“Do you know how lucky you are missy?” Your husband Finn, very serious by the way, asked your infant daughter, their blue eyes matching each other.”You stole mommy’s boobs from daddy and you get to kiss them and touch them whenever you want” He playfully played with y/d/n nose, trying to get a giggle in return. You try to contain yourself from bursting into laughter as you enjoyed watching Finn bond with y/d/n.”When are you planning on giving them back to me missy?” Finn held y/d/n up, questioning her.”Help a daddy out baby girl.” Tilting his head onto his shoulder, he gave your daughter a pout.”As soon as you finish smack talking our daughter, who by the way doesn’t understand a word you are saying, you’ll find me in our bed, in lace, waiting for you to unwrap me.” You yell across the hall, making your way to your bedroom.
Having a Child With Charles Xavier Would Involve

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  • When you first told him you were pregnant, Charles would smile, gently taking your face in his hands. 
    “I had desperately hoped that that was what you were so excited about, Petal.”
  • Charles would be so sweet to you when you were pregnant, getting you anything you wanted. And of course, he’d always know exactly what you wanted.
  • He’d spend hours tracing gently over your stomach while you were both reading.
  • His face when he felt the baby kick for the first time. Your eyes would meet his and he would just completely light up.
  • He’d be worried about what mutation your child would have. He’d be worried that they’d have to deal with what he had when he was younger. You’d assure him that whatever it was, Charles could deal with it with your help.
  • Charles singing your to your belly when you can’t sleep
  • He would be on the pregnancy diet as well, no alcohol or anything because he wanted to support you.
  • Of course, Charles would try and read the babies mind before it was born. 
  • When it was time for you to give birth, Charles would be panicked and the whole mansion would be stressed as a result. You’d have to calm him down, rolling your eyes.
  • Charles would stay by your side, holding your hand tightly and calming your mind. 
  • You’d scream at him to get out of your mind when the pain got particularly bad but once he left you’d scream at him to get back in and help you, so with a slight smirk, he would.
  • Once you’d got the baby out, Charles would hold it gently in his arms, grinning from ear to ear.
  • “Oh, you’re beautiful.” He’d whisper, “Just like Mummy.”
  • You’d smile at that and drowsily accept the child when he placed it in your arms.
  • “You did so well, love.” He’d say, brushing your hair back from your forehead and placing a kiss there.
  • “I love you.”

“Are you there? Somewhere? Keeping an Eye on all of us? Hah. Who am I kidding. Of course you are.”

Quick morning sky study. Kurt just somehow appeared to show up. <3 Somehow. >> Adding own weird combo of his uniforms, because I’m never happy with official designs.


It was 1974, get over it already!

I hardly think there’s a statute of limitations on betrayal and disappointment, Erik

This is obviously crack because Wanda would never let her children ask their grandpas for advice. She wants them to succeed. 

is the wider marvel fandom aware that gambit and storm are bffs 4ever

i mean setting aside the fact that storm got turned into a little kid for a while and gambit was totally cool taking her word for it that she was actually an adult superhero and joined the x-men on that basis (which is some Weird Comics Shit and obviously not everyone needs to know that)

just generally they are my favorite brotp of all time and i feel like not enough people are aware that storm and gambit are Best Thief Buddies and they robin hood it up and kick ass

the movies have committed many crimes but the loss of this friendship is the worst