Safe role play group on kik

I am looking for some new members to my group. Both littles and caregivers, you must be 18 + to join. Completely non sexual!

Do you want to find new fwiends and pway awound? Do you need a big to help you to fill your sippy? Are yous a big that like to talk to and help littles? Come join us 🐻

Kitten 🐱

Kik: pinklady9900

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Being little in public!

If you have a daddy/ mommy with you:
-hold onto their arm instead of their hand. People think it’s cute and it just makes you feel small!
-grip their hand to reassure yourself if you get nervous or overwhelmed.
-eat food off of their plate (sorry, not sorry) and giggle when they get on to you
-point out every animal you see and get super excited!!
-act silly! Skip around, make them smile, be your “publicly acceptable” little self. Unless you don’t care what people think, then just go crazy.
If you don’t have a daddy/mommy:
-Carry a small stuffie in your bag/car. They are good for reassurance!
-Carry around your favorite little snack. Goldfish, teddy grahams, whatever you prefer
-wear things that make you feel small. For me, it’s knee high socks and pigtails.
-have something around your wrist or neck that you can fiddle with. I don’t know why this helps. I have a pocket watch that my daddy lets me play with.
-order child like foods! Chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, chocolate milk. You’d be surprised how many options there are on the “adult” menu.

Feel free to add on!