Get Well Card for Grandma

Benny’s first art project besides his hand/foot prints.  He didn’t really spread his fingers, so didn’t come out like the picture!  And we didn’t have paint on hand, so used the felt that we had from the birth inspiration signs made for my birth.

Supposed to be:


Legacy Blanket Hit a Snag

So… at 31 weeks pregnant its time to admit to myself that I’ve been procrastinating with Nora’s blanket. I’ve done.. four complete squares and maybe two half squares. Out of a goal of 12 squares, I’m definitely lagging a bit.
But I’ve hit a snag with my latest square. The yarn ran out about 3 inches into it and I can’t switch balls without it being noticeable..
I am only a casual novice when it comes to knitting after all. But I’m a GD perfectionist when it comes to how I want things to look.
Bad combination.
I don’t know what I’m going to do with this square now.. but I’ve got my concentration back, so hopefully I pump out the rest of the squares before I pump out a baby.
Fingers crossed.