“ your boobs are bigger than hers! i saw them! " that ryuko shes got a great rack! " my whole family was talking about them! so dont be embarrassed! just rip it off & get naked! ”

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scissor sword by cute monster cosplay

i’m really thankful to have met and become friends with certain people and i feel like i’m a better person for having them in my life

because they are all extremely wonderful and talented and beautiful (handsome) in their own ways and i want nothing more than to let them know how much i appreciate them and care for them and the person they are, flaws and all (because nobody is perfect and that’s okay)

so thank you so much for letting me be your friend, even if we don’t talk much!

one of my friends isnt feeling too grand right now and i absolutely adore her so this is my post about how much i adore her

yall know tumblr user babycricket right

well you guys should because shes my jade in crime and shes such a talented cosplayer for someone so new like

look at her

like she is the cutest jade ive ever seen and she also does my amazing grimbark jade who everyone should revel over because she is so fierce and stunning

she did all my makeup matsuri weekend and if youre wonderign why i even looked remotely attractive its all because of her and her talented hands

and on top of that everyone else she cosplays is utterly gorgeous too like look at her julie

shes one of the sweetest people youll ever meet and im so excited for her to be my mami and just to be able to cosplay with her all the time

you guys need to go like her facebook page for one thing too because you dont want to miss out on her growing to be an even more talented cosplayer honestly

im just really lucky to have met her this past year and i want you guys to smother her with love because she really needs it right now or at least give her a look 

i honestly just adore my friends and you guys should too ok