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Boo thinks he’s a baby. He’s 17 and a half. #babyfood #babyboy #babybird #boobird #goffins #goffincockatoosofinstagram #goffincockatoo #goffinscockatoo #cutebirds #cutestpets #thedodo #cockatoo #cockatoosofinstagram #lovehim

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10 Out of this World NASA Spinoff Technologies

What is a spinoff? Great question! A NASA spinoff is a technology, originally developed to meet our mission needs that has been transferred to the public and now provides benefits as a commercial product or service. Basically, we create awesome stuff and then share it with the world. Here’s a list of just a few NASA spinoff technologies (in no particular order): 

1. Enriched Baby Food

While developing life support for Mars missions, NASA-funded researchers discovered a natural source for an omega-3 fatty acid that plays a key role in infant development. The ingredient has since been infused in more than 99% of infant formula on the market and is helping babies worldwide develop healthy brains, eyes and hearts. 

2. Digital Camera Sensors

Whether you take pictures and videos with a DSLR camera, phone or even a GoPro, you’re using NASA technology. The CMOS active pixel sensor in most digital image-capturing devices was invented when we needed to miniaturize cameras for interplanetary missions. 

3. Airplane Wing Designs

Did you know that we’re with you when you fly? Key aerodynamic advances made by our researchers - such as the up-turned ends of wings, called “winglets” - are ubiquitous among modern aircraft and have saved many billions of dollars in fuel costs. 

4. Precision GPS

Uncorrected GPS data can be off by as much as 15 meters thanks to data errors, drift in satellite clocks and interference from Earth’s atmosphere. One of our software packages developed in the 1990s dials in these locations to within centimeters, enabling highly accurate GPS readings anywhere on the planet. One of our most important contributions to modern society, precise GPS is used in everything from personal devices and commercial airplanes to self-driving tractors. 

5. Memory Foam

Possibly the most widely recognized spinoff, memory foam was invented by our researchers looking for ways to keep its test pilots and astronauts comfortable as they experienced extreme acceleration. Today, memory foam cushions beds, chairs, couches, car and motorcycle seats, shoes and even football helmets. 

6. International Search and Rescue System

We pioneered the technology now used internationally for search and rescue operations. When pilots, sailors or other travelers and adventurers are stranded, they can activate a personal locator bacon that uses overhead satellites to relay their call for help and precise location to authorities. 

7. Improvements to Truck Aerodynamics

Nearly every truck on the road has been shaped by NASA - literally. Agency research in vehicle aerodynamic design led to the curves and contours that help modern big rigs cut through the air with less drag. Our contributions to truck design have greatly reduced fuel consumption, perhaps by as much as 6,800 gallons per year for an average vehicle. 

8. Shock Absorbers for Buildings and Bridges

Shock absorbers originally designed to survive the extreme conditions of space shuttle launches are now bracing hundreds of buildings and bridges in earthquake-prone regions all over the world. None of which have suffered even minor damage during an earthquake. 

9. Advanced Water Filtration

We have recently discovered sources of water on the moon and Mars, but even so space is still practically a desert for human explorers, and every drop possible must be recycled and reused. A nanofiber filer devised to purify water in orbit is currently at work on Earth. From devices that supply water to remote villages, to a water bottle that lets hikers and adventurers stay hydrated using streams and lakes, our technology is being utilized. 

10. Invisible Braces

A company working with NASA invented the translucent ceramic that became the first invisible dental braces, which would go on to become one of the best-selling orthodontic products of all time. 

So, now that you know a few of the spinoff technologies that we helped develop, you can look for them throughout your day. Visit our page to learn about more spinoff technologies:

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I'm moving to Italy for a year on Monday to be an au pair. Do you have any useful vocab to do with young children?

Congratulations! That’s wonderful and I’m sure you’re going to have an amazing time here! 👶🏻👶🏼👶🏽👶🏾

When talking to kids, it’s really common to form sentences using noi (we) instead of tu. So, instead of saying vuoi fare il bagnetto? (do you want to go shower? = exhortative), it’d sound better if you said vogliamo fare il bagnetto? (lit. do we want to go shower?). It’s also common to use “bello, bel, belli, bei, begli, bella, belle” before nouns, e.g. vogliamo fare un bel bagnetto? (lit. do we want to have a nice shower? = let’s go have a nice shower!).

