Dating Monty Would Include...

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  • he’s not the most romantic… we all know this and it’s better to just accept it 
  • meeting him at one of Bryce’s parties bc this was when everyone actually liked him
  • at first it was just a fling
  • but then it blossomed into something more
  • he totally admitted he like you when he was drunk tho
  • you thought it was just a joke until the next day he admitted it sober
  • then you became the best and like most badass couple of the school 
  • always wearing his varsity jacket
  • always wearing his clothes in general bc he liked people to know youre his and only his
  • rumors constantly going around about you two, but always laughing about them instead of getting angry. 
  • if someone talked shit about you in front of Monty tho…. 
  • shit bitch, he would so beat the shit out of them without thinking twice
  • it’d be such a turn on tho 
  • skipping class 24/7 to go hook up in his car
  • going to all his baseball games and cheering him on so much that people start shouting at you to stfu
  • to which you would just flick them off
  • bc fuck u thats my baby
  • going for late night drives all the time, listening to music that’s playing too loud
  • him sneaking into your house all the time and sneaking out before your parents wake up
  • but they know
  • one morning after he left, you go downstairs and your mom just gives you a look
  • “where’s Monty?”
  • to which you would just laugh awkwardly and leave super fast
  • he’s alll about pda too
  • like he won’t hold your hand but he’ll always have an arm around your shoulder and he won’t hesitate you kiss you in front of people if he wants a kiss
  • the first time he said I love you was such a shock
  • and yes he did say it first bc low-key he’s a sweetheart
  • you were both alone, probably chilling at his house or yours, y’all were just talking shit about people you knew, eating popcorn
  • and then boom
  • chuckles “I love you.”
  • then his eyes would just go wide bc he wasn’t even thinking and it just kind of came out
  • when you didn’t respond he would so try to take it back
  • but you would just kiss him and mumble it back.
  • then you two would fuck
  • like come on now, teenagers are constantly going at it. especially if they’re in love. 
  • competing with Justin and Jessica for the cutest couple ( and winning )
  • if Bryce said some derogatory shit about you, Monty would so fight him even tho that’s his best friend
  • bc no one says shit like that about his girl except him
  • just being cute and in love but still badass 

kinda shit but I wanted to post it so here ya go. Let me know what you think and I hope you all like it!!! xxx

Mad Love

Title: Mad Love

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Song: Mad Love by JoJo 

Word Count: 1,174

Warnings: None, just adorable, supportive Jensen

Request: @autopistaaningunaparte said: Yess!! So glad your requests are open! Can i request a really fluff Jensen x reader one, where she’s dancing and singing out loud, thinking she was all by herself, but then Jensen comes back home in order to surprise her and finds out that she can sing? Tysm in advance!! 

A/N: This was super fun to write and I hope you like it! Enjoy!!

 This song has been your personal soundtrack for weeks now. Hitting play on the video, you stepped back from your laptop, ready to give your solo performance.

You know, love is just one of those things

You can’t really explain, it’s, insane

Stepping off the elevator to your floor, Jensen started walking down the hotel hallway to your room. He was about 5 hours early, but he wanted to surprise you before that night’s events.

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Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby
Halia Meguid
Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby

I had a request yesterday to do something in a Southern Gothic vein. This is one of my favorite songs. It’s an old traditional, best known for featuring in the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? It’s creepy, sexy, and a little bit hellish - the best tunes always are. Enjoy. 


go to sleep little babe
go to sleep little babe

your momma’s gone away and your daddy’s gonna stay
didn’t leave nobody but the baby

go to sleep little babe
go to sleep little babe

everybody’s gone in the cotton and the corn
didn’t leave nobody but the baby

you’re a sweet little babe
you’re a sweet little babe

honey on the rock and the sugar don’t stop
gonna bring a bottle to the baby

don’t you weep pretty babe
don’t you weep pretty babe

she’s long gone with her red shoes on
gonna need another loving babe

don’t you weep pretty babe
don’t you weep pretty babe

you and me and the devil makes three
don’t need no other lovin’ babe

go to sleep little babe
go to sleep little babe

come lay your bones on the alabaster stones
and be my everlovin’ baby

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Being pregnant with Madara's baby

  • He’s always so nervous around you believe it or not!! He doesn’t want to hurt you
  • Literally can look at baby clothes for hours but can’t think of one decent baby name
  • He asks a lot of questions about your day “How are you feeling?”,“Did you feel her/him kick?”,”What did you eat today,did she/he enjoy it?”
  • He doesn’t fall asleep until he sees you fall asleep, likes to read children stories to your baby
  • Goes to every single doctors appointment with you, he wakes you up extremely early for them
  • Likes to rub your belly just to feel the baby kick, anytime she/he kicks he looks up at you in awe
  • During those nine months, you’re the strongest woman in the world to him