To my favorite blogs (that naturally I’ll follow forever):

aggiegirl17 ♥ anapoula ♥ babygumm54 ♥ dizzymiss-lizzy 

♥ gkjg4ever ♥ icouldgoonsinging ♥ i-love-old-hollywood 

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♥ ocafeesfriasabia ♥ oldfashionedmorgan22 ♥ secondhandlaura

 ♥ swonderlous ♥ thatgreatbeginning ♥ thejudyexperience (I’m absolutely sure I’ve forgotten many quality blogs, but forgive me please!)

and to my followers (I can’t name all of you, but If you are following me and seeing this post feel hugged and please receive my best wishes!):

Thank you for everything (I mean E V E R Y T H I N G). You’ve been so nice to me that I can’t even put it in words. May 2012 be a wonderful year for all of us. Love, Denise (babygumm1922).