My NCIS Headcanon to Deal with that Ending

While packing for his trip with Tali, Tony accidentally drops Ziva’s photo of them in Paris. Amongst the glass, Tony finds a note with an address in Paris written in familiar handwriting. Tony and Tali take their trip to Paris, stopping by the address on the note. It takes them to an apartment where Ziva is waiting, assumed dead and safe from her enemies, the family is reunited, living happily ever after. 

Baby Twins (Team Imagine)

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-Requested by anon

-Prompt description: You are on Gibbs team and just had two twin baby boys. You introduce them to the team..

-Authors note: My mind has been having a hard time focusing for personal reasons so this is very poor writing. I apologize.

You recently gave birth to your boy twins a little less than a month ago and your team was about to meet them. You were visiting your parents across the country when your water broke three weeks early, so sadly the team couldn’t meet them right when they were born. You were a bit nervous on how everyone would react but you pushed your feelings aside and once the elevator doors opened you were greeted by a set of familiar faces.

“Y/N!” Abby yelled excitedly running up to you and giving you a tight hug. You smiled and greeted everyone once she pulled away.

“So where are the boys?” Ziva asked.

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Ziva David gifs per episode - 3x04 Silver War (Part 1) (Part 2)


Act like you’re just with me.


I can’t even start with these two






This episode basically brings every fanfic trope to life, and I am here for it.

✅Secret mission in foreign city
✅Forced to share single-bed in hotel room
✅Undercover fancy clothes
✅Slow dancing For Reasons but really because they are in love with each other
✅Staring at each other’s lips a lot

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Oh, and how could I forget the pièce de résistance, flashbacks to Baby!Ziva where Eli gives her ominous words of wisdom like this:

One day, Ziva, you will dance with a man who deserves your love.

Never mind that that’s a pretty creepy thing for a dad to say to his daughter and that Eli would never be that humble, but the direct juxtaposition between that line and Ziva in Tony’s arms staring at him like this:

If this doesn’t scream “Ziva David is in love with Tony DiNozzo,” I don’t know what does.

I just absolutely love that we’re seeing Ziva have these moments of absolute clarity this season, where she’s finally figuring stuff out that she’s been pushing away for years. And I know it all ends horribly, but let me have my moment here, dammit.

I can’t even with this episode

Bed Rest Blues: A Tiva Drabble

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Happy Mother’s Day, Tiva fandom!!

“I hate this.”

“I know.” His chuckles tickled her ear, a warm breeze through strands of silky curls.  

“And I am bored,” Ziva tagged on, heaving a sigh.  And tired of the cream walls of their bedroom; the twin windows overlooking the greening backyard was little solace when her participation in activities beyond the interior of their house was limited—and had been for three months already.

It began with a kick, landed to her barely-showing abdomen by a fleeing suspect, resulted in bouts of severely premature labor, and ended in doctor-mandated bed rest for the remaining duration of her first pregnancy.

With at least another eight weeks to go, the fearless special agent, the spirited warrior, was getting antsy.

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Proof that Ziva's alive
  • TVLINE: One of the reasons I ask is because Ducky said no remains were found, Tony used the present-tense “Ziva loves Paris,” and then, “You gotta believe what you gotta believe”…. You seemed to lay the foundation for the theory that Ziva is in fact alive.
  • Gary Glasberg: Again, we put tremendous time into choosing some of the dialogue Tony says. I would say to stick with, “You gotta believe what you gotta believe!”