Diminutive suffixes are also really common when talking to kids. So, instead of saying libro say librino; gioco, giochino; letto, lettino; mano, manina; cappello, cappellino; scarpa, scarpina; cucchiaio, cucchiaino; bagno, bagnetto; coperta, copertina; sedia, sediolina; ciuccio, ciucciotto; poco, pochino; occhio, occhietto, and so on. 

bagnetto (bagno) - baby’s/kid’s shower
bavaglino (bavaglio) - bib
biberon - feeder bib, bottle
cameretta (camera) - baby’s/kid’s bedroom
ciucciotto (ciuccio) - dummy, pacifier
culla - cradle, crib
giocattolo - toy
gioco - toy
mamma, mammina - mamma
monello - rascal
nanna - bye-byes, beddy-byes
ninnananna - bye-byes, teddy-byes, lullaby
oplà - upsa-daisy
pannolino - nappy, diaper
papino - daddy
pappa - babyfood, pap, din-din
passeggino - buggy, pushchair, stroller
pipì - tinkle
pisolino - nap
popò - bottom
pupù - poop, pooh
stanza de giochi - playroom

fare la pappa - to eat
fare la pipì - to wee-wee
fare la popò/pupù - to poop 
fare la nanna - to go beddy-byes
fara la ninnananna - to go beddy-byes
fare il bagnetto - to go shower
fare il/la monello/a - to be a rascal

a cosa vuoi giocare?
- what do you want to play?
abbassa un po’ la voce - lower your voice
attento/a! - careful!
attento/a a non sporcarti! - careful not to get dirty!
bravissimo/a! - good boy/girl!
chiamo la mamma - I’m going to call your mum
è stato/a buonissimo/a - s/he’s been an angel
fa’ il bravo/a - behave
facciamo un bel gioco! - let’s play a nice game
me lo ripeti? - can you repeat that?
non correre - don’t run
non gridare - don’t shout/scream
non ho capito - I don’t understand
non si fa - that’s wrong
questo si fa? - you shouldn’t do this
sei proprio un bambino/una bambina intelligente - you’re a really intelligent kid
sei proprio bravo/a - you’e really good
si è comportato/a bene/benissimo - s/he’s been an angel
sta’ attento/a - be careful
va’ piano - slow down
vogliamo leggere un bel libro? - let’s read a nice book

Little Palate: Experiments in Home Made Baby Food

It’s no secret that I like to eat healthy. I became a vegetarian two years ago and have never regretted that decision. I like to experiment with new healthy recipes and cook the majority of my meals. I shop at the farmers market seasonally and avoid canned and /or processed foods as much as possible.

I work full time (as does my husband). I train 5+ days a week. I have family and social obligations to juggle along with an infant. I understand why it is so easy for tired, stressed out parents to grab cans, bags, boxes and jars of food for their children. Convenience goes a long way in our busy lives.

But, I owe it to my child to give him a great start in life nutritionally. If I won’t eat processed foods why should he? So my mission is to make fresh, nutritious baby foods at home for less than I would pay for already prepared foods from the store.

So yesterday I compiled my ingredients and jumped in. Honestly, it was cheaper, easier and faster than I thought it would be. I spent less than $10 dollars to make more than a month’s worth of food. My total time investment, including clean-up was only about an hour and a half.

I chose apples, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and beets.

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Chocobros with Their Pregnant S/O - Ignis

Noctis  •  Prompto  •  Gladiolus

  • Ignis actually starts to suspect that you’re pregnant before you do. You wake up under the weather some mornings and your appetite has been inconsistent, making you assume it’s just a bug, but Ignis convinces you to rule out one or the other by taking a pregnancy test. At least if you’re sick, you can get the proper medicine, right?
  • But you’re not sick, as evidenced by the pricey home pregnancy tests Ignis bought for you. You start to get a mixture of excitement and nervousness going on up until calling him at work. He knows you wouldn’t try to contact him at the citadel unless there was something important, so he picks up the phone with, “Is it positive?” After you answer, he says “I’ll come home, dear” and promptly hangs up, not doing much to set your mind at ease.
  • He manages to slip away and come home early and you don’t actually know how he’s going to react since he didn’t say much on the phone. But as soon as Ignis is through the door, you’re pulled into a loving embrace and kiss that says it all. 

