It’s a done deed - she’s mine!!!! Got a little history with her too: the previous owner took her to VanCon2009 and had a picture taken with Jim Beaver in front of her. I hope to take her to SeaCon17 and maybe lure J2 out to see it! That would be another dream come true :). It needs some work, and I’ll be posting pics of improvements in the future, although I have no plans to “douche her up”, lol! Cross this off my bucket list!!! 😄 #Baby2

Birth of Baby Prince

The boy is 52 cm long and weighs 3.6 kilo.
He’s born at 8.28 pm on March 2.
The name will be announced tomorrow morning.
A Te Deum will be held tomorrow at 12.15 pm in honor of the birth.
Estelle doesn’t know yet. Her daddy will tell her in the morning.
Prince Daniel cut the umbilical cord.
Everything has gone very well and it has gone quickly, Victoria feels great.
The baby looks like his mommy.
Prince Daniel says that he and the Crown Princess did not knew in advance that there would be a boy.
According to the hospital staff, Prince Daniel was an excellent coach for his wife during the birth.
Prince Daniel was present during the entire birth.


B.A.P Baby 2 fanmeeting rehearsal


The next day after the car show, we took her for a test drive - she was pretty smooth! A little jumpy when I accelerated though, so we will have to adjust the carburetor a little.  But wow, she turns on a dime and is pretty racy with her 327 engine.  Not quite a 502, but it works!

BABY NAMES. What do you guys think?


So, it’s Andrew’s turn to pick this kid’s first name. I’m down for any of these names except for two. But I won’t say which ones. The middle name without a doubt is Ross, last name starts with an F. Don’t just like it you boobs, reply.