MetroCon, 2011 was amazing as always.

Im working on uploading all the pictures to facebook, but Ill put some here (’:

MetroCon is FL’s largest anime convention, it’s amazing. This was my 3rd year going (: Picture is like. Half the center maybe.

The maquerade was pretty good this year, my first year it was much better :“3. I got my face mask painted on this year because I dont like masks SO. :‘3.
I didnt really dance alot because Im lame. But i did ~woo~

I finnally got to meet the lovely  ~!
Shes so nice and gorgeous gofollowher!

My friend Tristan & I ! Shes such a great cosplayer and I missed her so so much :”)

She was such a great cosplayer omg. <3

Now for the highlights of the best part of the con.

Babydoll. Cosplayers.

 I dont think you understand how stunning, and amazingly beautiful they were.
There were three, But I only made friends with two. The one above is Taylor, and at the rave I met with my lovely friend Sunshine and THEN, she walks up to us and im like JHBFSDJKJHJBGHFCFCFBGSHDSG THATS BABY DOLL.
Danced with them for a bit and it was so great because I danced with Sunshine AND BABYDOLL. ugh my life <3

Left, Sunshine, Middle, BabyDoll ( Taylor ) & Myself <3

And then. My absolute favorite Babydoll, Ashley. Oh. my god. She was dazzling okay  fdbgvvverbhfrtb,hnknfgbnfgrnrtntrn.
She wasnt just cosplaying  Babydoll, but BEDAZZLED BABYDOLL FROM ONE OF THE LAST SCENES OKAY.
She was also the nicest, she remembered me, and I walked with her abit and we traded Deviantarts kldfgvrbf :'3.

I look SO unflattering in this picture okay, but LOOK at how gorg Ashley is you cannot pretend shes not gorgeous okay. She was such a sweetie!

Such an amazing con :’)