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Baby Boy Nursery

Starwall paper- Linthara’s wall for kids, Simple crib- dri4na, Changingtable @enuresims, Bear Chair and Rug - Alelore Sims Blog, Nusery Cupboard, Horse Deco, Baby Letters, Photoframe and Hanging Toy Butterfly - Severinka -TSR, Bookcase, Toybox and Babyfood - ATS4, Pouf - Ung999 - TSR, Highchair @enuresims, Pilllows on floor @mysimlifefou

Toys and Clutter: Teddies and toys @mio-sims and @jennisims, Owl Pillow @lina-cherie, Lullabies Sculpture wall @enuresims, Soap @budgie2budgie, Baby care soap @dreamteamsims, Babymonitor @enuresims, Nuserybooks @daer0n, Simsma paino, Cornpopper. Xylophane and Activity gym @dreamteamsims.

Thank you to all the cc creators

Like Father Like Son (Chanyeol)

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

Type: Fluff

Request: Hii I just wanted to ask if you could do a scenario about Chanyeol being a dad? Thank you very much 😘

Chanyeol giggled as he swung his body around, you had bought a hip seat carrier to carry your son, Kyujong around in. After you taught him how to put your son it he had his boy strapped to him. Your son had the exact same smile on his face that his father had. Kyujong looked just like his dad so much that it was kind of scary. “We spent so much money on a stroller when all we had to do was buy one of these” he spoke as he grabbed an apple wedge from your plate and gave it to Kyujong who gargled taking it from him. He felt his son’s little feet kicked his stomach lightly as he happily attempted to chew on the apple. 


Chanyeol followed behind you as you looked for different things in the grocery store, you picked up a pack of fish. You turned to Chanyeol who nodded. “Why don’t you two go look at baby food?” you speak as he nods. He leaned over and pressed a kiss onto your cheek before heading off.

“What do you like to eat?” he asked his son as if he could actually respond to him. “Do you like apple strawberry banana?” he ask holding the container up for Kyujong who reached out to take it. “Chicken and gravy?” he continues “peas?” he continues as he takes more and more different types of baby food. “Chanyeol he doesn’t need that many” you tell him as he came back over to you carrying all the food he could carry. “I didn’t know what he would like” “so you got him the mashed versions of things you eat” you tell him as he smiles. You picked up a few of them from him and looked them over. “They’ll be eaten” he tells you as he puts them in the cart. 


“Turkey turkey turkey” he sings as he opens a container of babyfood for his son. “Daddy loves feeding his boy” he coos as he watches his son bounce in his highchair “yum yum yum” he coos as he scoops some out “ah” he tells as he watches Kyujong open his mouth letting him feed him. He squealed loudly at his son “my boy is so cute” he tells him as he picks up his son’s bottle and lets him drink some water “mommy says its still a little thick for you but I just wanted to test it before I feed you more” he tells Kyujong as he pulls the bottle away from him. 

“But you can eat everything with no problem” he spoke as he scooped out some more. “You make me so proud you know? I don’t think you will ever know how much I love you either” he continues as he cleans up around his son’s face. “Everything about you, I’ll be proud of you and so will mommy. I think she loves you way more though. You know?” he says as Kyujong smiles “mommy will love you even if she won’t love me anymore. I don’t think that will happen though. You and I are pretty irresistible” he says as he feels a light tap on his butt. “Don’t make him cocky” you tell him as you come out of the bathroom clad in your oversized pajamas that he loved dearly. “Looking good” he tells you as you roll your eyes.  “Mommy looks so good” he coos to his son as Kyujong opens his mouth for more. “Babe he doesn’t need to mix his food like you though. He’s able to eat it all alone” he spoke as he fed Kyujong more. “Oh really you’re a really big boy” you coo as you pat your son’s head. “He just gets more and more amazing" Chanyeol tells you as you nod in agreement.

Baby Please (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Based off of a prompt I found on tumblr: “you crouched down to coo at my baby but i forgot to tell you their favorite thing to do is to play with people’s hair and now they won’t let go of you”
Word Count: 2,224
Warnings: Fluffiness.
A/N: I realize this is weird since they’re 17, but let’s just pretend they’re a bit older in most of my fics and it’ll all be fine! Haha, hope you like this. Your feedback is golden. xx also ETHAN WITH BABIES.

The day started out fine. Sure, you had woken up with the sun shining in your face and that had annoyed you a bit, but it was after all your fault. You had crashed as soon as you had put Ruth to sleep; she had been fussy and refused to sleep so you had stayed up until 2 a.m. And somehow you had forgotten to pull the drapes closed, hence why woke up feeling like you were bathing in Satan’s asscrack.

