⛑ Aftercare ⛑

❤ Aftercare is extremely important because punishments and  activities are mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting for your little. Also for a Daddy aftercare is important and needed because punishment or BDSM activities are exhausting depending on the little and the activity. Sadly this is overlooked by many couples. The following just some ideas there are of course a lot more things you guys can do. ❤


🍼 A soothing bath with a lot of bubbles. Bathing your little could be a good time to help them relax.

🍼Cuddling. Holding your little can be a good come down.

🍼Lotion bruises and areas that received impact. Soothing lotions with camomile may be extra helpful.

🍼 Lotion bruises and areas that received impact. Soothing lotions with camomile may be extra helpful.

🍼 Storytime. Read a short, sweet story to your little while they relax.

🍼 Gentle kisses. Show that you’re giving their bruises and places of impact special care and attention.

🍼cSettling down to a favorite movie. Choose a movie your little particularly enjoys.

🍼 Reassure your sub and show them that they’re safe with you.

🍼 Rub their back. Have your little lay down on their stomach and lightly caress their back while they calm.

🍼 A gentle massage. Rub and caress your sub’s body. Feet, hands, and legs are all good places to give a gentle massage that will provide comfort and reassurance.

Daddy or Mommy

👔Ensure your Daddy that he didn’t was to rough with you because he cares a lot about you.

👔Cuddle with your Daddy and tell him you love him.

👔A hot bath is also for Daddy relaxing and enjoyable.

👔Bring him a cold refreshment and a little snack so he can get his strength back.

👔Give him a lot of kisses and hugs.

👔Tell him he did a good job/play/activity and that you are satisfied.

👔Tuck Daddy into cozy bed so he can have a nice nap and rest.

❤ Of course the little needs the main aftercare because thats your job and task as a Daddy but littles don’t forget you Daddy because at the end he is also a human being. ❤