I got tagged a while back by 41stilllearning to post 6 selfies.  The top one is from tonight, the next 4 from the last couple of months, and the final one goes waaaay back to one of the first selfies I took of myself (circa 2007).  Enjoy.

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So, Sev pressed the button this morning {twice: Whichever one of you ACTUALLY registered just to leave false information - since I’m pretty sure your first name isn’t “Fuckaduck” and there’s no {I had to check to be fair} - can you not, ever again? Find something constructive to do with your copious amounts of free time.} and I screamed and scared him.

I get a liiiiiiittle bit excited when people I know win giveaways! I don’t advertise them elsewhere, so between IG and Tumblr it happens more frequently, but still not every time. Anyway!

I am ridiculously excited to be sending Foxy to Bekka; beequeen-babybull!

This will NOT be the last Tula giveaway. I’m sure of it. This has been my favorite giveaway so far, and I’ll be doing this again sometime next year. Thank you all for entering {except for you, Fuckaduck} and stay tuned. :D

Unrelated; M. has his very first loose tooth! He’ll be here in 5 days, so I hope he doesn’t lose it before then. Is that selfish? Probably. But I want to experience the tooth losing. :\

juneofthemoon tagged me for a stop drop and selfie thing. I have been pretty busy all day with work so I did not get to it until now. But since you had to wait, you get an animated gif instead. Woot! Enjoy guy mode/work mode me in this super-boring view of my cube, and me bouncing around and excited because it is Friday! And marriage equality, hurray!

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