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How did Dallas first find out that Malek's aunts boyfriend was hitting him and shit? When did it all first start?

Malek isn’t a good liar to be Honest. He’d probably been upset one day bad enough to tell Dallas about it.

I imagine they were chilling in the back of Malek’s truck on top of a hill and you can just see the entire town.. the lighthouse.. and the fire tower’s Malek’s mom used to work in..  Malek was nursing a bloodied nose and Dallas is sitting next to him quietly, patiently waiting for answers, before Malek just starts, his voice all scratchy and tired, he points toward a part of the forest and tells Dallas about his mom and dad.. and then he tells Dallas about why his younger sister isn’t with them. And then he eventually tells Dallas about how his aunt’s boyfriend hits him, and why he never tells his aunt about it. Dallas’ mind is immediately “I gotta do something, we gotta do something,” But Malek has Other Plans. 

It really started when his mom died. His aunt Nadia was really dependent on her older sister (Malek’s mom) and she just, spiraled into depression when Fatimah died, and then a few years later, she’d taken back her ex that Fatimah worked so hard for get rid of. Yasmin immediately contacts Malek and Sabina so they can be under her custody, but Malek keeps his mouth shut, takes Sabina to live with her sister, but stays with his aunt because he wants to protect her, because, Malek has flaws, and he’s an enabler with a savior/superman complex. He’s really got to work on that because his enabling is the reason people sort of take advantage of him. Like. With Blake. He’s a little better with Dallas and Poppy, but they still get the better of him. They’re teenagers. They think a lot of mean things is funny. They have a lot of shit that need to be sorted out. 

Eitherway, if Malek is alive in the forest or wherever he is, he’ll learn how to put his foot down. Malek “One at a time” Solh.