Week 23: First Time Holding a Baby Duck

Twerp Twerp Adventure Followers!

This weeks First was getting to hold a baby duck! 

My friend Hilary lives in this apartment complex where a duck had all these little ducks. She noticed yesterday that the mother had been run over, so she went and saved the little ducklings.

All 20 of them….

They are really adorable! 

If anyone was gonna save ducks I’m glad its Hilary.

Until Next week…


I saved these ducklings this morning! Driving into work they were just starting to cross the street so I pulled over and followed them as they trued to climb up the road median, then went through the cross walk and finally made it to the other side. Then I got over my fear of touching them and one by one lifted them up from the street onto the sidewalk to safety. #mothersday #mothersinstinct #babyducks #ducklings #duckcrossing #cute #cutenessoverload (at Mattel Corporate HQ)

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