Movie Cast Meme - babycricket requested: Andrew Garfield, Jennifer Lawrence, Karen Gillan, Zac Efron, and David Mazouz.

Goodbye, my almost lover

Goodbye, my hopeless dream

There had been a time when Noah (Andrew Garfield) and Macy (Karen Gillan) were in love. They were sweethearts in school. So when they found that Macy was pregnant young, they thought they could handle it. Dakota (David Mazouz) is seven years old and they have to finally admit that neither of them want to be in the marriage they have settled into.

As they realize this, Macy begins to find herself with feelings for Sam (Zac Efron). For Macy, she doesn’t know what to think - Noah has been the only other man in her life she’s ever felt anything serious for, and she’s not sure how to precede. At the same time, Noah finds himself lingering on Dianna (Jennifer Lawrence) but does not want to be a cheater, even in his depressing marriage.

Macy and Noah, who have always told each other everything, sit down and talk about this, almost laughing at the reality of it. They settle it quickly: they will get a divorce, before anyone’s feelings can be hurt. The only problem that remains is telling their son and let him adjust to life with both their parents dating separate people and, for the first time in years, finding love.

Graphic by dewyeyedschoolgirl