Having a Child With Charles Xavier Would Involve

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  • When you first told him you were pregnant, Charles would smile, gently taking your face in his hands. 
    “I had desperately hoped that that was what you were so excited about, Petal.”
  • Charles would be so sweet to you when you were pregnant, getting you anything you wanted. And of course, he’d always know exactly what you wanted.
  • He’d spend hours tracing gently over your stomach while you were both reading.
  • His face when he felt the baby kick for the first time. Your eyes would meet his and he would just completely light up.
  • He’d be worried about what mutation your child would have. He’d be worried that they’d have to deal with what he had when he was younger. You’d assure him that whatever it was, Charles could deal with it with your help.
  • Charles singing your to your belly when you can’t sleep
  • He would be on the pregnancy diet as well, no alcohol or anything because he wanted to support you.
  • Of course, Charles would try and read the babies mind before it was born. 
  • When it was time for you to give birth, Charles would be panicked and the whole mansion would be stressed as a result. You’d have to calm him down, rolling your eyes.
  • Charles would stay by your side, holding your hand tightly and calming your mind. 
  • You’d scream at him to get out of your mind when the pain got particularly bad but once he left you’d scream at him to get back in and help you, so with a slight smirk, he would.
  • Once you’d got the baby out, Charles would hold it gently in his arms, grinning from ear to ear.
  • “Oh, you’re beautiful.” He’d whisper, “Just like Mummy.”
  • You’d smile at that and drowsily accept the child when he placed it in your arms.
  • “You did so well, love.” He’d say, brushing your hair back from your forehead and placing a kiss there.
  • “I love you.”

Ahem, in response to my previous angsty NIghtsilver thing, let me compensate with fluff:

- Peter and Kurt h o l d i n g h a n d s

- Peter and Kurt brushing fingers for just a little longer than strictly necessary

- Lazy afternoons lying outside in the park when the sun is warm and the air is calm and the grass is soft and the other is so beautiful

- Kurt wants to learn how to make flower crowns and Peter just so happens to be blessed with a little sister, so they both end up with crowns of daisies in their hair

- Peter who really likes having his hair played with somehow lets it slip and of course Kurt will oblige (and a certain speedster learns that he loves playing with the Amazing Nightcrawler’s tail, so they will spend entire nights just revelling in each other’s touch)

- Peter wants to learn German because daddy issues and bless his heart he’s actually trying (even though he’s terrible)      

- Peter introduces Kurt to all of his music collection

- A L L O F I T

- Kurt making hot chocolate for both of them and he reads while Peter hogs the telly that’s supposed to be shared by all the students (”they should be studying, man, not watching TV!”)

- They go to a cute café just because Kurt was interested and Peter just watches the little blue furry thing be adorable and wander about like an excited child with an oversized drink that is probably way too sweet

- First kiss!!!

- The two of them deciding on doing it properly, like, days in advance

- Staring at each other awkwardly while holding hands because they wouldn’t know what to do with them otherwise and just waiting because they’re too embarrassed to do anything??

- And then Peter, being the rash being he is, just kisses him very quickly but Kurt is so surprised that he instantly bamfs away (and then bamfs back, even more flustered than before despite that being seemingly not possible and apologizes and asks to do it again)

- Hesitating to come out because it’s?? Wrong?? And they’re afraid of being ostracized but hey if the lingering gazes in the halls and the extra affectionate touches weren’t enough to make it obvious they got mind readers in this school and Jean is extra disappointed because seriously, every single person in this place is a freak with powers and they’re afraid of being judged because they like guys? Really now?

- One of the two gets wounded in battle and the other watches over him like a hawk and keeps fussing over the little injuries even when the doc says it’s fine

- General Nightsilver fluff, please appreciate this pairing yes thank you

I Hope You Remember Me

Steve Rogers x Reader

Avengers-XMen crossover

Genre: Family, Angst
Rated: Everyone
Warning: Swearing, kidnapping, angst

The Avengers couldn’t cope with your kidnapping 5 years ago. They had yurned their backs for just a minute and then you were gone. But there was one person who couldn’t cope. Your boyfriend Steve. He kicked himself over and over, cried himself into a panic attack, and started ignoring the world around him. It was like Peggy all over again. However, the Avengers didn’t know that the X-Men had saved you when you were impaled and had your skull cracked open. You lost your memories of the Avengers, bits of your family moments, and where you used to live. Charles Xavier had carried you himself to the jet, Logan trained you, and Raven comforted you when you cried in grief for your past life. Fast-forward 5 years, in Berlin Germany. The Avengers were called into a mission. The only catch was the X-men had to help. So when the Avengers saw you in the old black suit and conversing with Erik and Charles, they dropped everything. Charles turned towards them and Steve whispered staring at you.
You turned towards the Captain and got a confused look on your face.
“Who are you? How do you know my first name?”
Steve felt a lump form in his throat and Charles sighed, looked at you and stated.
“Miss (L/n)…I need yo show you something. Mr. Rogers, would you mind letting me show (y/n) your memories of her? Perhaps all of you?”
The Avengers nodded furiously and Steve nodded. You asked, looking at Charles.
“Charles, what do they have to do with my past?”
Charles stated.
Charles put two fingers to his temple and you gasped when you saw your life play out. It seemed like hours but it was only five minutes later when you came back to reality and hugged Steve tightly.
“Steven…oh my god, I’m sorry.”
Steve held you to him like a baby and cried. The X Men and Avengers watched with smiles on their face with the exception of Logan, who looked like an asshole who had something crawl up his ass and die.

Peter Maximoff Drabble (Sort of?)

Just a little blurb of an idea I had. Please, please feel free to add onto this if you’d like!


The first time you met Peter was over a decade before he became the beloved Physics professor at Xavier’s. The first time you met him was in the 70’s on a Friday night after class. You had known Peter from your Chemistry class (he spilled some acid on you during an experiment once & he’s spent every day trying to apologize & right his wrong, even though you forgave him right after it happened), but the truth was, you didn’t know each other well, aside from that you were both at the top of the class & had a silent competition going on between the two of you. This was the first time you had ever seen him outside of class & man, did he look beautiful, illuminated by the faint lights in his basement room, more beautiful than he looked whenever the lights were off in Chem during a video. He was already smiling & laughing with his pals around the fully set up D&D board, half of the food already eaten even though the campaign wasn’t designated to start for another 10 minutes. The minutr he saw you enter his room, everything froze & his cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink as he watched you, the girl he’d had a crush on since that first day of Chem class, walk towards him, planning to join him & his friends for an action packed campaign. Little did he know that he would lose the campaign that night, but when his friends left & you stayed behind to help clean up, he won a soft kiss & a promised date in the near future