imagine exo: one sentence

Suho: concentrating watching u change from one string swimsuit to another for ur yacht trip together tryna help u pick the one he wants to buy u

Chanyeol: Holding a big ass bouquet of red roses that you can see behind his back while telling u to seriously “close ur eyes”

Lay: B-lining straight towards u while biting his lip just to drop his bags, pick u up and kiss u at the airport cuz he missed u so much aww dad<33

Xiumin: Crossing his arms out of frustration because he cant figure out what he loves so much about u while staring at u from afar

Jongin: shaking his head, pushing u back, waving his index finger not letting u burn more than 8 calories when you’re not feeling well & staying over in yo bed

Sehun: Having this serious look on his face and pulling u into his chest when ur having a bad day/crying and telling u Daddys here u deserve the world baby

Baekhyun: Interrupting ur mundane convo to say something extra romantic & lunging at ur lips and pulling ur arms around his waist while u roll ur eyes

Chen: Already knows how ur feeling after the first glance so he got u chocolates or his huge sweater for comfort/ tells u lets just stay in & makeout instead

Kyungsoo: Making sure he looks his best for whenever he’s with u and leaving his arm around your neck/wiast so he can pull u in & kiss ur face anytime

XiuMin : Would find it cute as hell

LuHan : He will think about how cute your are while watching you talking while sleeping

Kris : He also talks in his sleep,so this wouldn’t bother him

SuHo : Would find it very cute

Lay : He wouldn’t realise that you talk in your sleep,because he sleeps like a baby

BaekHyun : He would find it really cute.He will find it so cute,that he will ignore the fact that you are sleeping and he will hug you until you can’t breathe

Chen : Would record you for blackmail

ChanYeol : He will look at you talking in your sleep without blinking

KyungSoo : He would be a little annoyed about this,but he wouldn’t mind it after all,because this is a normal thing

Tao : I think he would find it annoying

Kai : He will totally find it cute

SeHun : At first he will be annoyed that you ruined his beauty-sleep,but in the end he will think you are the cutest thing ever

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