Ruth had been a bit fussy during breakfast, banging her tiny fists on the table whenever you tried to feed her the mushy babyfood. You tried everything, but apparently speaking gently, sounding like a train, a car or an airplane didn’t work. She had even proceeded to pull on your hair to which you had flinched a bit, trying to pry her little hands open so she would let go of your hair.

She had developed that weird habit out of nowhere. Whenever people got close enough to her, she would grab onto their hair and hang onto her dear life. It was weird, but you always made sure to put your hair up in a ponytail or a bun whenever you were near her.

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beastfeeding psa

Breastfeeding PSA:

Milk can come in as late as 5 days. Don’t fret. Right now your boobies have colostrum.

Newborn’s eat as often as 12 times a day for 40 minutes at a time.

To tell if a baby is getting enough milk only go on their wet/poopy diaper output.

WIC and La-leeche Leage (as well as your ob, pedi and hospital) will likely give you free or cheap breastfeeding help.

Flaxseeds, oatmeal and mothers milk tea can boost supply.

Milk goes on a supply and demand. If you give formula or give previously expressed milk, you have to stimulate your nipple to replace the amount of ounces you fed your baby (or try to).

If you can’t get enough milk but you don’t want to quit breastfeediing, try pumping after you feed the baby and top of the baby with formula.

Try to feed the baby within 1 hr of birth.

Try to make sure the whole (or as much as you can shove) gets in the babies mouth.

Hand expressing can work as well as pumping and you don’t have to boil your hands.

Breastfeeding doesn’t cost nearly as much as formula.

Your doctor can prescribe drugs to increase your supply if your desperate.

You may be able to find a local milk bank or human-milk-for-human-babies if donor milk sounds like a good idea.

They sell nipple butter and pads to make it hurt less.

Breastfeeding usually hurts less as the mother gets used to it.
Also, a bad latch can cause pain so ask the nurse in the hospital to fix you if it seems like your having trouble.

Breastfeeding burns 300-650 calories.

No matter what your diet is, your breastmilk will still have lots of vitamins and other healthy stuff. Your body will give all your vitamins away if your diet isn’t good enough.

Some hospital nurses give the babies in the nursery fomula while you sleep but that can screw with your supply and demand.

The academy of pediatrics reccommends breastfeeding(or formula) til 1 year. The WHO reccommends breastfeeding for 2 years.

Breastfeeding is better than formula, but the benefits are exaggerated. Honestly, Formula is still lifesaving awesome babyfood and your no less of a mom is that is what you feed your child. I myself was formula fed and so was a lot of people.

anonymous asked:

(mpreg anon) back in the old spn days, i once spent something like a month fielding messages from anons about all the reasons why mpreg is irrevocably, inarguably problematic + why i was a shitbag for entertaining it. that discourse had me so stressed and struggling to stay Ideologically Pure, that for weeks i lost sleep, ate less, etc. it was the most nightmarish fandom experience. tldr; i totally i get why state of the discourse would keep you away from this trope right now... god speed...

Well there’s the thing anon; you sent me that message, and now I’m eating applesauce from one of those pouches that reminds me of babyfood, and all I can think about is pregnant Yuuri Katsuki rolling over in the middle of the night and poking Viktor until he wakes up and cooing, “How much to you love me?” and Viktor pulling his poor ass out of bed and into the cold–because every Nikiforov-Katsuki child seems to spend the majority of their gestation in the middle of winter for some reason–to walk to the 24 hour convenience store and get Yuuri some oreo cookies, which he brings back to Yuuri and is forced to watch him eat with a liberal slathering of sriracha.

Yuuri Katsuki, trash eater would be infinitely worse while pregnant. It would be both terrifying and glorious to behold. Viktor would be disturbed if it weren’t for the fact that Yuuri let him lay with his head against his belly, singing soft and gentle while Yuuri dips animal crackers in ranch dressing. It’s worth it, then, because Viktor loves this man, and he also loves their unborn child–loves them so much that it’s actually a little scary, because how can you love someone so deeply, so steadfastly, that you would die for them when you haven’t even met them?

anonymous asked:

hi i was wondering if you could rec me some haikyuu fics, but not the really popular ones because ive read most of them already. like 'hidden gems' or something. ive really liked what you recommended in the past so i was wondering if you had some more :D

TUUUH idk which pairing but…if you look through my fic recs tag the most i’ve rec’ed is ushioi and iwaoi. I don’t really read much outside from those pairings LOL but for ones not yet included there I’d say….


