“A woman is the full circle… within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” Congrats to Shy and her new bundle of joy. Seven is about to be a big sister!

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The Gorgeous mommy to be Actress Tika Sumpter slaying while promoting #SouthSideWithYou, which will be in theaters everywhere August 26th!

@tikasumpter you look so beautiful, look at that baby bump. Just beautiful 😍

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35 weeks today | 5 weeks to go! Baby bear is weighing in around 6 pounds & 19-22 inches long 😳 Most of his body systems are developed, he’s just adding fat to his little body. We have a midwife appt tomorrow & my dad & @pistolaa are going to finish painting the nursery ☺️ I can’t believe how close we are, it still seems so surreal to me that this is all happening. I love our son so much & I feel so blessed to be carrying this little boy 💙👶👪 #35weeks #babybump

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BGF Mommy and Mini Monday :: Queenly moments with FLYY mommy @kellyrowland and her mini to be captured by @lancegross for @elleusa. 👑💫 #MommyandMiniMonday #BlackGirlFly #MommyandMini #MommyandMe #BabyBump #MomtoBe #QueenlyMoments #BlackGirlFly #BlackGirlFlyMag #Queen #Princess #Fashion #Elle #ElleMagazine #MaternityPhotography #KellyRowland #LanceGross #MommytoBe #FlyGirls #UrbanPsychologist #CurlsAndCouture #SummerSunshineFace

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This is horrifying ==>> chart showing the findings of a special House panel investigating the transfer of fetal tissue from aborted babies, breaking down the price per body part for aborted babies at #plannedparenthood. #ppsellsbabyparts #defundpp #abortion #ProLife #prolifegen #standforlife #pregnancy #babybump #ultrasound

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Okay… If Blac Chyna is pregnant. She is officially the #QueenofPetty All hail the Queen. She should give petty 101 classes and if so she’s creating a Kardashian life. 😂

Do you think Chyna pregnant?

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Our Exciting News

We have some exciting news to share with you all!  Myla is 21 months old and I’m……….21 WEEKS PREGNANT!!!  We are overjoyed that our family will be expanding again as the new little addition to our family will be arriving in mid-December ❤

I am so thankful that this pregnancy has been similar to my first with Myla as I haven’t experienced any nausea or morning sickness!  However, once again, I did feel extremely fatigued in the first trimester, but this time round was different since I couldn’t simply nap whenever I wanted to.  Chasing an active toddler around and trying to keep my energy levels up was challenging, but I napped whenever Myla napped.  That meant little time for blogging, crocheting, and designing, so thank you for sticking around even though there haven’t been too many new projects as of late!  Now you know why :P

It’s so surreal that there is another little one growing inside of me, and that Myla will be a big sister!  I was re-reading the blog post announcing my first pregnancy HERE from two years ago, and it brought back so many memories.  When I look at Myla now and how much she’s grown, it reminds me to cherish each and every day since she is growing up so quickly.  Sometimes the days seem long, but as they say, the years are short, and they really do go by so quickly.  Ryan and I have learned so much since becoming parents, and we’ve been able to experience a joy unlike any other since Myla came into our lives.  She sees the world with such wonder, and we love hearing her laugh and seeing her eyes widen with excitement with every new experience.  To think that we will have another special little one to share our lives with brings us to tears, and we thank God each and every day for our blessings!

We know that our lives are going to change drastically again in a couple of months as we navigate life with a toddler AND a newborn….and adjust to the lack of sleep again!  Thankfully, I’ve had more energy recently and I’ve been having a blast designing some fall/winter crochet projects.  I also want to crochet some items for Baby #2, so feel free to send me cute baby projects that you’ve come across :)  It feels good to pick up my crochet hook again!  Thank you for supporting and loving our family so much, and we appreciate your prayers for us and this pregnancy!