Dream Catcher

Made a DIY Dream Catcher for baby. 

Table shot of the supplies I used:
- Purse handle for the main hoop
- Various beads
- Feathers
- Ribbon
- Plastic wire
- Hot glue gun (not pictured)
- Thread (not pictured)

I started off by gluing and wrapping pink ribbon around the purse handle. 

Don’t forget to make a loop at the top so that you can hang the dream catcher.

Next comes the weaving of the wire around the hoop.  I started off with a pretty cohesive pattern, but then somehow lost my place and it became more abstract.  I threaded beads throughout the web.

Next step is to add strands. 

And done!

Pictures were taken against the sun, so they aren’t the best quality. (I know, I can never seem to take the best pictures of my crafts).