  • Bloodied, but Unbowed - Royal AU (they’re both princes), hasn’t been updated for a long time but I’m really hoping it’s not dropped bc I really love it ;___;
  • I Followed Fires - Exiled prince Tooru and ranger Iwaizumi. I WON’T SAY ANY MORE BUT IT’S FRIGGIN GOOD
  • Lanterns Lit - Oikw is a sorcerer who got amnesia and iwa/mattsun/makki are dragon tamers (i think.) IT’S REALLY CUTE
  • Saunter’s omegaverse series!! - I’M REALLY HYPED FOR THIS SERIES you dont even know. If you want you can look through saunter’s tumblr to see drabbles in the OV tag so you can feel my hype. There are spoilers there though!
  • If You Water It, It Will Grow - so adorable!! an AU where people can grow from plants! HOW COOL RIGHT well I don’t wanna give spoilers so you’re gonna have to read it yourself ;^)
  • the other side - FHQ AU that made me really cry
  • Glow of Love - Oikawa is a witch, Iwaizumi is a forest nymph. VERYYY CUTE please give it a shot! It’s one of the most creative concepts I’ve read :’^)
  • Deus ex machina - fencing AU!!
  • i hope you like the stars i stole for you - mega angsty……..i hate and love this fic  i was crying like a baby
  • Food for the Heart - SO ANGSTY AS WELL
  • of odd numbers and intimate regrets - angsty too
  • The Boy Who Waited - i only remember bits and pieces but…theyre the spoiler ones so i won’t say LOL this also made me cry






Some polyships:

  • The Agreement (ushioiiwa) MY FAVE USHIOIIWA!! good smut
  • h(a)unting (bokuakakuro) so nice!! Bokuto and Akaashi are ghost hunters. there’s art too. anyway this is a really cool fic

That’s it for now since I don’t really know what ship you’re looking for. My bookmarks for iwaoi fics is assorted by smut angst and fluff bc there’s so many but…if anyone asks for it im just gonna take a screenshot LOL also i have a lot of unread fics T___^ SERIOUSLY i have like 50+ tabs open of unread fics every night but i keep opening new ones (because i go in the hq tag in ao3 every night) and that’s not including the ones i bookmarked that are unread as well.

More Than Just A Boss (Taemin AU) Pt.9

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

Type: Angst Fluff

“I don’t have a baby bed” Minho says “you mean a crib” you say as he makes a sound “my spare bedroom is also a gym so looks like you, me, and little Hajoon will be sharing a bed” he says as your phone vibrated intensely “Taemin?” he asked as you denied the call and shrugged. “Can I lay down?” you as him as he nods “here I’ll take her while you change” he said as he awkwardly took Hajoon letting you head off to get ready. Her tired eyes met his as he smiled at her. She laid down against him as she sighed closing her eyes. 


You finished changing as you notice Taemin had left a voicemail. You entered your pin before you put your phone on speaker. “Y/N, please” he started as his voice seemed shaky “she can say dada now” he continued before he started crying. “I’m so sorry, my baby. Please bring her back” he sobbed as the call ended. You actually felt bad for him before Minho knocked on the door. “You done?” he asked as you nodded. “I have to change real quick so no peaking. Unless you want to” he says as you chuckle covering Hajoon’s eyes followed by closing your own.


You laid Hajoon in the center as you and Minho faced each other “I know it was wrong but I heard your call” he said as he turned the light off. “He sounds like he’s having a break down” he continues as his voice grows quiet “he cab deal with it for the night” you tell him as he nods. “Seems fair” he said as you smiled “thank you for everything” you tell him as he gives your a smile “don’t worry about it” he says rolling on his back “good night” he whispered as you respond with a groan.


You yawned as Minho brought you back to Taemin’s apartment where you unlocked the door. Taemin was passed out on the couch after waiting up as long as he could for you to come back with his daughter “thanks again” you tell Minho as he nods waving you off. 

