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Hey would you mind doing a extra fluffy gladio x reader or either some ignis x reader~~~ if u do thank you so much. Iggy and gladio are best chocobros~~

Iggy and Gladio are two of my favorite Chocobros (my other two favorites are Noctis and Prompto) <3 If it’s fluff you want, than fluff you shall receive!  Gladiolus limited edition!,( his turned so long, I ran out of ideas for Iggy, maybe later)  ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


Day 0

You grunted, standing on the tips of your babydoll shoes, trying your hardest to get the red spine book. Your pastel pink finger nails barely getting the item, only to gasp, as a large tan hand suddenly reached out plucking the book off for you. Turning as you had to step back to look at the giant man beside you, your book currently in his hand.

“This the one you’re after?”

He was so tall, easily dwarfing you, you hardly came to his shoulder, your small hand reaching to grab the book, as you noticed the large fingers took over much of the book.  “Thank you.”

A huge smile played over his face, “So what is that?”

Your eyes lit up, as you beamed, explaining the book excitedly without trying to give away the plot, the tall man following after you as you went to the counter to pay conversating. His arms full of books himself, the two of you paying, still in conversation about your favorite books.

“Too bad that’s the last copy, it sounds interesting.” He chuckled, holding the door open for you, as you exited the bookshop.

You turned to the large man, your eyes fluttering as you reached into your reusable shopping basket, pulling out the red book. “Please barrow it, I’ve read it hundreds of times.”

“Are you sure?”

“Mmhm, just so long as you tell me your name.” You giggled, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Gladiolus, and you?”

You smiled giving your name, a name like Gladiolus seemed to fit him perfectly,

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Do You Love Me?

A/N: Hey guys. First request so far. Hope you guys request more. Hope you like it. Much love.

It had been so long since that girl left but it still seems she is still causing trouble for things here. I had been there for Jax Teller since before she was even in the picture. I was there after and then during the Wendy fiasco. It wasn’t until after the divorce did he realize what was in front of him. I took care of him and the club when needed and then some. I was there since the beginning, same as him. My father being Piney and twin brother, Opie. 

I was the atonement of the perfect Old Lady. Yet he waited til so much later to realize that. Which I’m happy for all the same but I had hoped for it to be sooner. Then the shit with Abel and then Tara fucking Knowles just had to be back. 

Maybe I was paranoid or not but I felt like he was just using me and then I was playing second fiddle to that woman. Sometimes I thought I saw him give her looks like he still loved her or maybe I was imagining things, I don’t know. 

Once the things had settled a little, I let the self-doubt cloud my mind and I sat in our home at the table with a drink in hand and a cigarette in the ash try. I sat there for I don’t know how long as I started down into the glass filled with amber liquid before I heard the door open and close as Jax walked through. I heard the leather being shrugged off his shoulders and put it on the hook and toeing off his shoes. 

“Babydoll? What’s wrong?” He asked as he walked into the dinning area. 

I mumbled so low, even I could barely hear myself. “Do you love me?”

“What?” He asked. I didn’t have to look at him to know he was frowning his brow in confusion. 

“Do you love me? No, let me rephrase that. Are you in love with me?” I finally looked up at him as his face morphed into shock at my question.

“Y/N…what makes you think I’m not in love you? Baby, I love you. So much.” He grabbed my hand and put the glass on the table and rubbed my knuckles. 

I sighed as I watched our hands. It felt so good and I loved the smoothness yet worn feeling his hands had. “I..I don’t know, Jax. It’s just I get doubts sometimes. It’s been like this since I was young especially once I knew I loved you. I can’t compare to the other women you’ve been with.”

“Exactly, you can’t compare because you are so much better than them. Yes, it took me awhile to see that but I did and that’s all that matters. You can’t compare to them because you are your own person. You should never compare yourself to others. I know that’s what your mother did and I don’t want you doing that to yourself.”

He stood up and pulled me with him. “Now let me show you just how much I love you. And then we can add Abel to the list of people who love you just as much as I do.” He wagged his eyebrows at me and I laughed at as he pulled me to our bedroom.

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  • u can catch levi walking around his apartment shirtless with nothing but boxers on and erwin is like “when will my bf wear pants’’
  • erwin scooping levi up and cuddling him when he’s having dysphoria
  • “erwin what’s your gender”
  • erwin buying levi a binder for his birthday
  • levi is a 90′s kid and he used to wear chokers, chunky shoes, babydoll dresses, and plaid flannels, but its 2015 and he won’t give up the plaid flannels 
  • erwin coming out as a handsome genderless being and hanji is like ‘’welcome 2 the group kid’’
  • :) :) :) :)