The Story War Kickstarter just reached $30k! That means we’re 150% funded and we hit our first major stretch goal milestone!

Our first new game mode is called Myth Master! It uses all the same cards as Story War and is structured similarly, the key difference is that you are playing as yourself manifested into the battlefield and you are summoning Warriors from the cards in your hand. The ultimate objective isn’t just to take out the other player’s Warriors, it’s to take out the human player who is controlling them, just like in Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, and the Pokemon manga*!

“Myth Master” was actually the original working title for Story War. The first time I ever playtested it was in a hallway at Babycastles - I needed to find some people to play against, and Peter Berkman came out of an elevator and wanted to play. He recruited dozens of people to join in and we kept trying new rules and by the end of the night we had this system where players played cards from their hand one at a time to ‘summon’ a new Warrior into battle.

We eventually decided to go into a the more open-ended direction that currently exists as Story War’s default rules - which is that the Warriors just happen to all be in the Battlefield when the battle begins. This allows for creative conjecture as to why they’re in the Battlefield and their relationship to the setting and each other.

But summoning Warriors like Pokemon is pretty cool too! So now that we’ve hit $30k, I’m going to spend the next few weeks playtesting the Myth Master rule set and refining it and then packaging it in an easy-to-understand PDF rule sheet that you can print out for free!

We have a couple more game mode ideas we want to develop and a lot more expansion cards to make, so please, help us reach all of our stretch goals!

(* in the Pokemon manga the objective of battle is often to kill the other trainer, it’s pretty metal)


Photos of our recent Venus Patrol x Babycastles night – featuring Peter Berkman, Doss, and Qrion – are now up over at Flickr

The group contains photos by Babycastles’ own Emi Spicer, along with Cory Schmitz and Zack Pintchik, with more information about the show over on Venus Patrol! 

Have your own photos of the night? Join the group over here & start uploading!

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My arcade cabinet has narrowly escaped death at the hands of Babycastles!

I recently received word that the cabinet I had painted in 2010 for the Attract Mode x Babycastles ‘Heavenly Symphony’ show was going to be abandoned/thrown out by Babycastles without my knowledge. Luckily, it was saved by NYU Game Center! I am so happy that they stepped in to give it a new home where it will be safe and have continued use.

The unfortunate part of this news is that I am disappointed but not surprised to hear about its poor treatment from Babycastles. They have previously failed to tell me about my cabinet being vandalized (but were still going to put it in a show) in addition to forgetting to notify me about the shows that it appeared in (I heard second hand it was at the NY Natural History Museum for a night!) This is not ok.

That being said, I am forever grateful for Attract Mode for inviting me to put my work on a functional arcade cabinet. The 'Heavenly Symphony’ show was so cool to be a part of. Without a doubt, that cab has seen some rough times since then but I’m glad its finally come to rest at the NYU Game Center. I cannot thank you enough NYU!

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a pic of my of my huge mural for the art show Assalamualaikum Babycastles which just opened on tuesday night! ☆ it’s called “Mahejni,” aka “Crossbred” or “mongrel,” – it’s about 16 feet tall, painted in fluorescent acrylic ink, and lit by eight blacklights ☆☆ it’s about my experience being arab-american / half-white half-arab ☆☆☆

the show is open at Babycastles through august, so if yr around, go see it!!!!! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ there’s a great writeup/more info on the show here ☆

photo credit: aymann ismail / ANIMALNewYork)

Tomorrow, June 6th at Babycastles Gallery…

~~Martha Hipley, Syed Salahuddin, Ari Spool and G Lucas Crane are growing by leaps and bounds! Celebrate their GEMINI BIRTHS AND RASTA BANANA FANDOM!~~~~~

Enjoy the musical stylings of:

ⓙⓔⓡⓡⓨ ⓟⓐⓟⓔⓡ, a very chill large-size rasta banana, playing 100% new tunes!!

ⓟⓡⓘⓝⓒⓔ ⓡⓐⓜⓐ, two fair rasta banana princesses, DJing 100% hot sex dance tunes!!

ⓗⓔⓐⓣ ⓢⓒⓐⓛⓔ, a blog-style rasta banana, DJing 100% smooth sex dance tunes!!

It’s all happening at the NEW Babycastles Gallery on 14th Street on the magical fairly isle of Manhattan.


Babycastles’ current exhibition is ASSALAMUALEIKUM BABYCASTLES, which you can read more about here!

$5 entry to support our musical guests and lovely staff!!






sc.Dave! [UK]
DJ Scratchin’

+ DJ Scratchin’ + Zovi


So I participated in a 48 hour game jam (like a 48 hour film fest, you get 2 days to make a game from start to finish based on a theme) this weekend at the Parson’s School of Design at the New School and co-hosted by the Babycastles folks and…

My super weird game won the Jury’s Grand Prize award!!

I’ll post more info on the game later, but for now bask in the glory of this awesome prize with me: A copy of We <3 Katamari signed and doodled on by Katamari and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi. 

Takahashi is one of my favorite game designers, so this is now one of the most special things I own. 


Babycastles and NYU Poly wrap up this semester’s lecture series with Indie Tech Talk #11 with the prolific Adam Saltsman joining us from Austin, Texas.

Independent game maker Adam “Atomic” Saltsman will talk about his evolving relationship with “Mainstream Game Culture,” and what “Mainstream” even means these days. Saltsman will explain what factors are changing the Indie and Mainstream scenes, and break down what that means to him in practical terms.


The lecture will be preceded by and followed by PLAYDAY, with several games being on display for the attendees and passerbys, including work from Kaho Abe, Gigantic Mechanic, and Howard Tsao.

[poster by Colin Snyder]