You moved quietly taking Hajoon back to her crib laying her down and covering her with the blanket. You walked back out into the living room to see Taemin’s head was turned to you as his eyes were opened, he sat up quickly “I did hear the door open” he said with a tired smile. “I’m sorry about everything” he said as you simply headed into the kitchen “Y/N please” he says as he heads over to you. You were starting a pot of coffee “Y/N-” “stop it” you tell him. “I don’t care what you do to me but for gosh sakes Taemin you’re a freaking father, I’m not a mother and I didn’t think I would become one for your daughter but I seem to be the only one who really cares for her” you hiss as he shakes his head. “No no, I love my baby girl” he defends as you roll your eyes. “Then stop kissing my ass and spend time with her” you say shoving him away from you.


“So I took off today” Taemin says smiling largely as you make a sound not looking away from your phone. “That means I can spend the day with Hajoon. You can have a day off” he continues as you look up from your phone. “What Hajoon’s favorite cereal?” you ask “huh?” he responds confused. “what time did her nnaptime change to?” you then asked “wait-” “what’s her favorite babyfood?” you finished as you heard Hajoon cry. “You would know the answers if you bothered coming home” you say with a snide smile.

“You told me to spend time with my daughter” he tells you. “I never said alone” you spoke. “You don’t know how to raise her anymore Taemin” you shot as every sentence you spoke felt like a stab in the heart. He felt he needed your approval for things now. That he needed to make you happy along with his daughter. “Hajoon” Taemin says as he saw you bring her out. He smiled as he headed over to you grabbing her tiny face. “Daddy loves you” he coos as he takes her from you. Hajoon played with his shirt as she looked up at him. “I do” he says as he places a kiss on his daughter’s face.

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt17

Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16

Request: Part 17 of Friends on which they babysit Kyeongsim’s daughter.

“Her name is Yeonji” Kyeongsim spoke as you nodded. “Youngdo went to get us dinner quick and something for Yeonji. I see you brought something but he wanted to bu-” “its fine. I bet she’ll like it” she spoke. “I have a dinner date then” she told as you took her daughter into your arms and started carrying her inside along with her baby bag. So looked around curious as her little body clung around your nearly 8 month stomach. “You’re so cute” you cooed as you took her to the living room “Youngdo got this built already for Youngsoo but since he can’t use it for a while. You can” you tell her as you lightly put her into the bouncer and she instantly started doing so.


Roughly 20 minutes later the front door opened “sorry sorry. I didn’t like the choices at the store. I got some organic stu-” he froze before he smiled at the little girl. “She’s cuter in person” he says as he puts the food on the table. “Hello Yeonji” he coos as he gets a smile from the baby who bounced. “Youngdo” you say as you looked at them “I need help up please” you say as he quickly went to help you up. “You’re a backwards turtle” he told you as you smiled. He stood you up and you headed to get plates and other things Youngdo was nice enough to pull down for you to use during the times he wasn’t there and headed to the table.

Youngdo happily carried the baby into the table “look at you. You’re testing all of Youngsoo’s things” he coos sitting her down in the high chair. “You know she still drinks breast milk at this age” you say as he was too busy cooing at the little girl “Youngdo” you call loudly as he turns to you. “Sorry” he says “her bottle is in her bag can you heat it up please before I smack your head” you say as he nods getting up.


Youngdo opened his mouth as he scooped out food more babyfood “ah this is so cute” he says as you chuckle lightly. “You made a mess” you point out as he looked at the chair and himself as they both had the mixture of food on them “she ate some right? It’s not jsut all over me?” he asks as you nod. “You’re doing a great job” you coo as he gets up grabbing your plate and his’s before he headed off to the kitchen. “You want to give her a bath with the stuff your step mother brought?” you ask as he smiles heading back over to you “yeah that would be fun” he says.

He picked up Yeonji with you on his tail “am I holding her right?” he asked “I would correct you if you weren’t” you promised. You went to turn on the faucet and Youngdo stopped you and sat you down on the toilet “you bend down you might not get up” he jokes as you smile. He poured a bit of bubble bath in “only fill the tub a little” you tell him as you rub your stomach “alright” he spoke as you glanced at Yeonji who sat on the floor “enough?” he asks as you glance at the tub. “Should be” you tell him “okay” he says as he stands up straight.

“So do we put her to bed after this?” he asks “it’s only 6 Youngdo” you tell him “don’t babies sleep forever?” he asks “well we should try to keep her up for a little bit” you tell him as he nods. “Alright come here Yeonji” he coos as he picks her up. He pulls up her shirt up “pudgy baby belly” he coos as he brings her bare stomach up to face and blows making her giggle and pull his hair “ow ow ow” he says putting her down as he soon has her completely undressed “naked baby” he coos as he sets her down in the tub.

