• baby:d-d-d-
  • dad:daddy? can you say daddy?
  • baby:do you know how many villain-esque characters out there could enrich the storyline of their stories so much more if they were ever given a redemption arc? not only would the story be so much more interesting and layered, but it would also teach the audience about the nuances in life; that not every villain is evil to the core. a redemption arc would serve a beautiful dynamic. people love to see when characters find a reason to change and it angers me that there are not enough redemption arcs out there to make me or the characters happy.
You know what the fuck I'm sick of hearing?

“When are you going to have kids?”

“Ohh, you know, if you don’t start having kids soon, you’ll be too old.”

“Don’t you want kids?!”

“Women need to have children early.”

“Don’t you want to grow up with your children?”

I do want children. I do not want children YET.
I do not want to bring up a child where money is an issue. I do want my child to have a happy upbringing. I will not have children because other people want me to.
I will have children when I am ready.
I am scared to bring a child into this world when I can’t afford a house, where people are raped and murdered and bullied.
I will be a good mother, when I choose to have children.



Because nobody bothered to read my tags in my previous post (even though I am partially at fault for spamming nonsense there)

Nozomi is primarily a Urologist because it allows for more interactions with the lovely radiologist YZW, though I acknowledge the fact that it is rare to have it as the first option of specialty considering Nozomi‘s tendency to grope people

And just for laughs, of course she has a minor specialty in O&G. Hilarity ensures XDDDDDDD

               ( out of control. ) just so everyone know.
               stxryteller stole a dog out of someone’s
               yard today; (it obviously wasn’t taken care
               of, skin an bones, scars everywhere, sad
               lookin shit) so you should be proud of him.
               it’s a huge pitbull/american bulldog mix,
               and literally could have ripped him in half.
                 and he just goes “well it was sad so here
                 it is. it didn’t bite me, so. that’s good. what
                 do i do with it now?” so it’s hanging out with
                 my dog, and it’s such a damn baby.

                       *note; i would have happily done this
                        the legit way, but it’s out of my shelters
                        jurisdiction, and the HES is a high kill
                        shelter so i was like bruh no.


My Sleeping Baby Girl .

You know since leaving the hospital with Jadenna I can’t lay my eyes off her. I see myself, fabian, D’vorah and Elijah in her. She just brings so much life in our lives and I am so happy that I am her mother. I’m 29 years old with three kids and a wonderful husband. Speaking of that, Jadenna looks like her father. Literally his twin. His hair color, skin and eyes. Nothing of me except my nose. But I’m fine with that. she reminds me of D’vorah. So tiny and chubby. I don’t mind because she’s all mine and I am in love with her.

jonathan had his textbook in hand as he tried to study
for his upcoming exam which seemed easier said than
done with the other trying to get his attention. he tried
his best to ignore them, but finally he caved in. “baby, 
you know i’m trying to study.”

Autism Matters

You know what?

I’m going to speak out about this because it’s been pissing me off for years now.  My brother, is my best friend.  My brother also has been diagnosed and living with autism since he was a baby.

You know what I hate?  The way people treat him, or any kid or adult with autism.  Like they’re these uneducated creatures that lack human relations.  Children with autism do not need society to make them feel more ostracized then they already do…news flash people, THEY NEED SUPPORT TOO. THEY NEED PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR THEM AND NOT RUNNING AWAY FROM THEM BECAUSE THEY MAKE NOISES IN PUBLIC THAT MANY VIEW AS “INAPPROPRIATE.”  They need kids their own age, willing to treat them as equals.  They are fucking human beings, how dare anyone act like they are these burdens to live with.  My brother was bullied all throughout elementary school and high school.  Kids AND TEACHERS thought he was “weird” and “creepy” and “scary” and “annoying” and “a burden in classrooms” and “stupid” and “retarded” and the names continue. A girl even took it one step further and stomped on his lunch one day, threw it in the trash, and then took it out and made him eat it.  WE WERE IN 4TH GRADE.  a 9/10 year old girl was treating a human life as if it were beneath her.  As if people who suffer from any form of mental illness are any less capable then those who do not.  Schools ought to educate children earlier on.  My brother, was treated as an idiot by the school systems, because of his ‘learning and mental handicaps’.  My brother, is hands down the smartest man  I have ever known.  He can answer any question relating anything geographical, whether it be the areas with top drug crime around the world, the population density in every single country known to man, the top religions in each country, the crime rate, the national anthem, the flag, the most common dialect and language, each countries origin and history, federal laws, demographics and the list goes on.  He is 21 years old and still, the greatest and most influential person in my life.  Dylan has been told he could never graduate, but he did.  Children mocked him and laughed at him, he was bullied and cut out of social groups because he is “different”.  Well screw it, he is so much greater than what society can accept, so they have to classify him as “different” in order to hide the fact that he was born extraordinary.  So, i think with all these movements, autism awareness and acceptance should be one of them.  It’s about fucking time we stop neglecting children with special needs because they are too far out of our comfort zone.  They have just as much of a purpose as you do, so get the fuck off your high horse and start believing in them, the way they believe in the world. 

thelittlestnott asked:

Brat, I'm going off to Russia with a friend. If mum and dad ask, I'm with you, alright? Love your favorite sestra, Annabelle P.S. I'll bring you back a Ushanka, which I'm sure will look absolutely adorable on you.

My dearest and most favorite baby sister,

Of course, you know that I’ll always cover for you. However you must be careful and owl me immediately if anything goes wrong on your trip. I would love an Ushanka, though it’s a tad warm for it at the moment so please don’t be offended if I don’t wear it right away.


Adrian (the favorite brother)

P.S. Who is this friend?

s-wirlixed and no I’m not okay like hOW WOUDL YOU FEEL IF LIKE. LIKE

you’re freaking out about some unreality existential shit and you rambled on for half an hour and your friend finally gets back to you, gives you an answer, and IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT SENDS YOU “What’s up :)” LIKE HE DAMN WELL KNOWS WHATS FUCKING UP SHOULDNT BE GIVIN ME THIS SHITTY SMILEY FACE WHEN IM STILL GRIEVING AND IM FREAKIMG OUT ABOUT BABIES LIKE you know babies they’re small they’re tiny they’re cute and they make me sad AND HE JUST TWISTS AROUND LIKE 3 MINUTES LATER WITH “what’s up :)” LIEK L IKE

siete-pecados skomentował(a) Twój post*stalking from the corner* buahahaha :)

I love you too Baby! I know we don’t talk much lately, I’m lazy, and busy, and the heatwave is killing me :) I promise to fangirl more over the SDCC next week :)


Second, I will fangirl with you. With all my power :)

Third, heatwave is killing me too :P My milky-white skin can’t take this.

Fourth, I’m an introvert so if we don’t talk in day, week or month it’s okay. Sometimes I just need to ignore everyone to feel better. ( okay I don’t know what I wanted to say by this :P)

Fifth ( last I promise! ), Love ya! 


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