paintashtonwings Melisa, you are so sweet, and your art is amazing just like you :) Keep up the good work and never stop improving :)
ashtonsartist Rachel, You are so nice and encouraging. We are going to have to learn to share Ash omg. Your art makes me want to punch my whole family in the face its so amazing. Don’t stop doing art EVER :)
panthersprite Faith, thank you for being such a good friend. I have to be honest I hope I can one day art like you ^^ your work is so beautiful, I hope your college recognizes that and totally takes advantage of you ;) Also thank you for getting me into one thing I thought I would never in a million years enjoy. Fursuits. I hope you enjoy college, I MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY
dance-like-a-tree Phoebe, thank you for being my home gurl yo. Bein mah homie in Christian Lit was da bomb diggity don’t ask me why I started this all gangsta I hope you have a great time at college, I miss yoU SO MUCH UGH ITS NOT FAIR. I WANT TO GO OFF TO COLLEGE YOU Y'ALL WILL MISS ME. THEN SEE HOW IT FEELS HUH. Your work is fantabulous and I hope your college sees that yo :D
amaranthica ALEX GURL OMG I AM SO MAD AT YOU FOR MOVING AWAY BUT I STILL CAN’T STAHP LOVING YOU 2% homo I miss you so much and I hope we can see each other sometime soon yo! I am so happy to see you improving in your God-given talent, NEVER STOP :D


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Sam and Phoebe watch - Serious Steven

I wanted to record something when Sam was over and she wanted to watch Serious Steven (AKA “the one with all the triangles” as Sam calls it) so this happened


zalumsquad replied to your post: ok so i’m scrolling through my asks an…


kingsstoran replied to your post: ok so i’m scrolling through my asks an…

is there even an answer to that?

babyirishsnowflake replied to your post: ok so i’m scrolling through my asks an…


i’m basically dying like

idk who that anon is because anon obvs

but like…thanks for diffusing the tension

but also man tmi maybe hahahahaha

i can’t breathe

so when I got to Sam’s house to pick her up earlier I saw that she was walking back to her door after getting the mail so I put my window down as I pulled up and just yelled “GET IN LOSER, WE’RE GOING SHOPPING”

for a minute she actually thought we were going shopping too

paintingtadashi asked:

Do you think God should have created a pink bunny?

i dont believe in god

url: 70/100
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boyfriend: luke
boy best friend: calum 
girl best friend: tay jardine
FWB: michael
secret admirer: harry 



paintingtadashi asked:

omg I totally ships you with Luke it would be so cute :) Do you have something that you secretly love (like a guilty pleasure or something idk)

ty and not really.. i can’t think of anything..

julian: vegemite is actually amazing don’t judg e me

  • ship: Ashton
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  • brother: Michael 
  • drinking buddy: Calum
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