Yeonji let out a cry as she sat in the water not liking it “no no its fine just water” he coos. He scoops up bubbles showing them to her, she simply kept crying “babe what do I do?” Youngdo asked in a panic “hurry and clean her off then we can get her out” you tell him as he dipped his hand into the water before he began cleaning her face lightly"shh" he cooed to her as he got her cleaned up. You got up and grabbed a towel as he picked her up out of the water. Wrapping it around her, Youngdo watched you take her and begin bouncing lightly. “See now we’re all clean and we’ll even get pjs on” you tell her as you take her to her bag.


Youngdo smiled down at Yeonji “you can do up her diaper” you tell him as he nodded. “This is a big moment for me. Do be mad because it’s my first time so it might not be good” he cooed to Yeonji as he lifted her legs up and slid the diaper under. You passed him cream “we should have done this first. It’s for rashes” you say as he nods “this is kind of weird” he says as he rubs the cream lightly on her butt. “I don’t think I’ve ever put cream on anybody” he told. “Oh sweetheart you’ll have to do a lot of that and more” you promise him as he began doing up her diaper.

The onesie was soon covering the little one as he clapped for her “you’re all dressed now princess” he coos as he brings her close to him as he smiles at you “I can’t wait for this” he whispers to you as he rubs her back lightly. He wraps his other arm around your shoulder and you guys make your way over to the couch. Soon she was looking up at him happily as she cuddled into him more “this is so cute” he says to you as you nodded. “You’ll have a little boy to do it with soon” you promise as he nods.

Youngdo was looking down as he felt his T-shirt in the tight grip of the tiny hand of the baby on his chest. Her breathing was heavy as she used him at a bed. As his arm had become a pillow for you as you slept as well. He wish he could take a picture of the cute moment and wished even more she was his to keep because he didn’t think a night was enough. But he knew he would have his own child to cuddle within a two month period. “Maybe one day when you’re bigger I can set you up with my boy” he joked to the sleeping baby “make me some beautiful grand babies. Sound good?” he continued as he simply looked up at the TV and hoped maybe he could fall asleep as well.

She Has Her Dad's Eyes ~Dan Howell Imagine~

Hello c: This is for the awesome person who requested the imagine where you and Dan are playing with your kid! I hope you like it! :)

Btw Y/B/N is your/baby/name just so you know :)

I held our baby in my arms and rocked her back and forth. I smiled down at her in awe.
Dan and I had our first kid about few months ago and we both were both still in shock
that we were actually parents. It seemed like yesterday we had first met. As I rocked
Y/B/N, Dan walked out of his recording room and hugged me from behind.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Dan said.
I nodded.
“She has her dads eyes.” I said smiling up at Dan.
He smiled and pecked me on the lips.
I sat on the floor and sat Y/B/N up so she was facing us. Dan sat next to me smiled down
at Y/B/N. She smiled and started laughing as he talked to her in a baby voice.
I smiled and joined Dan as we both talked to Y/B/N in a baby voice. She giggled and smiled
as she stared at us.
I reached over and grabbed her ABC learning toy. I handed it to her and she started pressing
all the buttons.
“Hey babe, will you watch her while I get her something to eat?” I asked.
“No problem.” He said scooting closer, picking her up and sitting her in his lap.
I smiled and stood up, walking to the kitchen. I opened the cabnient and grabbed a jar of baby
food and a small spoon. When I walked back into the living room, I saw Dan tickling Y/B/N as she
giggled uncontrolably. I smiled at how adorable the sight was.
I sat down next to them as Dan sat her up in his lap. I opened the jar and got a small scoop of
the food onto the spoon.
She clapped her hands together as she saw the food.
“Here’s come the airplane.” I said as I mimicked an airplane.
She giggled and opened her mouth and took a bite of her food.
She smiled widely and continued eating, untill finally she had finished the jar.
I threw away the jar and put the spoon in the sink.
When I sat down back down, I laid down on the floor and laid her on my chest. Dan laid next to us
and put his arm over both of us.
“I love you so much.” Dan whispered into my ear as I started to feel tired.
“I love you so much too.” I whispered back.
He pecked my lips and smiled widely had me. 
Y/B/N fell asleep and shortly after, so did I.
Dan smiled at the both of us and pulled us closer to him.

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